Gwen Set To Perform On Grammy Awards With Adam Levine Feb. 8 (Updated)


Fuse is reporting that Gwen and Adam Leving will be performing a duet together on the Grammys.

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In a commercial ad airing currently on CBS, Gwen is set to appear (and possibly) alongside fellow Voice coach Adam Levine at this year’s annual Grammy Awards airing Sunday, February 8. A fan was able to capture the ad which features a quick clip of Adam and Gwen which has everyone wondering what the pair have up their sleeves. The commercial leads us to believe that the two will be performing together but they are not listed as confirmed performers as of yet.

Though fans would expect a debut performance of “My Heart Is Open”, the ad does only list Adam and not his band Maroon 5. Will the pair be surprising us with a new duet? Or just be presenting together? We’ll have to see and hope more information is released soon!

The 57th annual Grammy Awards air Sunday, February 8 on CBS at 8:00 PM EST/PST.

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21 Replies to “Gwen Set To Perform On Grammy Awards With Adam Levine Feb. 8 (Updated)”

  1. I am excited! Not my favourite song but Maroon 5 are big right now and if it gets released as a single it could become a big hit and make Gwen popular again. Plus its been a decade since Gwen has performed and appeared at the grammys and that is way too long! I have a reason to watch now 🙂

  2. I wonder if Gwen will drop a new single feat. Adam Levine? All this is kinda random. It can’t be My Heart Is Open, cause they’d announce Maroon 5.

  3. I don’t think this will be a performance of MHIO… M5’s latest single “Sugar” has just entered the Billboard charts at #8. Why would they perform a non-single at something as big as the Grammys? And like others have said before, this commercial says “Adam Levine” and not “Maroon 5”. Maybe this will be a tribute and Gwen and Adam will cover a random song, or (and this is what seems most likely) they will be presenting an award. Adam/M5 and Gwen aren’t even nominated, why would they get to perform anyways?

  4. Espero que seja um mash up de duas musicas dos dois. Se for Baby Dont lie então eu ficarei MUITO feliz. dream/

  5. I know its not a single yet but I have a feeling they will perform MHIO. And it doesn’t matter if either of them aren’t nominated, they are grammy winners and the grammys always have a diverse lineup and lots of duets. They are definitely performing not presenting.

  6. Yeah, I don’t know why everyone is assuming they will perform MHISO when not all of Maroon 5 will be there and their new single, Sugar, is doing very well. Plus Grammy performances aren’t for new songs unless it’s an exclusive premiere like Madonna. I’m thinking they will present together or join another act on stage.

  7. I don’t think they’ll perform MHIO at all. Otherwise they’d announce Maroon 5. “Sugar” has just been released and it’s smashing. The video has gone viral.

    There’s 2 possibilities: Gwen could release a 3rd single next week that features Adam Levine and then perform it. Or the duets that were announced could cover songs to pay tribute to some legendary artist. I even thought they could be doing a special homage to Madonna since she’s the biggest name to perform.

  8. I doubt they will perform MHIO though. They didn’t announce Maroon 5. If that’s the case then it’s a big slap to their fanbase. I would be pissed off. lol

  9. It was just a tease to hint who the duet parter would be… There are more people dueting at the Grammy, so I’m guessing they will pay homage to someone.

  10. That is such a big-star line up.. and not all about the just now young stars, it’s like bit of a legend group performing really… classics like Tom Jones, Annie Lennox, Madonna.. I’m very excited and happy that Gwen’s performing… whatever they perform I’m sure it will be brill!

  11. The duets are pretty awesome this year Tony Bennett – Lady Gaga; Hozier – Annie Lennox; Jessie J – Tom Jones, so I really hope whatever song they do the final result is amazing. Personally I can’t wait to for AC/DC, Ed Sheeran and Common with John Legend performing Glory.

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