Gwen Appearing on Good Morning America Dec. 1

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Gwen is confirmed to be appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America this Monday, December 1, as reported by Headline Planet. She will also be performing “Spark The Fire” live on The Voice that evening as well as her new single is expected to hit digital retailers on Monday.

Gwen last appeared on Good Morning America in 2012 with No Doubt. Monday is turning out to be a very exciting day! GMA kicks off on ABC starting at 7:00 AM EST/PST.

Photo courtesy of Amp 97.1.

13 Replies to “Gwen Appearing on Good Morning America Dec. 1”

  1. I feel that she is losing many opportunities …

    if she didnt want BDL, so why she recorded?

    I think the album will be a flop by the little interest that she had and transmitted.

    With Push and Shove, for example, they gave up TOO FAST and then…megaflop

  2. Well I think this will be good…. the more promotion the better basically in my opinion… I want everything to be a big success but at the end of the day, it’s not like Gwen’s in need of this to be a huge success to make money… she has plenty and this is just one of her apparent ‘last shots’ at being a pop star and I guess if there isn’t the public interest then so be it….. All we can do is see how it goes!!!!!

  3. Yay! Finally! I’m sure December will be a great month for promo and performances. Can’t wait. I hope she’s playing at Kroq this year.

  4. I kind of doubt it considering we haven’t heard anything about it…would be a nice surprise though. I think a january release is more likely

  5. I guess she will announce the album’s release date on Monday. Actually if would be very smart, if it was also available for pre-order after her performance on The Voice. I still think a release shortly before Christmas would be possible, but I’m not sure if it was smart. I guess sales would be better before Christmas than after.

  6. Yeah I hope she shares more info next week. If she doesn’t say much then I guess the album will only be release in 2015.

  7. I don’t see how she could put out an album in December at this point. Maybe January! GMA is good news and I hope an SNL booking is in the works too!

  8. i dont see how she could put out an album in december either, she was on the radio not that long ago saying she was interested in working with anyone who was interested… that made me feel like it all up in the air. like if STF isn’t a success i feel like she wont even release an album. & pull the whole thing just like ND did after “Looking Hot” wasnt a success and I’m talking before the pull of the video it had no impact. i hope STF does do well

  9. I kind of agree about that impact thing. I chalk it up to people percieving push and shove’s style as being more fitted to her solo stuff. I believe STF will do very well. Whenever Gwen gets inspired, she kills!

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