Gwen Appearing on Sesame Street; Filming In Los Angeles (Updated)


Sesame Street has shared a photo of Gwen from the set today. She looks so pretty and what a fun experience it must be!


Popular and beloved kids television program Sesame Street Tweeted out today that Gwen will be appearing on the show during #SesameTakesLA. They shared how excited they will be for her to join the cast on-set tomorrow during their first day of filming. How freaking cute and fun for Gwen and we can’t wait to see her!

Sesame Street airs on PBS Kids and full episodes are available to stream at

Glamour Goddess and Queen of kind Gwen Stefani #sesametakesla #sesamestreet #joy #gwenstefani #music #muppets

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What a day!!! #SesameTakesLA #sesamestreet #gwenstefani

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#omg #sesametakesla #luckiestgirlintgeworld gx👏👏👏👏

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22 Replies to “Gwen Appearing on Sesame Street; Filming In Los Angeles (Updated)”

  1. This right here I find 1000 times more exciting than her reported “album”. This show is so iconic and they don’t ask just anybody to be on the show!! I hope her scene is with Elmo!

  2. That’s super cute! I wonder if the kids will even know who she is, though. Do celebrities sing on Sesame Street in the USA? Because in Germany they always do 😀 They sing one of their hits, but the lyrics get changed to teach the kids something.

  3. About time! Ever since she got kids I was dying for her to be on. Too bad my kid is now too old for Sesame Street 🙁

  4. The kids probably won’t know who she is. The point is that the parents will. Sesame street has a had on so many comedians and celebrities and the kids would def not know who they are(IE: Ricky Gervais). Now a days it’s about the parents getting on board with a brand. If the parents like the show, it’s more likely the kids will get to watch and buy, buy, buy. I am totally excited for Gwen! Can’t wait to see the final version. Side note, wasn’t the Katy Perry segment pulled because her boobies were hanging out?

  5. Some parents are so hypocrite though. So now a woman can’t have big boobs? I don’t think her dress was that inappropriate tbh.

  6. Well u guys don’t know what its like to be a little boy and see some big boobs bouncing next to Elmo! Elmo who?!

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