Gwen Attends Apple Launch with Dr. Dre (Updated)



Gwen was in attendance at the Apple Launch event held in Cupertino, California this afternoon where the new Apple Watch and iPhones were announced. She had Tweeted a photo earlier in the morning that she was on her way with Dr. Dre. Gwen sat front row during the presentation and sat next to Dr. Dre and P. Diddy. She seemed to have a great time at the event!

Media was buzzing about her appearance thinking there might have been a special announcement with either Apple or Beats with Dr. Dre.

Photos courtesy of Getty.

17 Replies to “Gwen Attends Apple Launch with Dr. Dre (Updated)”

  1. I think they are working on new music together or maybe dre will produce her new album? No wore on any apple beats thing so its clearly not about that.

  2. And the funny thing was that even during her contract, there pictures of her with her iPhone. Let’s be real… it’s was $$ only, Windows Phone is a horrible OS for phones (and computers).

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