Gwen at #TheDollEvolves Event in Los Angeles (Updated)

Gwen was pretty in pink last night at an exclusive #TheDollEvolves launch event held at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles celebrating the latest line of Barbie dolls. The event was shared and streamed online on Periscope which featured Gwen being interviewed (if you’re one a mobile device, you’ll have to download the app to view). Click here to stream Gwen’s interview with host Amanda de Cadenet.

The night was full of conversations on what Barbie has meant to them and Gwen expressed how she was also into the dolls growing up and still enjoys getting ready for events more than the events themselves. “I was so into Barbie. I mean, obviously, obviously I was into Barbie, and I spent hours getting them ready for this story that we were going to maybe play, but we never did. I feel like that’s what I’ve done with my life — just getting ready, ready, ready. It’s not ever about the event, it’s always about getting ready.”

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  1. I wonder if this is a forshadowing of a possible collaboration. Mattel was rumored to have a licensing deal for her harajuku cartoons

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