Gwen Appearing on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ Jul. 20 (Updated)


Gwen made her debut on radio host Howard Stern’s SiriusXM morning show today and gave one of her most fantastic and honest interviews in recent memory. Many fans were skeptical about Gwen being on the program due to Howard’s reputation for being harsh, but the interview which lasted close to two-hours was incredible and had Gwen opening up about her brother Eric, No Doubt, her personal struggles and past relationships and much, much more that we’re not used to hearing from her. Howard also came across like a professional and really seemed to have done his homework — impressing her with facts spanning her career and childhood.

Gwen said it was weird meeting and being with Howard since he was a good friend of Gavin’s. Robin (Howard’s co-host) mentioned how he was under the impression that Gwen didn’t like him and she said that she’s always been scared by him and his reputation since she doesn’t like confrontation. Gwen said she grew up listening to Howard with the band and was really happy to be there.

On No Doubt’s 2009 summer tour

No topic seemed off the table and Gwen opened up about No Doubt’s 2009 summer tour saying that left her feeling “depleted.” She admits that it wasn’t necessarily her idea to go on tour but felt pressured by management and the band since she had taken so much time for herself outside of No Doubt. Gwen said that she was exhausted once the tour wrapped up and said, “I just wasn’t the same after that.”

On her relationship with Tony

Gwen is asked about her past relationship with Tony and shares that she would have married him instantly if the opportunity every arose back in the day. She told the story that there was an unspoken rule in the band that she wasn’t able to date anyone and how they kept their relationship a secret until former lead singer John Spence took his own life. Gwen said that she was head-over-heels for Tony instantly and was infatuated with everything about him. When asked if there is still any weirdness between the two of them, she says that there has always been an evolution of feelings. Gwen stops Howard when he brings up the idea of Tony possibly regretting breaking up with her over the years saying, “No, he was really clear that it wasn’t meant to be us. I have a little obsessive nature and I was just quite obsessed with him.” Gwen goes on to say that she understood what being a guy meant in a band and not wanting to be tied down saying “that’s what broke us up.” She started to tell the story about what “the last straw” was between her and Tony after a show ended up turning into a “strip club” but was cut off unintentionally and she never continued.

Gwen admits that she sometimes wonders what her life would have been like if Tony and her were still together. “That was a really huge and long part of my life… I think we were together seven years. He was 16 when we started dating!”

Gwen shared that she was single for about a year after breaking up with Tony.

On her brother Eric

Gwen opened up about her brother Eric saying one of the reasons he moved on from the band was to focus on animation. She said that she was “destroyed” but his departure and thinks it may have had more to do with him not wanting to comprise his art with a major record label. Gwen describes her brother as an “interesting person” and “eccentric” and praises him for being so dedicated to himself and his craft.

She assures Howard later on in the interview that she knows her brother feels no jealousy towards her and has no regrets in leaving the band.

On songwriting

She credits both Tony breaking up with her and Eric leaving the band for her outlet of songwriting that took her by surprise. “… that’s where I finally found that passive girl gone, and I found a focus, and I found a power.” Gwen shared that she’s responsible for lyrics and melodies and was inspired by “heartbreak.” She said that she felt changed from that moment on and decided to dye her hair blonde.

Later in the interview, Gwen shares that she thinks some of her best songwriting came out of Return of Saturn and admits that she needed to edit herself. She says that it’s been challenging at times having to compromise with everyone on songs considering No Doubt has always written together. With Rock Steady, she said that the band’s “attitudes changed” and they had finally been able to reach out of their comfort zones and collaborate. “I hadn’t had kids yet so we were going out — we went to clubs — we were super inspired.” Gwen says that the album was a triumph for the band since they were so open to trying new things which said she needed.

Gwen shared later that some of her favorite songs are ones that she collaborated on outside of the band, “…everything went to a different place.”

Gwen says that being on The Voice also helped her regain confidence in her songwriting since it pushed her to reflect back on what she’s done.

She shared that “Baby Don’t Lie” was originally titled “Baby Don’t Cry”. Gwen also opened up about the first song she wrote when she decided to go back into the studio on her own titled “You Don’t Know Me” which Gwen described as “how can you love me if you don’t know me?”

Gwen’s first song she wrote about Blake was “Obsessed” followed by “Splash”. She shared that she sent him songs throughout the writing periods and said that “everything happened really quickly.” She would play him songs when he would be in town for The Voice since he didn’t live in Los Angeles.

On going solo

Gwen says that the dynamic of the band changed once the band started getting married and starting families of their own. “It has to, of course it has to.” The band all agreed to take a hiatus for the first time after the Rock Steady tour. During this time, Gwen had a feeling that she wanted to make a dance record and wanted to create music that she had grown up on outside of ska. She shared that Tony was on board with the idea since the beginning and supported her along the recording process.

Gwen felt an immense amount of pressure writing on her own with different people but says she hit her creative peak since she was free to do whatever she wanted.

She shared that she went back into the studio eight weeks after giving birth to Kingston cause she felt like she “wasn’t done.” “How do you ignore this voice in your head and inspiration?” Gwen reveals that she wanted to have another child since she was nearing 40 and was blessed with her second son Zuma only a month after wrapping up her Sweet Escape world tour.

On Push and Shove

After the 2009 tour, Gwen said, “I was burnt out… I went in to write with [No Doubt] and I had gotten pregnant. Like, ‘I can do it! I can be pregnant and make it!'” Gwen said that the dynamic in the studio writing Push and Shove was different because she didn’t feel inspired. She shares that the majority of the writing was on her since she’s responsible for the melodies and lyrics. “They were writing chords and people can write chords all day long. It’s all the same chords… I didn’t have the inspiration in me because I had just been depleted. I had clothing lines, I had gotten married, I had given birth twice, I had gone around the world… there was a lot of output and there’s only so much.” She says that she attempted to write the album when she was pregnant but couldn’t. Gwen shares that she wasn’t physically feeling well either and refers to it as a “dark period” in her life.

Four months after giving birth to Zuma, Gwen shared that both her manager and the band pushed her to tour to help with inspiration in the summer of 2009.

Gwen opened up about the success of the album saying that it wasn’t anyone’s fault with how it turned out. She hints that her manager (possibly with Rebel Waltz) suggested that her career may have been over and found it disappointing the the band’s hopes of the touring Push and Shove didn’t happen. Gwen feels like her getting pregnant than with Apollo may have been a let down for the rest of the band.

On playing No Doubt songs on tour

Howard gets direct with Gwen and asks if the the band has harsh feelings towards her due to performing No Doubt songs for the first time on her solo tour this summer (including “Underneath It All”, “It’s My Life”, “Don’t Speak” and “Just a Girl”). She answered by saying, “I think that at the end of the day, we’re so supportive of each other. The only reason I’m doing them… it felt like I hadn’t toured in seven years and I don’t know if I’ll ever tour again… and I wanted to do a show that represents me — right now where I’m at. It’s such a triumph to get to this point for me and I’ve had such a crazy year… it just felt right. It felt weird to not do songs that I wrote that represent who I am.” When asked if she approached the band about playing their songs on the road, she seemed to shy away from answering by saying, “I think that we’re in a place now where we’re so grown. Everyone’s doing their own thing and that’s understood.”

Later in the interview, Gwen admits that it’s hard to tour nowadays and finds it difficult to get people to come out to the shows.

On auditioning for Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Howard asks Gwen about her well-known audition for the lead role in Mr. and Mrs. Smith that went on to star Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Gwen said that she felt like she “almost got it” and had participating in a bunch of auditions. She shared that the casting crew even visited her home but knew that she would have to focus on acting and not music calling the industry competitive.

On her wild year

Gwen discusses meeting Gavin for the first time by saying their record labels (Interscope and Trauma) pushed for No Doubt and Bush to tour together. She said they met during KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas in December 1995 after being requested to come to the show by Gavin (during the second night when they weren’t performing). Gwen admits that she wasn’t into Bush but was told by her label to meet them since they would be touring together the following spring. She says she felt like she was in a crazy place in her life and was smitten by him. Gavin ended up having her phone number and the two started dating only a few weeks into the tour.

Howard shared with Gwen how he was shocked when he heard that they had separated since he always considered them a “perfect couple.” He said that he felt bad for them both saying that he thought Gwen and Gavin were each other’s “lucky break”. Howard came across as extremely sincere and as a listener you could tell that he really got to Gwen. “It’s been an unbelievable journey and you can’t even imagine.” She became emotional and broke everyone’s heart by saying, “I always wondered… why did I get so unlucky in love? I have so much love in me.” Gwen says that she felt like “such a loser” after everything happened. She admits that it’s tough for her to perform “Used To Love You”.

She shares again that her world was turned upside down on February 9, 2015. “I didn’t know what I was going to do… I was in a panic, I was in Hell. And I was going back to The Voice in the middle of it with this big secret.” She said that she didn’t want anyone to know what was going to happen and didn’t want to rush anything. “I wanted to try and figure everything out.” Gwen shared that she leaned on her parents and her faith in God to get her through which helped her “wake up spiritually.” Pharrell Williams was also a really good friend to Gwen during that time and pointed her in the right direction.

Upon joining The Voice, Gwen admits that she didn’t know Blake Shelton and knew nothing about his music or country in general. She calls them getting together the “most unlikely situation”. Gwen reveals that when she came back for season 9 last July, she had a huge weight on her shoulders. Blake made the announcement first that him and wife Miranda Lambert were divorcing on the first day back on set. “I think I might have went white and I was in shock because it felt like he was exposing me. I couldn’t even get my head around it and it was during The Blinds, and he walked up to my chair, the first time he’s ever walked to my chair… and I never saw him look so upset. So then I was like, ‘I got to talk to you.’ But I wasn’t going to tell him anything… and then we ended up talking.” Gwen admits that she wasn’t completely upfront with him at first about her situation but they started to develop a serious friendship. She finds it incredible that they were both going through the same thing at the right moment. Gwen reveals that Blake’s separation had been going on since January of that year and Gwen’s a month later. “I wasn’t trying to start a relationship, I was trying to not die.”

On how her and Blake’s relationship progressed, she shared that they had started emailing each other back and forth and then it blossomed. She said that she had toured alongside No Doubt last summer when everything was happening and it was tough keeping it all under wraps, even from the band themselves.

Howard pokes fun at Gwen for becoming a country girl and she said she’s having a really fun time living in the moment and being exposed to his world. Howard hypothetically brings up the idea of Blake proposing to Gwen in the future and she laughs along and refuses to answer the question if she would yes or not.


Gwen has shared on her official site that she’s scheduled to be a guest on The Howard Stern Show while in New York on July 20. She’s set to “get candid” with the notorious radio host and will be on the show starting at 9:00AM EST on SIRIUSXM Radio channel 100.

If you’re not able to tune in, Howard Stern tends to share clips and portions of interviews with guests on his YouTube, Soundcloud and official site.

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  1. This can turn ugly. Gwen is not into controversy and avoids like hell getting into detail, specially if they are too personal. Howard will try to get dirt her divorce, Blake and No Doubt’s status. Not sure who on Gwen’s team thought this would be a good idea to promote the tour.

  2. Yep it doesn’t make sense. Gavin was on there recently what did he get out of him — did anyone hear it? Plus I heard he is friends with Howard.

  3. I thought Howard once mentioned that Gwen despises him…I believe it was when Gavin came on once but I am not positive…

  4. WOW! she skipped out on Wendy Williams, but decides to do howard?! ive LOVED howard for yearsssssss and try to hear all that he does but i cant lie… i dont think this is smart either. Gwen isnt quick witted enough for Howard and his craft.

    1. It went pretty well tho, didn’t it? I was surprised! I guess he is a fan afterall because he really took it easy on Gwen. Thank God 🙂

    2. Wendy is trash. And i think with her honesty and knowledge about her craft and her experience in the industry, Gwen held her own very well and came off really interesting

  5. I agree Bob. This is very out of character for her, but I’m extremely interested in how it turns out. Howard won’t put up with her usual script. Chelsea pushed her a little, but Howard will shove her lol

    I don’t believe Gavin has been on the show since 2014.

  6. I’m sort of hoping he does push her to say more than just what she usually repeats in every interview this era so far. It could be interesting. Even if she doesn’t necessarily like it, I’m sure she can handle it. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing.

  7. I’m excited for this! I think it’ll be tough but a smart move in the end. Hopefully I feel the same tomorrow lol

  8. Has anyone heard it yet?
    I haven’t but the Shefanidom on twitter is furious and saying they talked too much about Gavin and Tony– and Howard made her cry. They also said it was apparent he is friends with her ex.
    Wish she had not done the interview. It was almost the end of the interview and he still had not asked her about Blake.

    1. Have not heard yet–was waiting for someone that had listened to chime in! I’ve been following the Stern Show Twitter and they’ve been RTing a lot of positive responses.. but of course they’re only going to retweet the good comments.

    2. They were just going chronologically through her life. I liked when they talked about her exes, it gave me more insight into Tony and Gwen’s relationship than I had before.

  9. Now they are saying it took an upturn and ended up being a really good interview and Howard really went easy on her.
    Talked a lot about the past. He tried three times it get her to say ND was over — each time she said stop, stop that. Asked if she would have married Tony and had babies if he asked. She said yes, instantly.
    Refused to say much about Blake. He asked if she would marry him if he asked, she said she wouldn’t answer that.
    Ended up to being upbeat.

  10. Whoaa he asked her if she thinks Tony regrets breaking up with her!
    She said it was not love at first site with Gavin.
    He told her not to be bitter regarding getting married in her future…and that he thought Blake would propose.
    At the end she said to Stern: thanks for having me and being sweet and generous to me.
    ….from twitter

    1. I found the Tony vs Gavin part SO interesting. She wanted babies with Tony and love at first sight but not with Gavin (um redflag LOL). I think the end of the band has a lot to do with her embarrassment over Gavin then it does with those three guys. They always knew about him. Those guys are all long term married, family guys…the type of men she was after for her own in hindsight. The wives were too close to her one nanny to not know. And in these terms a lot of this is making sense, and oddly gives me hope for their friendship in the future.

  11. To all those who were saying “oh I am sure Gwen talked to the guys about singing ND songs at her solo tour, they worked things out they gave her their blessing, blah, blah, blah” Gwen just said on Howard’s show she did not mention it to the guys, at all.

    1. I don’t like the ND songs on this tour because she has more than enough solo material to choose from.

      And the forum drives me nuts! I had to rejoin only to tell me my password and username was wrong.

  12. Surprisingly it was a great interview! I liked hearing all the talk about the old days. I also feel she’s more comfortable talking about the past than she is about the present (Tony, Gavin vs Blake) which is why she seemed a lot more, let’s say, put together since Howard spent majority of the time discussing No Doubt. I saw more of her personality in this interview than all her previous interviews combined.
    Side note, was anyone else frustrated that Howard cut her off right when she was going to recall the exact moment she and Tony broke up, the strip club story?! I wanted to hear that Howard!!

    1. You must have posted right as I was! Yes, I was so annoyed! Someone’s gotta find a way to get her to tell the rest of that story!!

      1. Yeeeeees, please! I’m so curious to know about this story now! There were a few other moments she started to say something interesting and he just interrupted her. Ughh I was like ” Just shut up Howard and let her talk, please” lol

        1. As much as I want to hear her tell the rest of the story, I guess we can assume what happened. The venue turned into a strip club and all the guys stayed. Tony wanted to but Gwen wasn’t comfortable with it and things came to a head.

  13. I really wanted Gwen to finish that story about performing the show at the venue that turned into a strip club. Sounds like she was about to reveal the moment it was over for her and Tony… which I don’t think she’s shared before.

    I really enjoyed that interview. I’ve listened to Howard here and there over the years, so I know he’s good at getting info out of people… but I was really impressed in the amount of research he (or his team) did on Gwen.

    I’m disappointed that it sounds like Gwen didn’t reach out to the band to get their blessing on playing ND songs, but I do understand her point-of-view as to why she’s playing them, so I was happy to hear her explain her reasoning. Even though I 100% think/know the boys all collaborated on (most of) the songs, I forgot how many of the melodies she was responsible for.

  14. That was one of the most candid and honest interview Gwen has given this era. I just wished Howard didn’t talk so much cuz she revealing more information than usual. I’m surprised he dared to go there lol but Gwen handled him like a pro and it’s nice to see this side of her. He didn’t come off disrespectful but more of an honest upfront conversation about her life. Now looking back, it make more sense why things went down the way it did. It was kinda interesting to how whatever songs she release as singles really reflect what’s goin on with her life. This era is more personal than anything and could I appreciate it for what it is. I just want her to be happy and achieve the simple kind of life she always wanted

    1. I agree there were a few times she started to elaborate on a story and he would talk over her and then they would move on. I was like “stop talking Howard!!”

  15. The guys didn’t reach out to Gwen to tell her about their new band. Why is Gwen expected to reach out to them to get their “blessing” for singing the songs she wrote? Those are her songs just as much as they are their songs. When Tom or the other guys are not happy with that, it’s their problem and not Gwen’s. My two cents.

      1. The guys said they did tell her, and she said she learned on the internet. Her memory about the guys seems to be a bit jaded at the moment. So I wouldnt throw stones their direction just yet.

        1. Yes, I remember that. When the news about their new band leaked Tom stated they spoke to Gwen about it last year. But Kimmel asked her about the rumor she was being replaced as lead singer of ND. She was referring to this rumor when she said she first learnd about it on the internet. Not about their new band. It was a little bit weird anyway…

  16. I loved this interview. She was so candid and vulnerable. She did kind of skirt around the “getting approval to do ND songs” thing. But she has a good point – those songs are her story and it would be weird to not do them. I wonder though – legally – she wrote them but the boys probably also are listed as songwriters… so wouldn’t they have to approve her to perform them and get royalties every time she does? Unless she bought the rights…

    Side note: is anyone else having trouble logging into the forum? Unless I was somehow banned… every time I try to login (even with new usernames) I get:

    “Wrong username or password. You have used up your failed login quota! Please wait 15 minutes before trying again. Don’t forget that the password is case sensitive. Forgotten your password? Click here!”

    Any ideas?

  17. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this interview. Besides releasing the album, this is my favorite thing she’s done this entire era. His team did solid research on her history. I hate to admit here that I haven’t really liked Gwen that much this year, but this interview reminded me of how she used to be and that she still has some of those qualities. It’s hard to explain…

    All the convo about Eric made me smile <3 I know us old schoolers have heard these stories a million times, but it was so nice to hear her reminisce about the band before fame and I'm glad a good chunk of the interview was devoted to it.

    I can't believe Howard didn't want to hear about the show that turned into a strip club and broke them up! LOL Yeah, that was frustrating when he cut off that story.

    Didn't Gwen used to say the 2009 tour was her idea in order to get inspired? Now she says it was the guys and her manager who wanted her to do it… Weird.

    I wonder if the "sickness" she kept referencing was actually a miscarriage. That is something that fans have speculated about in the past.

    It broke my heart a little when Gwen got teary. No matter how happy she is with Blake, that Gavin shit is gonna hurt her for awhile. Speaking of him, I'm really glad Blake wasn't mentioned until the end. They are so overexposed and there's so much more to her than the last 8 months. I found the behind the scenes stuff from The Voice quite interesting though!

    1. I think it was the band and her manager’s idea to do it to get inspired and she just kind of went along with the idea at the time.

        1. Oh yeah, you’re right. I do remember her saying similar things during this time, but forgot the specifics.

    2. My thoughts exactly. I felt like to was so open about everything that she was on the verge of talking about the miscarriage. I’m glad she didnt though.

      1. Don’t necessarily want to go down the path of speculation… but I was out of the loop when all this went down. What makes everything think she had a miscarriage?

  18. I’m just curious. What do you guys think of the state of ND after hearing this interview? She spoke really well and fondly of everyone and ND as a whole (not that she would speak otherwise, but it seemed genuine to me). Howard was REALLY pressuring her to say she’s moved on from ND and isn’t going to release another record with them… She deflected. This is what I got from it: They’re not going to make another record (I feel like we all know this). But, based on how she spoke of ND and everyone, I got the feeling that at the end of the day things will be ok with everyone in the band and they could potentially do another mini tour or at least some farewell shows when that time comes. Thoughts?

  19. Howard surprisingly was very knowledgeable of the whole No Doubt history. He was actually respectful towards Gwen . But my heart totally crushed when she said “I always wondered why? why have I been so unlucky in Love? I have so much Love in Me ”
    I actually like how he kept bringing up Tony and the band wanting to get an answer as to what he happened or what is happening !!
    Wish she would have finally said that Holla Back Girl was a response to Courtney Love

  20. This is there first interview, she seem brave enough to discuss Gavin, their past and their divorce. It was crazy how Howard went for it straight and even mention how he thought she didn’t like him lol. Sometimes, Gwen’s interviews could come off so generic with safe answers. I’m glad she was bold enough to speak about the past year. It’s kinda sad how she’s acting like this is her last tour esp after she mentioned bout older acts not wanting to tour because it difficult to get people to go.

  21. I think after two successful solo records, she was under a lot of pressure from the band and the record label to release another no doubt record. Unfortunately, with all the stuff she was pretty much burnt out. By the way she was describing the record of push and shoves, it felt more like a chore than passion. It was something she had to do and no want to do. It’s funny how no doubt songs are harder to write for her but they seem more structured than her newer songs. It’s probably easier to write cuz she gets her way most of the time.

  22. single handedly ive learned more about Gwen in this interview than i have in the last 5 years than any other interview or magazine. amazing. this is why howard is THE king. and anybody that cant read between the lines: HER AND THE BOYS ARE NOT ON GOOD TERMS.

    1. Really?? I thought the opposite. The way she spoke about Tony, I didn’t sense any resentment or awkwardness in her voice. She seemed normal. She seemed uncertain about the band’s future, because she’s just going with the flow and “living in the moment”, but thats not to say their relationship is strained. This interview actually made me feel better about her performing ND songs solo.

    2. No she and the boys are not on good terms…dont know how anyone got different that from this interview. She gave Tony credit for executive producing her first solo album…so its not like her solo is the issue. Its her feelings, not theirs.

  23. I sort of agree with Howard when he says that Gwen is better suited as a solo artist. He’s like, why would you go back to the band when you’re so successful and happy doing your own thing. She even said her collabs outside of ND are her favorite songs. And the creative process sounds like it goes smoother when she’s able to call all the shots and get inspired off different artists she works with. This interview has made everything so much more clear, I feel as a fan I have a much better understanding of who Gwen Stefani is in 2016. For a while there I was unsure. Even if the band will never be the same, she seems really happy and fulfilled and confident again and thats pretty much a happy ending. I liked this interview alot.

    Side note, I always viewed Sparkle in this context. “Never gonna be the way it was, how can it?” Maybe she wrote it about Gavin, but ever since I heard it I always associated that with her relationship with the boys and the glory days of TK. Could be totally wrong.

  24. Best interview ever. Loved it so much! I never knew how responsible she was for the ND melodies. Lol when she said the boys only wrote chords and “you could write chords all day”. I didn’t realize Howard and Gavin were so close, I’m extra impressed that she showed up. I total feel better about her performing ND songs now. I also remember the Prince performance she was speaking of and remembering that she sounded a little off haha! Such a great genuine interview. Well done, Howard!

  25. Great interview! She comes across brave yet vulnerable. I think this tour is part of her recovery journey that she is still on. Defining herself in a different way as a suddenly single mother of three has not been easy. Taking it all to music feels familiar and safe to her, I imagine. She keeps emphasizing she wants to give love and feel love from the fans and it sounds like that’s her oxygen right now. Glad people are accepting the songs she is doing. The crowd loves the mix and after all she is trying to give them their money’s worth and turn out a concert that is a review of her musical and personal life up to the present. Sounds like everyone from the various fan groups gave gotten on board and she has gotten some new fans after the interview.
    She looked sad as she was leaving so it was not easy revisiting all that. Blake is gone this week and I noticed she seems more seriously into her own thoughts when he is away. Smart not to talk about that relationship much since it is still developing.
    Kudos to Howard on this interview, he does have an interesting friend mix, he and Justin Theroux are good friends too.

  26. Seemed to me she was trying to justify herself for playing ND songs. And I don’t know, seems like she is just trying to keep up appearances, like trying to make it seem everything’s cool with No Doubt, but it is not. That’s more than obvious….Gwen what about the new ND album you promised us for 2013? We haven’t forgotten. Instead she pushed it aside and went solo…It was a good interview, but I am still disappointed in her. She has changed so much and not for the better….I did enjoy listening about Eric. I miss him 🙁

  27. I think this interview did a great job of explaining that the future of the band is one of immense uncertainty. Interestingly, Howard did not mention or bring up the fact that Tony, Tom and Adrian have created a new band. We don’t know if they will ever reform or continue on with their epic journey. Personally, I don’t want them to come back if one of them feels forced or if they don’t feel inspired. Let the legacy that the band has created live on than flounder in desperation and mediocrity. I enjoyed the part in the interview when Gwen discussed how proud she was of the lyrical content on Return of Saturn. On a side note, how awkward must Tony’s wife feel about the in-depth discussion of past romantic history and that Gwen still thinks about what it would have been like if she and Tony had stayed together and had their own family…AWKWARD…

    1. I think the Tony/Gavin thing has more to do with why we have no No Doubt then any part of her”fame”. How many times has she said she is embarrassed by her divorce? Those guys knew…they always knew about Gavin. Heck we knew.

        1. Totally. And the girls were friends with Emily? one of the nannies. They all knew/even if not officially. I wouldnt say friendship over, but space needed for her saving face.

          1. I had no idea that they were friends with one of the nannies. Interesting.

            I feel like Gwen used to be much closer to the girls as well–went to Erin’s baby shower and all… but perhaps she distanced herself from them as a part of all this too.

    2. re: awkwardness: I think that’s just a testament to how honest Gwen is when she lets her guard down. They were together for a long time and he was such a big part of her life.. it’s only natural to wonder what could have been when your life “blows up” (as she puts it). To say anything different would have been disingenuous and we all would have called her on it.

      That being said I’m sure it’s not fun for Erin to hear… but I would hope she has at least a little bit of understanding as to where Gwen is coming from.

      1. Gwen also made it clear that things worked out as they should have because Tony found Erin and they have a beautiful family now. Shoot, I still think back at some of my past relationships… But most of the time I think, “I’m SO glad it ended when it did.” LOL!!

        I remember a couple of years ago a fan pissed off Erin on Twitter because they were asking her how she could let Gwen be so close to Tony or something. She told them off and defended Tony and Gwen’s friendship. I have a lot of respect for her (and Mieke/Nina too).

  28. From the 2009 tour, she was with the girls and the kids. Seemed to really care about the kids, all of them.

    1. The nanny you are all referring to is Mia Silbaugh. She was one of King’s first nannies and was the one that was around the band on the 2009 tour. She had a Twitter account @nannyontheroad and posted tons of photos with ND, Paramore and even Bush (Gavin) when King joinned him on the road. From what I recall she was let ago after her profiles started showing too much of Gwen and the family’s routine, I remember Gwen talking about nanny leaking news.

        1. I just find odd that the wives knew he was cheating, since Mindy was not in the picture by then. She replaced Mia when Zuma was little, and I doubt Gavin was fooling around with more than one nanny.

  29. What do you think Gwen meant when she said she would she had edited herself on Return of Saturn album? I believe that is the reason that album is so phenomenal is because it seems like unfiltered and authentic.

    1. Agreed, that album is flawless. Maybe some songs are a bit, wordy? She’s never written that complex since, maybe she prefers the a more simple, direct writing style vs. the metaphoric; poetic style on ROS. We don’t see lyrics like Marry Me anymore.

      1. Agreed with both of you. ROS is, hands down my favorite ND album (and has been since its release).

        I went back and listened to Return of Saturn last night because of that very comment she made and was reminded how much I love that album lyrically–I forgot how complex some of the lyrics were. She must have had a thesaurus by her side the entire time!

        I actually respectfully disagree with her… I feel like her more recent stuff (P&S and beyond) could use some editing. But of course that’s just my opinion.

  30. Hi No.,

    I prefer the deeper more complex and metaphoric poetic style. I believe that was the time she was turning 30 and really started reading a lot of Sylvia Plath’s poetry.

  31. Fascinating interview. Her relationships with Tony and Gavin are a million times more interesting than with Blake. I REALLY wanted to hear the end of the story about the last straw with Tony!! I’m pretty surprised she didn’t even ask the guys if they were ok with her playing ND songs on this tour, that’s pretty messed up and beyond disrespectful IMO (disrespectful on a personal and professional level). At least she could have made a phone call instead of just saying I wrote these songs and I’m doing what I want. She mentioned that there was a year period that her and Tony were broken up but still hanging out before she met Gavin. Didn’t Tony freak out when she started dating Gavin? I remember Gwen saying that her and Tony would get into really bad fights when she started dating Gavin, and that Tony wanted her back. Well this is the best interview of the new Era so far.

    I really want to see Tony/Tom/Adrian’s new band to take off and get big they deserve it!!

    1. I share that recollection–I remember reading a couple interviews with Gwen where she said that Tony wanted her back at one point. I think she was referring to that 1996/97 time period when she first got with Gavin.

    2. Yes! And there’s a video I saw on youtube. I’m not sure but I think it’s “Deeper with No Doubt”. There’s a part that Tony says something like ” when she started dating Gavin it put a strain on us…”
      I also remember these interviews where she says he wanted her back. Ughh and she chose Gavin.. What a big mistake lol – I never liked him – of course we don’t know exactly what happened, but… I think I’d regret it now if I were Gwen.

      After the interview I accepted better her choice to play ND songs, but I agree w you… A phone call wouldn’t even hurt. But you know.. With Gwen it’s hard to predict things. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple years from now she would be like ” I was just lost and all over the place because of my divorce. I was trying to make sense of everything. I really didn’t know what to do”. Maybe she needs to find herself.. Lately it seems like she just want to be distracted by anything to keep her mind away from her loss…

  32. One thing regarding the nannies – I have a conspiracy theory that Pete was somehow involved. I know he was Gavin’s friend but he was Gwen’s right hand man for so long and then he just disappeared. I guess it’s possible he just took Gavin’s side. OR – he was more involved. Gwen makes the “in the closet” line in Naughty – maybe he was sleeping around Mindy AND Pete. She did say it was really juicy… and Gavin did date a man when he was young…

    1. Pete was Gavin’s friend before becoming her assistant. He did not hook up with Gavin and Gwen cut ties with him, since it made no sense to keep the guy around after his friend cheated on her and was likely on the loop of what was happening.

  33. Thought the interview was really good. Glad Gwen did it. It was nice to hear Stern go through the history and Gwen having to go back there. Learned a few new things and I have been a fan for 20 years 🙂 I didn’t like how the guys weren’t called about performing ND songs or her comment about chords. Yikes! It is what it is, but of course wish things were different.

    I don’t think ND will get back together. It’s just one of those things. They of course haven’t officially broken up, but it’s sounding less likely everyday they will end the “hiatus”. Again, hope I am wrong.

    I do think Gwen still remains pretty humble and doesn’t really understand her life… Haha It’s always nice to hear her in interviews where she is candid and open. Stern did a great job.

  34. I didn’t like that she made it sound like she is the only one that matters when it comes to songs. “I write all the lyrics and melodies…the guys *just* write chords” Like, what they do is not important enough.

  35. I don’t think Gwen meant to belittle their contributions because it all directly forms into their eclectic style and creation of their excellent songs. I just wish she would directly say that the future of the band is in doubt.

  36. The only way ND will get back together will be if Gwen wants it and persues the guys. All we hear is how the guys have been waiting and waiting and pressuring her and so on. Gwen seems to feel obligated, annoyed, and less than thrilled to make music with them. The guys need to hit it big with this new band and make her see what she is missing, and she should be so lucky to get them back!!

  37. I am really anticipating their new album! 🙂 I may be even more excited to hear it than Gwen’s recent solo album. It’s going to be a complete surprise. Plus I miss those dudes!

  38. Are we really thinking that anything the guys come up with is going to be extremely successful and would make Gwen “want to come back?” Not to belittle the guys but the music industry is all about popularity and ND is hardly popular anymore. A whole lot of ND’s appeal was tied to Gwen too (at least for the casual fans). And for us long time fans to like it, the boys would have to stay true to what we love about them but there doesn’t seem to be much traction for that kind of music these days.

    I highly doubt the boys would do better than Gwen it terms of commercial success. I’m just hoping whatever they put out resonates with the fans who’ve stuck around for so long.

  39. I know some may say we are owed nothing, but as long time fans and diehards, it would have been so nice for everybody in the band to announce and propose a farewell tour. That would be the greatest and most fulfilling way to finish their epic careers. Gwen has stated several times that she doesn’t know if she will ever tour again (I don’t necessarily believe this because she is such an amazing live performer and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down on the stage) but it would provide fitting closure for the band and its fans. I really hope that the band members keep watching and listening to the video for “Running” and it strikes a chord in them literally and figuratively speaking. NDxoxo

  40. I know some may say we are owed nothing, but as long time fans and diehards, it would have been so nice for everybody in the band to announce and propose a farewell tour. That would be the greatest and most fulfilling way to cap off their epic career. Gwen has stated several times that she doesn’t know if she will ever tour again (I don’t necessarily believe this because she is such an amazing live performer and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down on the stage) but it would provide a fitting closure for the band and its fans. I really hope that the band members keep watching and listening to the video for “Running” and it strikes a chord in them literally and figuratively speaking. NDxoxo

  41. That Howard Stern interview made me sad. It seems she took credit for everything didn’t it? Like “they can write chords all day” but the band wrote every single song except for maybe SKOL which I do believe Tom wrote with her? Weird to me as a long time fan. Also she did seem to not answer his question about asking the guys. Why would she not ask? It is their band and songs too. And to who ever said they did not tell her about the new band. Well they did as Tom said over a year ago and it seems as far as timelines she started this solo process at least 2 1/2 years ago so she went solo, AGAIN, and then they started a new band as to not wait for her and then told her and then she said she didn’t know. There were a lot of mistruths in that interview as Cynthia stated. She said previously she wanted the ND tour because she needed to get inspired to write, now she blamed the guys and manager. And that her favorite songs are not ND songs? So upsetting to hear. She gave them no credit. I am a sad fan.

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