Gwen Appearing on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ (Updated)


Gwen’s appearance on The Late Late Show will air on Tuesday, March 8, 2016! She is set to perform “Make Me Like You” and is rumored to be featured in a Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden (which more than likely will air on a later date).


On February 18, Gwen recorded two takes of her performing “Make Me Like You” for the Late Late Show. No official word yet on when her performance will air, however their schedule for next week is still incomplete.

Sources are also sharing that Gwen took part in filming a Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden!

@gwenstefani looking like the flawless beauty queen she is!!!! #raddestqueenofthemall #gwenstefani #loveher #makemelikeyou #MMLY

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Free tickets are now available to request on for fans to request for Gwen’s debut and upcoming appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden! Crossing our fingers for a Carpool Karaoke segment!

The taping starts at 4:00PM and fans 16+ are able to request up to 4 tickets to the show. The Late Late Show with James Corden airs on CBS at 12:37AM EST/PST.

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  1. This picture though… Did she really perform STF with dancers wearing pink bathing suits and rainbow leggins? I’m so glad I somehow managed to erase most things concering STF from my memory lol.

  2. The Carpool Karaoke segment with Gwen was definitely shot. Not sure if it’ll air the same day as the MMLY performance, but based past Carpool Karaokes, James is due to schedule one soon-ish, so the timing of things bodes well for us seeing this soon. About a week ago, The Insider and Entertainment Tonight on CBS ran a segment on how all the Carpool Karaoke performances had been going viral, and several clips were shown, including a quick few seconds of Gwen & James singing along to TSE (James was off-camera for the duration). She was wearing a blue shirt/blouse that could have been denim, and looked awfully similar to what Iggy Azalea wore during her segment, which had me second-guessing for a few moments if I’d somehow mixed up the two ( it was just a few fleeting seconds after all, and they’re both blondes 🙂 – upon checking Iggy’s clip, however, they sang all Iggy songs/raps and no covers. These Carpool Karaoke segments are immensely popular right now, so if Gwen’s airs next week or the week of the album launch, this could prove to be very significant promo. I hope they sing along to snippets of the same five songs she chose to perform acoustically at the Oscars Vanity Fair after party (HG, Cool, UTLY, MMLY, TSE) and throw in a couple of ND classics for good measure (Don’t Speak and, maybe, Spiderwebs or Just a Girl, etc.) …

    1. If she’s there promoting her solo, I can totally see they doing only her solo. She has HG on her catalog and that’s a well know song, she never performed ND songs while promoting her solo releases (but did perform a solo song while playing with ND at her benefit tea party);

      1. Cynthia – I get what you’re saying, and I’m well aware she has never performed a No Doubt song without the lads, promotional or otherwise, but the actual “regular” promo will be her singing MMLY on The Late, Late Show stage. Carpool Karaoke is something quite different, so different rules here. Yes, it’s also great promo for her, but it’s essentially a JKC skit – part spontaneous, part scripted. James has been known to “surprise” his carpool guests with his playlist selections, and the artist’s entire back catalog is fair game. He’s even thrown in other artists, e.g. Adele was a Spice Girls fan as a child, so he surprised her by throwing in a Spice Girls song. For Sia, he had them sing along to “Diamonds”, which, although co-written by Sia, is a Rihanna song. If they do all solo Stefani, I’m more than fine with that, in fact, I’d be over the moon. But as a ND fan at heart, I’m just “hoping” (probably just wishful thinking) that Corden surprises her with a ND classic or two. Technically, it would be them singing along with the lads, because they’d play the actual ND track on the car stereo.

        1. I hope they sing at least an ND classic. They have to. 😛 I’m so excited for it. It’s gonna be fun!

        2. I could see him throwing in JAG. I’m actually more excited about this skit then I am with her performing anywhere LOL

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