Gwen Auctioning Off Six Chiyo Dolls To Benefit Save The Children’s Fund

No Doubt also re-Tweeted Momiji’s Tweet about the auction and posted on the official site.

@momijiHQ Charity Auction to Include Dolls Signed by Gwen!! Proceeds benefit @SavetheChildren
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No Doubt — UK-based company Momiji will be hosting an auction featuring dolls autographed by Gwen Stefani to help raise additional funds for Save the Children. Gwen signed these dolls for her friends at Momiji when they very generously traveled to Los Angeles to help with the charity event. They donated 200 dolls that were painted by fans at the event and shipped to children in Japan that were affected by the recent earthquake and Tsunami. Gwen also signed 6 special Chiyo dolls for Momiji to auction with all proceeds benefitting Save the Children. The auction will go live soon so click here to follow Momiji and be notified when the bidding starts.


Can Gwen’s heart be any more bigger? Momiji (the UK based Japanese doll makers that were involved in Gwen’s private Harajuku tea party in June) and Gwen will be auctioning off six signed Momiji dolls to benefit the Save The Children fund around the world. The dolls will be released three at a time on two separate days in the upcoming weeks. The dolls are super cute and each one will be signed by Gwen. We will keep everyone posted once the auctions go live and good luck to everyone who bids! Again, the profits will be going to the same amazing cause that Gwen has been involved with since the devastating Japanese earthquake. Thanks to Erin for sending us the link!

Love Momiji — With love from Gwen…

People, get ready. Over the coming days we’ll be releasing six very special Chiyo dolls. Gwen Stefani has signed each one and we’ll be auctioning them to raise further funds for Save the Children’s work around the world. We’ll be releasing three at a time, on two separate days over the coming weeks. Each auction will run over three days. As soon as they’re available we’ll make announcements on Twitter and Facebook with a link to the auction site so that you can begin bidding.

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