Gwen Appearing on ‘Sesame Street’ Apr. 9 (Updated with “Be a Good Friend”)


Sesame Street has shared the video of Gwen singing along with her new furry friends on “Be a Good Friend”. Her segment is adorable and the “Spark the Fire”-inspired song and emojis are super fun!

If you’re wanting to tune in see Gwen, Sesame Street airs this Saturday morning on HBO at 9:00AM, and will be available to stream on their mobile apps and on-demand.


Photo courtesy of Sesame Street/HBO
Photo courtesy of Sesame Street/HBO

After months of anticipation, Play IGA has confirmed that Gwen’s appearance on the iconic children’s program Sesame Street will air next Saturday, April 9, on HBO.

Gwen has been confirmed to be performing on the show alongside her furry friends in a new original song titled “Be A Good Friend”. HBO subscribers are able to tune in at 9:00AM and/or access the episode on both of their HBO GO and HBO NOW apps. Sesame Street has also been updating their YouTube page with clips from the show so we’re betting it will be available there soon for those not able to tune in.

15 Replies to “Gwen Appearing on ‘Sesame Street’ Apr. 9 (Updated with “Be a Good Friend”)”

  1. Yes this is good promo, because blogs and magazines will post about her appearance and also mention her new album. Anything that keeps her name circling around is promo actually.

    So do we know for sure that “Be a good friend” is a new song? Or could it be one of Gwen’s songs with new lyrics?

    1. I know they do, they can be found on iTunes, not sure if all music is sold (specially with guests).
      We are all still waiting to buy Shine 🙁

      1. Not as cute and kick ass as… HJ5! HJ5! HJ5 will come alive! kuu kuu harajuku, super-super kawaii, take a look and u will see… lalalala.

  2. Wasn’t what I was expecting. I haven’t watched sesame street since I was little, didn’t realize they’d do a song like this…I was thinking it would sound like like “Rainbow Connection”

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