Gwen Appearing on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Feb. 21 (Updated)


Gwen returned to Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight to chat about the upcoming season of The Voice and her love for Blake Shelton.

She looked excited to be back on the show and joked with Seth about being a bad speller after her jokingly thanked her for teaching him how to spell bananas. Gwen spoke about being back on The Voice and how she’s been blown away by the young talent this season. When asked about the chemistry of the coaches on the show, Gwen exclaimed that she loves Blake and gushed about him being a “sparkly, happy, amazing person.” Gwen jokes around saying that he’s in trouble saying she’s confident she’s going to win this season of The Voice.

She continued by saying that she had no idea how much inspiration she would have taken away from The Voice and loves the experience of being surrounded by music of all types.

Before joining The Voice, Gwen admits that she had no idea who Blake was and has since been introduced to the country music genre which she enjoys. She shares that she knows all of Blake’s music and admits that she was nervous at first to work with Blake on their now-beloved country song “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.” “We actually haven’t been hanging out that long at that point at all, we had one of those ‘oh maybe this is a terrible idea’… we weren’t even together but we were breaking up at the same time. It was scary.” She goes on to say that she didn’t know much about him at that point and found herself unfamiliar with his voice which made her hesitant to working on the song together. “What if I hate this song? This is super awkward… I opened this song, it was an incredible song called “[Go Ahead and] Break My Heart” and it has these really crazy 80’s chords… it’s really, really good.” Blake then asked Gwen to write the second verse of the song and the rest of history. She shares how fun it’s been joining each other onstage during their tours and performing the song together over the last few months.

Check out the videos above from the program and thanks to Vimeo user Maya for capturing and uploading the interview in full for everyone to watch.

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