Gwen Appearing on Calvin Harris’ New Album (Updated)

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2014 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, NYC

Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris has confirmed that Gwen will be appearing on his upcoming new album, Motion, set for release on November 4. The album is available to pre-order on iTunes and the track with Gwen is titled “Together”, track 13 on Motion. “Together” is also listed on ASCAP with writers as Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris, Gwen and Ryan Tedder.

Calvin had shared that he had finished up work on a new track with her but it was undetermined if she would appear on his album or hers.

Photo courtesy of Corbis.

44 Replies to “Gwen Appearing on Calvin Harris’ New Album (Updated)”

  1. Ooooh this has to be a single please!!! No matter what it sounds like, everything Calvin releases becomes a hit lol.

  2. Calvin having Gwen as a guest feature on his album is a big deal…but me thinks it also serves a slap in the face of his ex Rita Ora. Rita idolizes Gwen and he basically is telling her I got her first when you couldn’t…

  3. Yeah poor Rita lol. Gwen is by far the biggest name on Calvin’s new album, so hopefully her song will become a single then.

    1. Ellie Goulding
    2. Ummet Ozcan
    3. Big Sean
    4. R3hab
    5. Tinashe
    6. Haim
    7. Firebeatz
    8. Hurts
    9. All About She
    10. Gwen Stefani

    1. Well, she still has to deliver at least one big hit again, but her new management is definitely doing a good job so far 😉

  4. I’m glad this is on his album and not hers. This coming from a huge calvin harris fan, but edm is too stale to be gwen’s new genre on this album… That being said, i’m happy for gwen!

    1. If their collaboration will be a single, it would probably also be on Gwen’s album. They did the same with “I need your love”, it was on Ellie’s album too.

  5. FCKING YEA, HOPE ITS BETTER THAN “I NEED UR LOVE” FROM CALVIN HARRYS, which i was QQing about ND HAD TO give us A Hit stronger than that, before they realeased p&s, maybe Gwen read my comment <3

  6. I’m happy that the Calvin Harris collab. with Gwen will be on his album though. I’m so excited for it but didn’t want that kind of sound on her album. And yeah he’s totally rubbing this in Rita Ora’s face. Lol Mark my words, it will be a single and it will SLAYYYYY (even though I hate this word lol).

  7. HUGE Calvin fan here… This, for me, is the most exciting news I have heard since the beginning of Gwen’s solo career.

  8. This has got me veryyyy excited… I’m sure it will end up being a single and yes Gwen is basically the biggest name on that list… all Calvin’s songs end up being big smashes, in the clubs and so on!!!!!

  9. My only “problem” with Calvin Harris is that every song sounds basically the same. I used to be a fan of his early stuff. But hopefully Gwen can make it her own on this track. I hope it’s as good as WYWF? tho.

  10. the hell is patrick wolf, that person doesnt exist on my playlist, and yea get together song from madonnas, is the best. hope this one gets better

  11. Eh, his music is bland mainstream EDM. I guess it could be worse. I’ll reserve my judgement until I actually hear the song. I agree Doom, a Disclosure colab would be awesome!

  12. Disclosure probably wouldn’t be interested in Gwen. Now that they’ve got MJB.

    Maroon 5 and now this dude. I don’t know guys, seems like Gwens standards a MUCH lower than I would have expected.

    1. How so? Because she picks people, who are successful and mainstream? That’s exactly what she always did… Moby, Eve, Linda Perry, Pharrell, Dre, Andre3000, etc.

      It’s one thing if you simply don’t like M5 or Calvin Harris, but that has nothing to do with Gwen having low standards. In fact, she seems to have pretty high standards has she only picked total a-list collaborators so far. Whether you like it or not, but artists like M5 and Calvin are where it’s at these days. Doesn’t get much better than this in mainstream music.

      Gwen seems to have a very clear vision of where she wants to go with this new solo venture and judging by the people we know she’s working with, it seems like she will get what she wants. So kudos to her for making smart moves and wise choices.

  13. @yeahyeahyeah. You are right. Perhaps it’s me with the high standards 🙂 As you said, I too expect Gwen to go for successful and mainstream. However, within that, some artists are more interesting than others and the choices she has made for features so far are not interesting. However successful maroon 5 and Calvin Harris are they’re still crap artists. Anyone with any sense of music history, even pop history knows that.

  14. I think Gwen and management just want to get her back on the map…so I’m okay with all this. Pitbull is where I draw the line haha Gwen loves hit songs so none of these collabs have surprised me so far.

  15. well that’s a big new!! just hope the song be more catchy or attractive than this song she feat with maroon 5…I’m sorry but that song is soo boring

  16. I like Calvin Harris but then again Ive a fan of raves and electronic music for a long time. Him and Tiesto were a few that sold out concerts in minutes the last couple of years and I think Gwen needs that to put her on the map to a new audience and to make this album a success.

  17. I wonder if they are pushing the single for a wed morning release since it’s after the voice mon-tues episodes?? I wanna hear it so bad !!! “My heart is open ” has a lot of potential to be a single . It’s grown on me and I now love the song. I also agree that I draw the line at pitbull lol I loved him at the beginning of his career and now he just annoys me haha . Gwen!!!! Is it true you cancelled your release? Baby don’t lie haha

  18. Y’all may judge me, but a collab I would love to see Gwen in is with… Gaga.
    Seriously, though, I think they’re a match. They’ve also reportedly been friends, talked in events, but there’re no pictures, which is kind of upsetting. Just imagine a totally pop bad romance+WYWF sort of record!!!

  19. Yeah, she is a huge fan and Gaga sounded so much like Gwen on The Fame. I wouldn’t mind a duet either, but unfortunately Gaga would totally upstage Gwen with her crazy outfits and stunts LOL

  20. People on ATRL are so lame, to say the least. So BDL is already a flop to them? LMAO! They’re constantly changing their opinions like a girl changes her clothes, and “stanning” for a different “queen” every new week. lol They don’t care about the music itself but only the charts positions and competition.

  21. I wonder if the Calvin Harris song will be her 1st single and appear on both albums? If the publisher is Harajuku Lovers Music…?

  22. I actually liked his recent single Blame with John Newman. It’s so catchy! I’m also curious about the Hurts collaboration. They’re also great!

  23. This will be interesting. I wonder what gwen will sound like doing dubstep? Also all these high profile collaborations are great but most of the public wouldn’t know about it unless it was released as a single.

    1. Uhm, Calvin’s music is anything but dubstep lol 😉 It’s straight up dance/edm/dance-dop/house and his songs with famous guest singers are very pop-ish usually.

  24. Listened to a few of his songs. More EDM based than anything…still something totally different for gwen. I hope we hear a taste of what she has been working on or get an announcement at least within the week.

  25. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calvin Harris! Gwen be all over the place soon. It’s happening. And I love ND of course, but I’m so happy she is doing another solo, and hopefully (from what it sounds like) it will be pretty modern. I want some new dance/electronic tracks from her soo bad.

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