Gwen Attends Adam Levine’s ‘Walk of Fame’ Event

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Gwen made an appearance alongside Blake Shelton for fellow The Voice judge, Adam Levine’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiling. Gwen looked quite stunning with her fierce outfit and pulled back hair. Some fans are freaking out about the diamond ring on her hand, but don’t fret, that’s her right hand! Enjoy some more images from the event below:

12 Replies to “Gwen Attends Adam Levine’s ‘Walk of Fame’ Event”

  1. A star would be cool, but I’d be more excited about No Doubt getting inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. I believe they are eligible this year,

  2. I don’t know if I want to live in a world where Adam Levine gets a star on the Walk of Fame before Gwen Stefani. No offense, but wtf?

  3. If it is like it is for the movie stars I think it is driven by their agency and publicist, not achievement.
    Over awards anyway after the Beyonce & Adele show called the Grammy’s. I thought there were others in their categories but you would never know it. Actually music people know Sturgill Simpson had the best album in that category. Beyonce totally ripped off Gwen’s concept of a real breakup album and Gwen actually wrote her own lyrics.
    Cant listen to Adele’s or Bey’s entire album.

  4. I love Gwen’s music, but Gwen did not invent writing about breakups, heartache, lying, cheating, etc. Writers have been telling that story since the beginning of time LOL

    1. No but Beyonce’s was right on the heels of Gwen’s and was staged drama to sell albums– that is a huge difference. The invented Becky, manufactured marriage trouble when there was none. Her getting invitro treatments for the twins confirms it. You don’t take that route if you have marital issues, or you may be raising 3 on your own.

  5. Beyoncé released her album one month after Gwen. Not enough time to rip anything off lol Adele, Gwen, and Beyoncé are all talented women in their own right. I don’t know why people always have to pit women against each other. I’m a fan of all three! TIWTTFL was my favorite album of 2016, but Lemonade was a close second. Doesn’t matter to me if it was fictional or not. Who is anyone to say the truth about Beyonces marriage anyway? Or Gwen’s? Or Adele’s? Or anyone’s?

  6. The art and how you arrive at it and present matters. Integrity and being genuine matters. Gwen’s album was highly personal and she wrote the songs from the heart, and as she said selling the music was not her point it was the catharsis that only comes with the authrnicity of experiencing something.
    Everyone in the industry knows that Beyonce does not write her songs, she rearranges a couple of words and takes credit. The number of people on stage when she accepts an award reveals that.
    If you looked closely you would have seen all the ploys she and JayZ used at various events to stage the marriage difficulty scenario, leading up to the release of the album.
    The pitting women narrative is tiresome. It is natural to look at albums released the same year.
    Beyonce is great at the commercialism aspect for sure but what is really tiresome is the the mentality that everything she does is genius, when at times her product doesn’t deliver. From the Lemonade album what song will stand the test of time and be in anyone’s head in future years? Same with Adele on this particular album. The Grammy’s are about charts and sales and that’s why they were at the top.

  7. I’m still not seeing any evidence to support your claim that Beyonce ripped Gwen off. I believe Lemonade will resonate with people for years to come as her career evolves. Especially songs like Freedom and Formation. Even if it doesn’t, I thoroughly enjoyed the album and that’s all that matters to me really.

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