Gwen Appearing On New ‘We Love Disney’ Compilation with “The Rainbow Connection”


Gwen will be appearing on the new and upcoming We Love Disney compilation album with her cover of “The Rainbow Connection”, which comes from the classic Muppet Movie. Gwen appears alongside different artists and their takes on Disney songs and is set to release on October 30. The album was produced by Grammy winning producer and Verve Music Group Chairman, David Foster.

Fans are able to pre-order the album now on iTunes as well as purchase the Disney Collectors Box Set which includes the vinyl, lithographs, t-shirt and more.

You can also like the We Love Disney album official Facebook for updates.

Gwen has always been such a huge fan of Disney and the Muppets so we’re really looking forward to hearing her take on the sweet song written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher.

Photo courtesy of Disney.

24 Replies to “Gwen Appearing On New ‘We Love Disney’ Compilation with “The Rainbow Connection””

  1. Since when are the muppets Disney?
    Someone obviously snagged a spoonful of sugar before Gwen could get to it 😛

  2. That is so awesome! Rainbow Connection is an amazing song and I know Gwen has said before in interviews that that song is a personal favorite.

    I always thought ”let’s go ride horses” by Eric and Gwen sounds a lot like RC and is obviously inspired by it.

    Cannot wait to hear her take on it!

  3. I can’t get the sound of Andy Bernard from the Office singing this with his falsetto and banjo to Pam!! Lol

    I’m sure Gwen’s version will be lovely, can’t wait to hear it!

  4. Very excited about this! I read in an interview a long time ago that the rainbow connection is one of Gwen’s favorite songs- then I found the song and fell in love with it too <3

  5. Rosie Marie, I really don’t remember her mentioning this song before. I’m happy with this project. At least there’ll be a new song to look forward to.

  6. Yeah she has said quite a few times she loves the muppet movie (along with the sound of music of course!) and in this interview from way back, somewhere in the TK area she said that about the rainbow connection. She likes the banjo. I’m pretty sure I saw a snippet of that interview right here on BSO!

  7. I have that book btw but I got frustrated with it and stopped reading pretty quickly lol. I think they got some facts wrong probably.

  8. I also remember her saying she loved the Muppets in the mid-90’s. I think she even said Kermit the Frog was her favorite

  9. Rose, I also got that book, but it’s kind of boring. lol I also stopped reading. And yeah I remember her mentioning the movie, but not the song. I’m so happy with this news. Can’t wait to her Gwen talking about it. 🙂 Can you believe it? 1st she used a sample of The Sound of Music and now she covered The Rainbow Connection? How cool is that?

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