Gwen Appearing on Z100’s Elvis Duran Show and SiriusXM’s Morning Mash Up Dec. 3; NY Interviews (Updated)


Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show

Gwen stopped by the Z100 studios early this morning for an interview with Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show. She said she woke up seeing “Used To Love You” #5 on iTunes and still feels surprised she’s getting so much love and attention again for a song that means so much to her. Gwen says that she feels like a “regular girl” and is the same person she’s always been. After finding her gift with songwriting after her breakup with Tony, she’s felt empowered.

Gwen says that she hasn’t been able to write in awhile and feels like with art and writing, she felt “blocked”. She spoke about the writing that was done for her last year (i.e. “Baby Don’t Lie”) and says that she felt uncomfortable with the material because she didn’t write it. After all of the traumatic events happened in her life earlier this year, Gwen felt determined to work out her emotions creatively and not just feed off of negativity from stuff online. She still doesn’t have an update about her album’s release date but is excited to get back into the studio to write more during this new phase of her life. She shares that it’s been hectic with The Voice live shows but will find time soon to write after everything settles down.

Gwen shared that she plans on spending Christmas at home and is planning on making lasagna for her family.

During the program, Elvis was adamant about helping Gwen reach the top of the iTunes chart with “Used To Love You” and as of 7:45AM PST, it’s climbed up to the #2 spot!


The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM Hits 1

We’ll have more highlights and audio/video up as soon as we can from the interview!


Fresh 102.7’s Carson and Cane

Gwen was joined backstage by 102.7’s Carson and Cane prior to her performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon while in New York. It’s another great interview where Gwen shared that she’s had a rough “5 years” and refers to Gavin as her “ex-husband” for the first time. After having her third son Apollo, Gwen really wanted to get back to work but was not finding herself inspired and seemed out curators to help write and create an album for her in 2014. She admits that the album “never felt right” (i.e. “Baby Don’t Lie”) and had the project delayed. After secretly separating from Gavin in late February this year, Gwen felt like she needed to be in the studio and found herself having more free time due to the split custody of their children. Though Gwen admits it was tough being away from her three boys, found it as a blessing in some way to have more time dedicated to herself and her songwriting.

With “Used To Love You”‘s release coinciding with Tragic Kingdom‘s 20th anniversary in October, Gwen feels like her songwriting really shows what her purpose in life is. She has every intention of still releasing her “angry material” written this past summer and reveals she has two albums worth of songs she would love to release. An early 2016 release for her new album is still what she’s planning on. While writing this past summer with her teams, she says that she had to keep her separation from Gavin a secret until things were officially announced in August. She shared that it was tough at times writing her heart out but not being too revealing to protect herself. After things started to roll out, she says that her team felt and went through her emotions together and were able to channel it into new material.

Gwen wants to continue writing since she’s in a “different place” and has much more to say. She plans on taking more time to get back into the studio once The Voice wraps up later this month.

When asked about Blake, Gwen calls him a “really awesome guy” and says that life is full of surprises. “That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Surprise!”


106.1 BLI

Gwen called into Long Island’s 106.1 BLI last week while in New York and spoke about her new single and why she has no regrets on releasing “Used To Love You” at this point in her life.


Weekend Throwdown

Gwen joined Jagger of Weekend Throwdown in-studio for an interview with in New York and spoke about her recent MasterCard performance and her new single “Used To Love You”.

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  1. Wow excellent promo! Her interview with Elvis was one of her best on radio. I can see the song reaching #2 on iTunes.

  2. Btw guys, if you can gift the song to your friends.

    Jenny, remember that Brian wanted to gift the song? Maybe you could hold a contest on twitter for tonight and gift the song to 3-5 lucky winners after Gwen’s performance? Just a suggestion!

    1. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that! Yeah, I would be more than happy to Tweet out about it this evening and will reach out to Brian. Thanks for reminding me! 😀

  3. Let’s make this happen and focus on gifting and streaming UTLY this week because today is the last scheduled performance, if I’m not wrong!!

  4. I don’t like the fake eyelashes in that pic. They look clumped together. I really love her hair like that though and her outfit is on point!

  5. Her outfit! Jesus fishnet dress, fishnet on her legs & even fishnet looking shoes! Little much, but I like that jacket and it all doesn’t look so bad with it on

      1. Lol Is that their attempt at humor? Cause they failed terribly… Surprised The New Yorker published something like that. Can’t believe I wasted my time reading that crap.

        1. It was to be a mock/pretend funny piece under their humor section. Some people may find it funny, not everyone has the same notion of humour…

          1. Yeah but by reading the comments on FB I don’t think anyone found that funny at all. And I’m not saying this cause I’m a fan. That “article” is plain stupid.

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