Gwen Appearing on OnAir with Ryan Seacrest Nov. 3 (Updated with Highlights)

Gwen stopped by the KIIS FM studios for an interview with OnAir with Ryan Seacrest to discuss her new single and shared intimate details on her divorce.

Gwen says that it found it surreal while heading back to the studio to hear “Used To Love You” on the radio for the first time. She first heard it while listening to Ryan’s show on KIIS and he says that it’s a song that “he hates that he loves”. Gwen calls her new single “bittersweet” saying that she loves it but knows that it came from a “horrible” place and situation. She shared that she cried the night that it was released and how everything was so unexpected.

Ryan then started to ask Gwen some very bold questions about her divorce that shocked a lot of fans. Gwen was honest and courageous and said that she had nothing to hide. She revealed that her and Gavin have been separated since February, the day after the Grammy awards. Ryan points out that the couple kept their split out of the public eye before officially announcing their divorce in early August. She wouldn’t go into specific details of the divorce except leading us to believe that their decision to divorce was “abrupt” and a “shock”. Ryan asks Gwen is there was one specific moment where “one day you found out whatever you found out” and she said yes. It’s assumed that the reason their separation was kept quiet is because the couple had to figure out what was next for both of them.

Gwen shared that she wanted to record another album even before she became pregnant with her third son Apollo. She considers the miracle events in her life helped her trigger her ambition to get back in the studio. After finally getting into the studio, she found that her confidence was still shot and wasn’t able to write at all. She curated an album while working with some of the best writers and producers in the business but eventually moved on from the project saying it “didn’t feel right”.

Naturally when Gwen went back into the studio in June, she felt nervous after being paired up with songwriter Rick Nowels. She shared that she felt “uncomfortable” trying to convey what was going on in her life with a complete stranger but somehow they clicked. Gwen shares that her first song, “You Don’t Know Me”, she started to channel all of her emotions to paper and the songs kept flowing from there. She continued to write with the philosophy of “truth” and not focusing on hits. When she presented her new material to Interscope, they came to her and said that they found it “too personal” and didn’t see it being successful on radio. Gwen initially felt really hurt by what they told her and found herself motivated to write the most “non-commercial” song she could as a way of rebelling. She brought the news back to her writing team and penned “Used To Love You” the next day. Gwen shared that she wrote the chorus to the song after a “major event” happened in her personal life. She revisited the lyrics and wrote her new single.

When Ryan asked her what “event” led to the lyrics, and while Gwen wouldn’t go into detail, she did say it was when things got “really clear” for her.

Ryan asked Gwen is Gavin heard or reacted to “Used To Love You”, she quickly responded with “I don’t know.” When Ryan pushed her a little more about it, she responded with the same thing, finishing with, “I don’t know. You should call him”. Ryan joked and said he didn’t have his phone number, and assumed that Gwen didn’t have it either anymore, she smiled, laughed and finished with “uncomfortable giggle.”

Though Gwen says she feels like she’s been “unlucky in love”, she does find comfort knowing that she’s touched so many with her songs and feels like it’s all been part of a journey for her. She has found healing in speaking with others in similar situations and has found herself confiding in her family and loved ones. She said that it has been difficult with her children and protecting them has always been her first priority. She’s been focusing on herself, listening to others and praying. Gwen admits that she feels like she was lost over the years and is now rediscovering herself.

Gwen reflected on performing some of her older material and found herself reliving the emotions again she had while writing her previous albums. She was frustrated with herself knowing the same feelings she had were resurfacing and says, “what was I thinking?” (meaning she found herself in the same sad situations again). Some of Gwen’s older songs feel like to her that she could have wrote them yesterday.

When asked if she would marry again, Gwen joked around with Ryan asking, “do you wanna marry me?” He also put pressure on her asking what the status of her and Blake’s rumored relationship and she didn’t want to comment on it besides saying, “I think he’s hot, don’t you?” She did joke about it saying she thinks NBC schemed it up by having two recent divorcees on The Voice at the same time.

Gwen says that she can see her new album coming out in January but is still focusing on channeling her energy into even more new songs.


Photo courtesy of OnAir
Photo courtesy of OnAir

Gwen is set to appear tomorrow morning, Tuesday November 2, on OnAir with Ryan Seacrest for an interview. It looks like she stopped by the studios today but her interview will air tomorrow on 102.7 KIIS FM and fans can also tune into the live stream on iHeartRadio. His morning show kicks off at 5:00AM PST but we’re expecting Gwen to appear around the 7:00AM hour. We’ll be tuning in and will bring you updates in the morning!

47 Replies to “Gwen Appearing on OnAir with Ryan Seacrest Nov. 3 (Updated with Highlights)”

      1. Probably something that happened while Bush was touring… I’ve read about groupies… but it’s all so vague. But yeah I believe he f***ed up big time.

  1. I honestly kinda feel so uncomfortable for some parts. Yes i really am wondering Ryan’s private life questions but if she didn’t want to answer them I’m OK. He shouldn’t try to answer his questions this bit.

  2. She’s done pretending, she’s so honest, vulnerable right now. Some uncomfortable moments awkward vibe but no need to specualte because she said everything we need to know and more.

  3. Holy crap, you guys weren’t kidding! She was being super open about when things went downhill in her marriage. I see something new in her…not bitterness, but defiance maybe? Or fearlessness like Ryan said. All I came away thinking was Gavin must have really f*cked up LOL

    I’m so glad she didn’t release the record she made last year. Even though I wouldn’t mind hearing those songs some day, I’m glad she didn’t pull a Britney and sing what was put in front of her. She’s so much better than that and she knows it!

    Interesting how she didn’t take the opportunity to deny the Blake rumor. Hmmm… LOL

  4. I feel so good for this phase for Gwen. Over the years she had to keep so much for herself, it seems like it became such a struggle… There’s only so much a girl can take. She finally has the chance to let it all out. How else is someone able to let go, right? I wish the best for her, really!

  5. I dont think she is “dating” I think she is enjoying hanging out with a guy. We forget she use to like to “kiss boys” but aside from Gavin and Tony…she hasnt experienced much at 46. So if she is kissing a guy or cuddling or even (SHOCKING) learning what casual hook ups are…its OK. He isnt around her kids playing daddy and this all happened 6 months ago. Its only new to us.

      1. Probably not but she will hit the parties for sure, its going to be so fun see her with country singers lol Bold move by Blake.

        1. It’s a little surreal, but if it’s true, I’m so happy for her. It’s totally none of our business, but as fans, we’re always going to want the best for her. She seems so dang happy now. Love G!

          1. I think we pretty much figured that out after the Halloween pics surfaced. I’m happy for her. What better rebound to have than Blake?? He seems like so much fun! I only hope things won’t get messy on The Voice if it doesn’t work out. Awkward. LOL

  6. Probably she will perform?! Ariana and Meghan Trainor performed there last year and they’re not Country artists.
    If she performed, it would be amazing promo for her.

  7. Lol she’s not performing at the cmas! Rumors (which I feel she some what confirmed & I find more shocking than the divorce) that she dating a country star and bam she’s at the cmas!

    I knew that the divorce was abrupt, that’s how it made sense to me. But also Ryan was a very serious interviewer at times, this was all so juicy. Didn’t think she’d be this detailed

  8. I remember saying it was weird they both divorced at the same time…now for her to just hook up with Reba. Or Blake. Its a fling, she needs to be flung she is 46.

  9. I think it’s tacky to go to the CMA’s together when Miranda is there though. But that’s Hollywood for ya… I can see the headlines tomrorow… “cat fight over Blake!” Ugh. LOL 😉

  10. It’s awkward, because according to reports this is the 1st time Blake is seeing his ex after the divorce. I speak for myself but I’d not put myself in that position if I was Gwen.
    And I’m not gonna lie, I’m not feeling this. But hey, it’s none of my business. It’s her life. If she’s happy, good for her.

  11. Oh dear… this is getting out of control. Gwen is being dragged by Miranda’s fan base. They are writing so mean things. How can they judge her like that? 🙁

  12. I also agree with @ndlover.. I think it’s tacky. The man she had a union with for over a decade… The ink isn’t even signed off on her divorce! The song about Gavin… This new relationship.. I hope her kids are wrapping there minds around all this ok.. It’d be hard for anybody let alone having famous parents. I kinda feel like I don’t know this Gwen anymore… STF, those dumb black tips, media all over her personal life!! LOL Gwen please go back to the fields to pick some oranges!! lolol

  13. I read the summary of the videos and couldn’t resist but watch all three videos. It’s so different when you hear her tone and honesty. I’m glad I watched.

  14. I really don’t think she is dating Blake, in a interview she said about it “have you read the news?” and for me how she said it is more like “it is nonsense”.
    I think Gwen is not that kind of person that just a couple months after the split of a relationship of like 20 years, could start a new relationship… I think she is still heartbroken.

    And I’m so glad that she recognizes that with those songs from last year she wasn’t herself (I new it 🙂 )
    I hope her new record is successful but I also hope she does music soon with No Doubt!

      1. yes, sadly 🙁 I just read it… mmm I know it is Gwens life, but I don’t like Blake 🙁 … however the worst of all this for me ist that it is too soon, like she is desperated.
        Let us be honest if you had you heartbroken after a sooo long relationship you can’t be emotionally ready for another relationship too soon…
        I’m in schock…

  15. I’m quite shocked by this new side of Gwen too, but it’s not unusual for people to go through a “wild” or bold period after a divorce. The public has been on her side until this point, but that can flip easily so I hope she is a little more careful. I’d hate to see her music get overshadowed by gossip.

  16. I like this new Gwen. She really doesn’t give a fuck of what people think of her anymore. She played by the rules most of her life and she got screwed big time. She’s in her late 40’s so why not to enjoy the moment?

  17. This whole relationship confirmation seems tacky and not very well thought out.
    Hopefully her kids heard the news first through her. I couldn’t imagine a non Hollywood newly divorced women parading new men into the house so early on in a major change in their lives.
    It also feels like maybe Gavin isn’t all to blame. She has moved on quite quickly (they only started going South in February) and she’s already comfortable publicizing this relationship, yet Gavin broke her heart? So bizzarre
    All of this insight is taking away from her music and painting a picture that definitely doesn’t portray her as the victim

  18. I think something to keep in mind is that all of this is happening in a timeline that we really know nothing about. Tabloids (and her songs) have said that Gwen and Gavin were having BIG problems for years. If that’s true and then things blew up in February, they may have been separated long before. Her confidence and happiness gives me the impression that we are just seeing the end result of something that has been in the works for a long time. I think people assume that if she got divorced and into another relationship, that says something about her character and just want to judge her. I don’t want to do that. She seems like a nice person. =)

  19. Why hasn’t BSO posted about Gwen and Blake? I get ‘it’s none of our business’ or whatever but when Gwens rep confirms it & Gwen playfully dances around the question with Ruan Seacrest, calling him hot, all giggly… She wants us to know!! We’ve known Gwen for over 20 years and as fans we’ve only known her with only 2 other men! I think this is HUGE HUGE news for fans!!! It’s all over every website, tv, media outlets but not Gwens own fan site??? I’d respect her privacy if that’s what she’d want… But her and her new boyfriend will be on live television together for the world to see!

    1. Just like with the divorce, I don’t think it’s my place to post about the band’s love lives on the site unless it comes their mouths, Instagram, etc. I know their reps spoke on their behalf, and I know some fans won’t understand where I’m coming from, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing such a private thing (though to most it’s not coming across as private). I did mention it in their “country duet” post and I welcome conversation about it… it’s just not my place or intention to create posts about it.

      It is pretty crazy that even my local morning news was talking about it. I almost choked on my cereal this morning before work!

  20. Gwen is a good mom and I don’t think it’s fair to question that. I’m sure her boys are still her priority. I didn’t like when Ryan asked her if she sees her boys, I thought that was quite rude. Anyway, I’m happy for Gwen and Blake, but I still feel strongly that it was bad timing to announce their relationship before the CMA’s. I think they should have waited a few days. I’m not a country fan, but I feel bad for Miranda. I’m sure that was a punch in the gut and I wonder if that was part of the idea behind the quick announcement…to hurt their exes. Hopefully all this stuff doesn’t overshadow her new music.

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