Update: Gwen’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Segment with James Corden, George Clooney and Julia Roberts


Gwen appeared in her own Carpool Karaoke segment last night on The Late Late Show with James Corden! The hilarious sketch features the two jamming out and having a good time along to some of Gwen’s biggest songs including “Don’t Speak”, “The Sweet Escape”, “Used To Love You”, “Rich Girl”, “Hollaback Girl” and Queen’s “We Are The Champions”.

The pair were also joined by A-listers George Clooney and Julia Roberts making it one of the biggest Carpool Karaoke skits yet! It’s so funny seeing everyone rocking out to “Hollaback Girl” and then discuss the meaning of the song with Gwen (which she refuses to reveal the real inspiration behind).

Gwen’s segment was really great and we’re hoping she has another viral hit. The video has already racked up more than 2 million views and Gwen’s album has skyrocketed back up the iTunes chart!

Entertainment Tonight shared their insight on the making of the segment saying it was kept under wraps due to being filmed on the CBS studio lot. Actress Julia Roberts had reached out to the show and said she would love to be apart of Carpool Karaoke if Gwen was involved since she’s such a huge fan. Viewers may had noticed that Julia was wearing a custom tee with Gwen’s face on it from No Doubt’s 1997 Rolling Stone cover (we want it!).

ET says that Gwen’s portion took about an hour to film and then additional 20 minutes with Julia and George Clooney.

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  1. Yeah, same here. So freakin’ excited for this! SNL used to be the biggest promo gig an artist could book but that hasn’t been the case for several seasons now. Carpool is now by far the single biggest exposure boost on television and I really hope this is the timely shot in the arm this era needs and deserves! Should be great for energizing the tour. Exciting times ahead!

  2. … hits from her solo career and her time as No Doubt frontwoman, as well as a surprising cover or two… Wow, that’s a deep catalog for them to choose songs from. Could end up being a long segment! No wonder it took them so long to edit this, haha. It would be a nice touch to have the boys pop up in the backseat when they sing the No Doubt stuff, but that’s probably hoping for too much. I’m curious as to the covers though. I wonder if they’ll delve into Gwen’s early ska/2-tone influences like The Selecter or Madness. Our House or It Must Be Love? Or will they have the guts to tackle a cover in honor of Prince? Let’s Go Crazy or maybe even a moving duet rendition of Nothing Compares 2 U? Can’t wait to see what they come up with!

    1. I don’t think so… She will probably make a cover of some pop/hip hop current song from some current/hot artist.

      1. Agreed! This is a fun segment, it´s not music research, so they will get her singing something from Beyonce, Rihanna or any other current #1 music.

        1. Hmm, if you look at past carpool videos, none of the surprise covers have been a current #1 or hot artist kind of thing. That would be so meh and wouldn’t be much of a surprise! Past covers have been more along the lines of what influenced you in your early years or what did you listen to as a child, example teen Adele loved the Spice Girls (!) or what kind of music is your secret guilty pleasure: e.g. Adele the balladeer actually secretly likes rap music (!) so cue: Nicki Minaj! That sort of thing. For Gwen, maybe a surprise choice from her childhood would be a song from a Disney musical or The Sound of Music? 🙂 Maybe that wouldn’t surprise longtime fans, but it might surprise the general public! Besides, Madness IS fun, don’t you think? I thought of that because James is British and he is of the age that he would have grown up listening to Madness AND he looks like he could be IN Madness, hahaha. I thought Gwen and him would have fun with that. I think the most important thing is that THEY are having fun and then we’ll have fun watching them having fun. They shouldn’t cover a popular song just because they think the audience would like hear it like a current #1 (boo!) because that would ring false in my opinion.

          1. I’m thinking a Prince cover would be brave and apropos for the occasion because of the timing of it and because James has said before that one of his dream guests for carpool karaoke would be Prince. Because of Gwen’s past work with Prince, it just gives him a nice segue opportunity for a little in-car — Little Red Corvette? 🙂 — tribute of sorts. His next carpool guests will be Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, all younger artists with little to no connection to Prince. Besides, the opportune time would have passed. Anyways, I’m just speculating for the fun of it and for conversation :). Your guesses are as good if not better than mine!

          2. I adore Madness, my father in law is british and sends me tons of stuff, but not sure all british people are into them… are u brit too?

          3. Sorry but we’re talking about Gwen. She doesn’t want to look older… She always wants to seem modern and cool. She wants to be young forever… Plus, she’s ashamed of her “ska” days because you know, ska “is not cool” or trendy anymore. I’m expecting a cover of some current hip hop artist or maybe something from Pharell, Maroon 5 or Blake.

    1. At first I had the same impression, but James is british and it´s somewath common. My father in law is british and wears FP all the time, used to be tennis sportswear.

  3. This should be really really cool. I think it’s great that she will also do some ND songs. Overall her catalogue is just perfect for rad karaoke partys haha. HBG, TSE, DS, JAG… all her hits were made for karaoke.

  4. James and his family, were invited to Apollo’s 2 year old party. Guess she became friends with him after that?

  5. I’m thinking James might be cute and throw in a Blake song. I’d also love to hear her do Fetty Wap since she says she’s a big fan! There are so many choices really. I can’t wait!!

  6. Corden dropped a new teaser last night on his show and it featured HBG. Intriguingly they had two surprise guests join them in the backseat! They blurred out the faces to preserve the surprise though duh. Looked like a male and female. Guy was casually dressed and the other seemed a bit more dressed up. She had shoulder length light brown or golden blond hair and wore what seemed like a Gwen t-shirt (!) under her jacket. Could be a duo or individual musicians. Wonder if they’re super famous (the long-rumored reunion of Jack and Meg with dyed hair? Nah, lol) or cool indie types like The Tings Tings or even better, Wild Belle for the obvious ska-reggae fusion-synth pop influence and the fact they are currently promoting an awesome new single and were on Fallon a week ago? Did anyone else see this promo last night? Any ideas who these two backseat guests might be? And yeah come to think of it covering Fetty Wap would be fun. Maybe Jimmy Choo which I find quite hilarious. I imagine that would be one of Gwen’s favorites because of the fashion connection. It would be a riot if they try to mimic how he slurs every other line like he so cool and doesn’t care lol.

  7. I thought it would be blake. I have no idea who the girl is though. Is corden married? Maybe each of their significant others. Hard to say though

  8. Wow some people have such a negative image of Gwen that is merely based on assumptions… She is ashamed of her ska roots? She always wants to appear young and cool? Yeah right… that’s why she covered an Adam Ant song, recorded a Muppets song from the 70s and sang “The tide is high” on The Voice. She’s really desperate to look young and cool, because Muppets and Blondie are what all the cool and young folks are into these days.

    1. YYY I don’t get why some people come here to hate on her. There has been so many negative comments lately. It’s kind of annoying.

      1. Thank God you people are seeing the real haters around here. Sometimes I can be overprotective about Gwen or the band and misunderstood, but I’d never bash them.

  9. Well said YYY!

    Lisa, I was thinking it was Blake too, but there’s no tattoo? Unless the show is sneaky and removed it 😉 Corden is married, so that is a good idea! Maybe his wife is a fan?

  10. It’s Julia Roberts and George clooney! Wow two big celebrities brought on the show for the queen!

    1. Gwen is friends with George. He lends his house in Lake Como for her to shoot the video for Cool.

  11. Wow!!! The Today Show led off with it and all the hosts loved it and said it will be impossible to top this one!
    Three A+ listers– the Queen rules!

  12. Wow it was even better than I expected! George and Julia made perfect sense as guest.

  13. Ha that is so ace! I’m glad Julia and George were a part of it! Every time I think of Julia it reminds me of her being star struck by Gwen in like 1999! Funny how things come around! I’m sure they all had fun filming it 😀 xx

  14. Girl crushes meet man crushes = Boom! 🙂 For me it couldn’t have been more perfect, so freakin’ cute, love love loved it. Did I want more songs, JAG, Spiderwebs, UIA, Cool, 4AM, MMLY, Misery, Truth, etc? Sure but on the flip side the ones they chose they chose well. They covered pretty much the span of her career and we got to see and hear more of each song. Each was SO good, the singing, harmonizing, interactions, her expressions, gestures, everything LOL. I can see why James would have been reluctant to edit that stuff out. It was all gold. In the end it was like a mini Gwen concert even with her strapped in the front seat of a car! 🙂 She sang every song so well (does anyone now regret voting off UTLY so early in the battle of songs? :p) and she was having a ton of fun with friends! So happy for her. The surprise guests bowled me over, made so much sense. The amount of talent in one car, not to mention the net worth, was staggering! 🙂

  15. Gwen used to be so funny and spontaneous in the past… Just saying, not trying to be mean or something like that. She definitely has grown up so much, yeah she’s almost 50.

  16. I was not expecting George Clooney! I had no idea they were friendly. Julia Robert’s makes total sense being she’s a huge fan of Gwen 😀 How could they not do JAG though!! LOL TSE was amazing! I was not expecting to hear Queen LOL So much for the peeps who thought she would only cover current songs 😉 I am also guilty of waiting for Freddie to sing “of the world” at the very end LOL!!

  17. Wow! TIWTTFL is all the way back up to #18 on iTunes! And might even go higher as the clip goes viral. Brilliant! Congrats Gwen! Woooohoooo! Eeeeehooo! 🙂

  18. I really didn’t expect this to have such a big effect on sales, but her album just keeps climbing and climbing again… and next week she’ll be making headlines again with her duet with Blake and the performance on The Voice… promo explosion! 😉

  19. Hmm, 6.8 millions views in just under 24 hours. Seems pretty viral to me. Does anyone know if she’s keeping pace with the other carpool videos? She’s already at about 1/3 of the total views the Chris Martin one has…

  20. Doing well in the UK

    #68 – L.A.M.B.
    #44 – TIWTTFL

    #102 – Hollaback Girl
    #114 – UTLY
    #151 – WYWF?
    #153 – Rich Girl
    #166 – TSE

  21. They didn’t do a Prince cover because this was filmed over a month ago (the same time as Gwen’s performance of “Make Me Like You” on his show). It also bothered me that they didn’t sing “Just A Girl”. James mentioned “Just a Girl” about 10 times in a different context, then leaned in toward the radio, and ANOTHER song came on…fail!!!

  22. I liked the part when they were asking her what a hollar back girl was, and she did not want to put Courtney Love on blast!!! Because she really isn’t a hollar back girl

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