Gwen Appearing on ‘Trolls’ Soundtrack with New Song Penned by Justin Timberlake (Updated)


Justin Timberlake appeared on a popular German radio station and revealed that two songs from Gwen will be included on the Trolls soundtrack including a duet with Justin himself. You can check out the interview here and thanks to fan YeahYeahYeah for the update!


Photo courtesy of DreamWorks
Photo courtesy of DreamWorks

Fans have been wondering if Gwen’s involvement with Trolls would include a spot for her on the highly anticipated soundtrack and it has been confirmed! Justin Timberlake shared on OnAir with Ryan Seacrest this morning that he did work on a track for Gwen that will appear on the album and possibly in the film itself. Justin is also serving as executive music producer, and besides writing original music for the film, he is also overseeing the creative direction for Trolls. We’re curious if the song he’s referring to is something from Gwen’s character ‘DJ Suki’ or a separate track in itself.

Trolls is an incredibly huge deal for Gwen and we can’t wait for the animated film to hit theaters in November!

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    1. Thanks for the RT, Jenny! I hope they do something special for the fans. Sometimes I feel that they don’t listen to us.

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    Omfg! Justin talked to one of Germany’s biggest radio stations about the movie and he confirmed that Gwen will have two songs on the soundtrack. One solo song and a DUET WITH JUSTIN!

    “Ich habe insgesamt drei Songs geschrieben. Einen singt Ariana Grande, einen Gwen Stefani und einen Song singen Gwen und ich zusammen. Ja, es wird ein Duett von Gwen und mir geben.”
    Translation: “I wrote three songs. Ariana Grande will sing one of them, Gwen Stefani will sing another one and the third song will be sung by Gwen and me. Yes, Gwen and I will have a duet.”

    Link to the interview:…rlake-106.html

    1. That is awesome news! I wonder if the duet will be featured in the film. Looking forward to it, thank you!

  2. Jenny,
    You should do an article on how many duets Geen has done. She has to have done the most in musical history. Or damn near close.

    Billy Idol
    Snoop Dog
    Brian Setzer
    Elvis Costello
    Blake Shelton
    Calvin Harris
    Justin Timberlake

    I could keep going all day

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