Gwen Back in Japan for Fashion Week Tokyo (Updated)

Gwen has been having fun on Snapchat all this afternoon while traveling to Japan! She made it safely with her whole crew in-tow and has been posting about how excited she is to be back ahead of her exclusive MasterCard concert in Tokyo on Wednesday. WWD also reported that Gwen will be appearing and cheering on fellow designer Keita Maruyama‘s runway show on Monday during Fashion Week Tokyo.

Gwen is an absolute blast to follow on Snapchat so make sure you add her as a friend (username is ‘itsgwenstefani’). She also shared off her new pair of glasses which look amazing on her (and admitted she is addicted to social media — aren’t we all!)

Gwen also Tweeted a sweet photo of her niece and son Zuma at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards this afternoon — which Blake Shelton is hosting!

10 Replies to “Gwen Back in Japan for Fashion Week Tokyo (Updated)”

  1. Hmmm…I wonder why Sophie is there? For support or for filming something… 😀

    Strange that Gwen is in Japan for most of the week considering her album is released here in the U.S. on Friday. One would think she would be stateside to promote it…

  2. Yeah I truly hope her and sophie are going to film a real music video! She hasn’t had a really good one since “Looking Hot”
    I really hope she will perform new songs and scraps ST and BDL at the Japan show

    1. ^ If MMLY isn’t good enough… lol

      I hope they shoot a music video in Japan! That would be amazing, knowing how much Gwen love that culture.

  3. I really do hope they’ll shoot the Misery vid in Japan! In my perfect dreamworld, they’d film it in homage to “Lost in Translation” (because that movie is so dreamlike, akin to the soundscape of the song), except that the Bill Murray character would have to be always off-screen, as the perception of being totally alone in foreign country would so enhance that undercurrent of yearning/longing/”suffering” in the song. Gwen would visit/recreate some of the iconic scenes in the movie, e.g. Scarlett Johansson lonely and alone in her hotel room (the opening shot could be a recreation of Scarlett’s famous “pose” in the movie), at the hotel bar (where “Scarlett” first meets “Bill”), at the elevator lobby, later at the karaoke joint (where Gwen could actually get on the stage/mic and sing the chorus karaoke-style!), then the “shabu shabu” restaurant, etc… and it’ll end the same ambiguous/hopeful way the movie does at the teeming cross-streets of mid-day mid-town Tokyo… Hey, we can all dream! =)

    1. Omg I thought the same. I imagined a cross of 4AM video with Lost In Translation. Gwen walking around in Tokyo alone. I hope they’re really shooting the video there.

  4. I think Sophie is there cause she’s the one that handles her backdrop videos. Sophie has traveled with ND before as well. I Think she is somehow involved with her directing her concerts, and we know that Gwen and ND have always filmed their travels. Remember when they were promoting P&S? Todd Stefani was traveling with them registering it all.

  5. Sounds amazing it truly does. God you foreigners have a way with words. That makes me weak in the knees. Plus lost in translation is an amazing movie.

  6. Crossfingers a misery video with harajuku Japan as the backdrop!!! Make it happen Gwen!!! Hope to see you in all your punk rock tartan platinum red lips harajuku lover makeup sparkled goddess glory!!!

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