Gwen Appearing on Radio Shows Nationwide This Week (Updated)


We’ve added highlights from the select interviews and Gwen shared that she’s still writing and recording and has written at least three songs in the new year. She continues to work with Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels, J.R. Rotem and Greg Kurstin and is writing from a happy place. No news yet on the album’s release but she eventually would like to perform her new songs live but wouldn’t say for sure if she had plans to tour.

Gwen continues to still be very candid about her personal life and remains positive and optimistic about the present time and future.

Photo courtesy of OnAir with Ryan Seacrest
Photo courtesy of OnAir with Ryan Seacrest

Gwen is set to appear on several morning radio shows starting tomorrow, January 14! Accounts Tweeted out that they chatted with her this afternoon and will airing their interviews across the country. We’ve listed below ones that we’ve come across and will update this post once more information is found. We’re excited to hear what she has to say and are crossing our fingers for new music updates.

MIX 96.5

Dave, Mahoney & DK
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Gwen was asked about her relationship with the late David Bowie and couldn’t find enough words to describe just how amazing he was. She told the story of how No Doubt performed alongside him in Brazil on the Tragic Kingdom tour. She said Bowie welcomed the band with open arms and was “generous” and “sweet” to everyone. Gwen talked about going on her solo tours with members of his band, drummer Zachary Alford and bassist Gail Ann Dorsey. She continued to see him at different events over the years and Gwen shared that “he didn’t let you down whenever you get to meet him”. “I just don’t have enough amazing things to say about him.”

When asked what her biggest passion currently is, Gwen responded with songwriting saying it’s been a source of “therapy” for her and couldn’t imagine what she would have done last year without it. “[The studio] was the only place that felt okay.” She also credits The Voice for helping her cope saying it’s been inspiring doing something new after everything she’s done in her career. Gwen says she still loves designing but spent a lot of 2015 creating behind-the-scenes (i.e. Urban Decay line) and is excited to see it all being released now.

Gwen says even though she had written many songs before, she felt like “Used To Love You” was very special. “This one just had that magic to it.” She shared that she was headed off to the studio again later that afternoon.

The interviewer dug deep and asked Gwen if she was still reeling from the heartbreak over her divorce and was honest in answering, “I think that anybody that has a family that broke up is going to be devastated for a long time. I don’t know if you ever get over that. You know how time heals and so many amazing things have happened at the end of last year and even this year so far. I’m just trying to live in the moment… What did Maria say in The Sound of Music? ‘When one door closes, there’s always a window open somewhere.’ I feel like I’m trying to find the good out of the bad. There’s so many good things that have come out of it. I just keep using my faith to move forward.”

We admire her courage for staying strong and continuing to be so honest and sincere about her situation. She seems incredibly happy and we wish her nothing but love and support.


HOT 95.7

The HOT Show
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During the interview, Gwen was asked about the progress of her album and she shared again that she has enough material written for two albums but is focusing on writing up till the last minute. She said that she would love to play her new songs live and feels like she would regret not taking her new stuff out on the road. Gwen admits touring would be a challenge with her children (and has no plans to at this time) but would love to make it work.


104.5 KISS FM

Johnjay & Rich
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Gwen shared that she was heading into the studio with Greg Kurstin later in the afternoon.

Gwen was asked about David Bowie and she said that she admired him for so much outside of his music due to his creativity and spirit.

She shared that herself and sons are huge hip-hop fans.


Island 98.9

The Danny Hill Experience
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DJ Danny Hill mentions a rumor (that we’ve never heard of?) of Gwen having a vacation home on Kaui and she shared that she’s never been to the island before.

Gwen feels more grateful than ever now in her life. The interview takes her back to some of No Doubt’s early radio shows during the early part of the Tragic Kingdom tour and says that they were huge for the band. She also says one of her fondest memories of playing in Hawaii was alongside Madness in 1998 during the band’s mini-tour. “I defniently know that No Doubt wouldn’t be a band if it wasn’t for Madness,” calling them a huge influence on her.

Gwen admits she had a really hard time writing Push and Shove and says that being on The Voice was something that she needed to “switch things up a bit” saying it “just inspired” her “in a whole new way.”

She shared that she’s written three new songs recently and was curious after the holidays if her “channel would still be open”. Gwen says she’s in a really good place with her life now and feeling really happy. She said again that she was heading back to the studio that afternoon to write with Greg Kurstin. She revealed that she’s known Greg for quite some time and he actually helped Gwen put together her band for the Harajuku Lovers Live tour in 2005.

When asked how she approaches writing music, Gwen says she thinks about lyrics first and then melodies. She says that she comes with an initial idea for a song with lyrics and a title and her group helps her create music. Last week Gwen said that her team wrote two songs in one day in the span of just minutes.


Bob & Sheri Podcast

Bob & Sheri
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In one of the best interviews of the week, Gwen is complimented on her L.A.M.B. label (which host Sheri is a huge fan of) and says that she feels like she goes through phases with music and fashion is finding herself “in a real musical place right now”. She shared that she spent last year designing and finds it exciting how it’s all coming out at the same time.

She says that she has “creative hurricanes” and “obsessive moments” while creating and is in one currently while writing her new album. Gwen feels like songwriting is the most gratifying accomplishment for her and is still having success in the studio in the new year. “Just to walk in [the studio] and have nothing and drive home with a song that represents wherever I’m at in my life and then share it with people… that’s my favorite thing to do.”

Bob praised Gwen for always taking and owning the stage when she performs and brought up No Doubt’s opening gig for the Rolling Stones in 2002 in Atlanta. Gwen called the show “incredible” and still couldn’t believe that they had the opportunity to play with them.

When asked how she keeps herself sane while finding her personal life dragged all over the tabloids, Gwen says that she’s never been the one gossiped about and feels like people are paying attention more due to her being on The Voice. She’s never let other people’s opinions get to her and keeps herself surrounded by her family and friends and “lives in reality”. Gwen admits the toughest part of it is keeping her children safe and takes the time to sit down with them and explains what’s real and what’s not.


97.5 HOT

Monica, Gadger, & Laura
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Gwen spoke about her children and loves having them be older now. She says that she’s trying to get more into sports for her boys and said she was heading to a basketball game later that night. Gwen was taken aback when she was referred to a “single mom” and felt like she wasn’t able to give advice but says she’s been keeping herself busy while coping and having a “creative balance”.

When asked what accessory every women should rock in 2016, Gwen says red lipstick is always the way to go.

The interviewer also brought up the gossip of Gwen recently catching the bouquet at Blake’s hair dresser’s wedding in Nashville. She says that she picked it up off the ground and laughed saying she thinks it was rigged.


MIX 96.9

Mathew Blades In The Morning
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Gwen shared that an illness is going around her home (which she unfortunately caught) and wasn’t feeling too good. Nothing new was mentioned during the interview but she was asked what were some of her favorite songs of her own and mentioned “Just a Girl”, “Don’t Speak”, “Simple Kind of Life” and “Used To Love You” due to them having an impact. Gwen also gave some insight on how Push and Shove was created when she was complimented on the newly released “Used To Love You” MAIZE remix. She said that she loves remixes and while writing No Doubt’s last album, she said that they submitted some songs to be remixed after writing them and took some elements from the remixes and worked with them.


Thank you to lamb83 for ripping and sharing most of the interviews on YouTube.

26 Replies to “Gwen Appearing on Radio Shows Nationwide This Week (Updated)”

  1. 2 interviews down and nothing new… Boring talk! They kept asking her pointless questions… I guess she’s still promoting Used To Love You…?

    1. For the love of God, if she’s doing new interviews to continue to promote UTLY and nothing new, then her team is clueless… maybe she needs to move away from Irving Azoff (I thought it was too weird she moved away from her old management with ND and signed with him and the guys didn’t).

  2. I think UTLY is catching a second wind and seems to be doing better week over week on billboard. Let’s see how it pans out and if it can get on the radar of the general public, and hit top 20.

  3. — to add to that– each week it’s marked with “Gains” so each week it’s doing better than the week before. I think if BDL and STF never went out, this song would have had more buzz, but those 2 set her up to fail, but once people hear it, they get into it. This promoting is helping a lot. I think the 2nd single will ride off the 2nd single by about 1-2 months, and that won’t be out until UTLY is losing traction and not gaining anymore.

    1. U too?? Truth is, she has hired a surrogate but for PR reasons she’s going to wear a fake belly just like Beyonce did. LOL!!

  4. I agree with Cynthia…I didn’t really see the point of these interviews? It’s good she’s promoting UTLY, but she needs something new to say…like…an album release date? Or a second single release date? A show? Something to keep people interested?

    Gwen answered the teeth question by not answering it LOL Weird question.

    I doubt Gwen has the time to do a big tour with The Voice, Blake, kids, brands, etc. She will probably do some Mastercard shows or local shows.

    Off topic, but no mention on the site of the band’s tributes to Bowie? I love how they cut Gavin out of one of the pictures. I guess he no longer exists LOL

  5. I know it’s not appropriate but what exactly happened to Gwens teeth?. I find it fascinating. I initially thought they just receded the gum line to make them appear longer but they look wider too. It just seems extreme. She had perfectly nice teeth.

  6. I agree that the teeth question was odd, but I can see people actually wondering about her teeth… They definitely look “different”. Like Cynthia says, Gwen probably has veneers. I don’t quite see why, though. Her teeth were fine and now they look a little… extreme. Almost cartoon-ish tbh. When did snow-white teeth become a common beatuy standard anyways? I mean, really no human being naturally has teeth like this. Yeah, yellow teeth aren’t nice, but you can still have naturally white teeth without bleaching the hell out of it.

    1. A lot of her features were perfectly fine, but she decided to…tweek…them. Whatever makes her happy I guess!

  7. Yep! Those are definitely veneers. Very common in the Hollywood scene. Anyway it was a rude question. That guy Mathew Blades, I really don’t think he likes Gwen at all. He’s so rude and sexist.

  8. I loooooooove that she was asked about the god/man that was DAVID BOWIE!!!

    The teeth question was funny and the answer she gave was a crystal clear answer to me LOL!!

  9. on the “Bob and Sheri Podcast” at 4:30, right after they play a clip of Don’t Speak they play an instrumental that I don’t recognize, could it be a new Gwen song?!

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