Gwen and Pharrell Performing “Spark The Fire” at People Magazine Awards (Updated)

Check out Gwen and Pharrell’s live performance of “Spark The Fire” here.


Gwen and Pharrell Williams have been named performers at the first annual People Magazine Awards airing this Thursday, December 18, at 9:00 PM EST/PST on NBC. The pair will be hitting the stage again to perform Gwen’s new single “Spark The Fire” during the two-hour special primetime event.

We’re excited and will be tuning in for sure!

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33 Replies to “Gwen and Pharrell Performing “Spark The Fire” at People Magazine Awards (Updated)”

  1. ^ It’s actually the inaugural People Magazine Awards! So I think it’s gonna be a big event. All attention will be focused on this. I’m happy that Gwen will perform STF again. Liking it or not she’s going after that promo and is trying her best. I’d like it to do a little better on the charts though.

  2. This actually is a better target audience than any other show they had done. People is the most selling “tabloid” and super celebrity friendly. The Voice help her to put her back on the map, but like it or not is taking her a lot of work to raise her celebrity profile.

  3. I can’t blame Pharrell, I don’t even blame the song. We all knew this was going to be difficult for her at 45 to be back after 10 years of almost disspearing of the celebrity world.

    The lastest of the Sony scandal shows that even George Clooney gets insecure, worried and needs reassuranceand when the reviews are not good, that Brad Pitt was threatening the studio to not promote a movie because he felt sony was fucking his film after the first cut, we only get what they want us to see.

    Its easy to blame Gwen for not choosing the right song, not caring to do another ND album etc .. we’ll never know for sure unless someone hacks Interscope data lol

  4. Most of us knew either the song would be very well received or bashed. And unfortunately very few people like it. I see why the label wanted BDL out first. Although it was a boring song it was foolish of gwen not to promote it. It was much more generic, radio friendly and had all the buzz being the first single. I believe it could have been a top 20 hit if promoted. Its nice to see that gwen is promoting STF but its not going over and the fact that gwen and pharrell act like its the best thing ever is sweet but kind of sad at the same time considering gwens other work is heights above it. I have a feeling interscope might pull the plug on the whole album and we may never hear the other songs gwen did. Hopefully I am wrong. But then again if the other songs are on this level or worse than yikes..I’d take P&S anyday.

  5. That’s awesome she’s performing STF so much, but a little part of me kindof wishes all this promo was saved for a strong single that had a chance, and STF would sortof fade away. The more people hear this song thru all this promo and don’t like it, it’s almost worse. Its clear it’s not connecting to put it mildly, and it’s a tiny bit painful to watch them continue to push it.

    To be honest, I don’t like listening to this song at all anymore, and I was stoked on it during the leaks. It doesn’t need to be mainstream like BDL, just good. Her edgier songs, like hollaback when it first came out, and a lot lf the sweet escape album, can take a few listens to get used to then they really grow on you and you can’t stop listening. Obv like hollaback.

    But STF… it did like the opposite of grow on me. I really don’t like listening to it at all anymore, it’s grating. I’ve only played it a few times since I bought it. BDL I still like listening to. Am I the only one who feels like that?

    And agree with Lisa. It’s awesome if she’s in this great place and doesn’t care what people think about the song. That’s what I’ve always loved about gwen. But I’d find it hard to believe she doesn’t care if it’s successful. But I also get nervous she’ll loose support at the label. It would be horrible if after the 2 singles failed they did a cheap quiet release. I’d hate to see her no longer concidered a top billed artist at interscope or however they’d call it

    I’m probably overthinking as usual haha but just my thoughts

  6. I think things happen for a reason. If this song won’t go anywhere, I’m sure Gwen will keep fighting. She’s stronger than she thinks and has a big heart! I’m still optimistic!

  7. At least we know that a new song/single is already around the corner (“Shine” from the Paddington movie) so STF will be forgotten soon. I’m sure the movie will be a huge success in the USA just like it has been all around the world so far and maybe “Shine” has the chance of becoming a minor hit.

    I think at this point it’s all about damage control actually. They need to make people forget about STF and show a different side of Gwen. That’s why I was hoping she’d perform MHIO with M5 on The Voice finale, but looks like this won’t happen. Too bad, another wasted chance.The Voice did nothing for her comeback.

    I think it’s cool that G + P believe in STF and keep on promoting it, but at this point it does seem a little desperate and completely out of touch with how people react to this song. I’m afraid they are really turning people off with all these performances and commercials for a song nobody likes.

  8. The Voice was a good move before that no one even cared about Gwen besides the ND fanbase. I doubt the album will be out next month with all the changes she is doing. Either way she’s not dumb or stubbor and after the P&S disaster she’ll know when to release another single.

    The interview she did backstage at the NY Jingle Ball was right on, they asked about how now some people know her from The Voice, but not from the TK, ND era and now are aware she was doing music before.

    I get that people are not connecting or hating STF but with these performances she’s doing make a new and old audience remember she’s back with new music. The real promo started with STF (wich has been out for 2 weeks), its going to take a lot of work but I think she can make this album a mild success.

  9. The thing I don’t get is this, the song isn’t even on the radio here in Los Angeles! How is a song supposed to perform well on any chart if the single hasn’t even been released to radio .. that’s the exposure right there. I hear baby don’t lie on the radio often …but not nonce spark the fire … weird. To have a music video and single available on itunes but being as big as gwen us not even on the radio ….

  10. I have to agree with that, the radio rotation thing has been weird to say at least. Someone should ask Seacreat or Carson on their radio shows lol

    Also I know this is a No Doubt fan site first and not a Gwen one but its sad to see other fan sites like J.lo, Mariah Carey even with no hits like before are more supporting. I hate to say this but even Gavin’s fanbase its more positve, supporting and organized. Its so clear than more than a few here want this solo effort to fail fast so she gets back to work on new music with ND but with back to back failers her confidence as a musician will sink faster than the Titanic and I’m sure the 1st thing she will love to do is another album, seriously -_-

  11. ^ I agree Jossy! I’m not gonna lie and say that I liked the idea of another solo album, especially when the band was already recording, but now that it’s happening, I’m being 100% supportive. I even bought Spark The Fire 3 times (but that’s because I love the song) lol I know that if we really want that No Doubt album, she really needs at least 1 hit now. I think that people are over reacting a bit, to say the least, about STF though, it’s not like she released a complete different sound. Anyway I hope the next single will be better received. And I applaud Gwen for keep promoting STF no matter what. At least she can say she tried.

  12. You can tell that she felt crushed during that period. Probably issues with the label, the reception of the album, her family,… too much pressure? That’s why I think STF is a turning point in her career, it means a lot to her, cause it made her realise that she’s still got it. You can say whatever you want about Pharrell but he has been a good influence on her.

  13. Her personal life was not doing great, there were tons issues with herself, her marriage etc and I’ll leave it at that before I get attack. Her interviews reflected a little of was going on but enough too know things were not good and during that period even before P&S was released she was disengaged from everything, music, her cloting lines.

    I’m happy she’s in another chapter and finally enjoying herself, her family and music again. I’m more worried that now that Pharrell won’t be there holding her hand all the time how she would handle “failure” is happens again. He’s amazing with her you can’t deny it. they are freaking adorable lol

  14. I think the band just wasn’t ready for a new ND album when they recorded P&S. All of them have said many times how hard and exhausting the whole process was. I think they enjoyed hanging out and playing some shows, but they just weren’t ready for a whole new album era and all the interviews, promotion and TV shows. They really wanted to make it happen, but I think they had to force themselves into the whole thing. They all seemed very tired during the whole P&S era, which is totally understandable considering they all have families and aren’t 20 anymore. Obviously the commercial performance of P&S was quite a letdown for everybody and I guess that’s why they rushed back to the studio to record new material, but then they eventually realized that all this rushing and forcing won’t work.

    Now the radio response to STF is very typical imho. Radio is usually hesitant with follow-up singles when the first single didn’t do that well despite rather well airplay. The fact that Gwen is a 40+ female solo artist doesn’t help. And of course timing is just really bad: We’re already in the middle of the seasonal “radio freeze”. Stations just won’t add new songs now at the end of the year. That happens to all new releases and has nothing to do with Gwen. And finally: STF is pure radio poison. It can’t be played on Hot AC stations and not really on pop stations, either. Rhythmic radio could play it, but remember the radio freeze and the fact that Gwen is “old” in the eyes of radio programmers and already released a “flop single” before STF.

    I know it sounds stupid, but if we want Gwen to get proper radio airplay, she needs to release super generic and “basic” pop songs. Songs like STF are for the fans, but not for the masses. And radio only cares about what the masses want.

  15. I think she should release a ballad next. Something as good and memorable as Cool or Early Winter. Not sure if that Sia song is a ballad BUT I hope it’s good enough. Or she could release something edgy, preferably with a feat. by other artist, maybe Charli XCX considering that she’s still hot and her new album is doing great!

  16. Yeah, unfortunately she will have to be featured on a track with someone who is hot right now to get back on the charts in a big way. I just don’t want her to get stuck in that role like Christina Aguilera has been. I think The Voice was a great opportunity and Gwen didn’t realize it until it was too late. I have a feeling we won’t get an album until she is on The Voice again. Putting out an album in the next few months will cause it to sink faster than a rock. Timing is everything! I know many of us aren’t thrilled with Maroon 5, but that is a successful formula she/ND should strive for.

    But even with the mess that this “comeback” as been, I’m so glad she is feeling good about herself. That is worth more than a hit song!

  17. She had everything she needed: High profile collaborations, a seat on The Voice, big names producing her comeback single and enough initial interest. On the paper everything looked really promising, but yeah they messed it up and had terrible timing with everything. In the end all those little mistakes killed all the potential this comeback definitely had and now they have to start from scratch in 2015, if they still want it to happen. One of the collaborations should’ve been a single at an early stage of this comeback, at least a performance of MHIO on The Voice should’ve happened. BDL should’ve got the full promo treatment and Gwen should’ve performed it on The Voice and at least on one of the big award shows. The video should’ve been better and it should’ve been released later and the album should’ve been available for pre-order as long as The Voice was still on with STF being a “promo single” that you get when you pre-order the album.

  18. Assuming she is on The Voice again next fall, she should slow down and take the next 7-8 months and craft a solid solo or ND album. Do some festivals over the summer and then hit us with some singles before and during The Voice. Waiting so long to put out BDL and then switching gears and backing STF killed the momentum she had.

  19. Nice to see opinions with constructive criticism instead of plain hate. Yes the label and her managment fuck up with the timing but also miscalculated Gwen’s celebrity profile and the interest of her comeback. It was way lower than they hoped and while the Voice has been great to put her back on the map, one season is not enough. It took her a little while to get around it and then It was over. I agree with Amananda that its a a perfect formula, Adam Levine went from douche to Sexiest Man Alive and while some of you think its stupid its a big ass deal. Blake is on tabloids all the time, so people get their fresh dosis of attention almost every week. But it takes time. Gwen did good on The Voice but its not like their core audience are begging she stays, they are you did ok, bye.

    I doubt the album is nearly done, with all the changes she’s doing, but at least that means they know they need to fix things before its out, so that makes me hopeful they are working to get things better. Not everything is lost,

  20. To be honest, I think the album has been finished a long time ago. Remember that the original plan was to put it out in December. The only reason it’s not out yet, is because two singles in a row just bombed. Let’s be realistc: If either BDL or STF had been successful, they would’ve released the album in December to get the Christmas sales. I think Interscope has decided to sit on this album and not release it until they have a good idea how to get things back on track. I don’t think Gwen is currently re-working it, she is waiting for Interscope. I don’t think all hope is lost at this point, though. They can still exclude BDL and STF from the album and say that these were only random songs that were released just for fun and then release the “real” lead single in early 2015. This would have to be a killer single, though.

  21. Gwen and Pharrell went back to the studio the day they released STF, 2 weeks ago. So I’m sure she’s still working on more tracks. She probably has recorded enough material for a full length album and a deluxe edition. But knowing Gwen as we do she will release another 12 track album. I’m still confident the album will be released early 2015. At least I’d hope so.

  22. I disagree but that ok I think she’s re-doing the whole thing and the release won’t be out soon at all. I think both the label and her realised they need to change plans. Also with the crossover of music and celebrity she needs to start working on that. She needs to mingle with the right people, just be out there with other high profile people and use her social media in a better way. As dumb as it sounds helps a lot. Just look at Beyonce and Jay-Z they are like the Brangelina of music. Taylor Swift learned this fast and that was a part of her success. Now you have have Taylor and Beyonce hanging out at concerts, have JT, Mr. and Ms. Carter at her house etc, In that field Gwen is 0

  23. She’d better put all songs she has on this album… I know she thinks 12 tracks is the perfect number for an album, but that’s not how it works these days. People are used to deluxe editions with about 18 tracks and I’m afraid most people aren’t willing to pay for anything less. Sales have been down for years and as an artist you really have to offer a lot to get people to buy your album. I know ND had a hard time recording those 11 songs, but the tracklist of P&S deluxe edition was a joke by today’s standards. If BDL, STF, Together, Shine and maybe even MHIO were all on her album, that would be half the tracklist already lol.

    1. LOL P&S Deluxe shouldn’t have existed lol Or at least assume a second disc but only with acoustic / live material. No Doubt remixes always rub me the wrong way, especially on proper albums.

  24. I also don’t think the album is ready or will be out anytime soon. Think back to how many times ND has pushed back albums. It’s not unusual behavior when it comes to our favorite artist unfortunately lol And it may also be a sign that the material isn’t good. As I’ve said before, her saying she’s going to slow down is very telling. This year has been so busy for her and she might want to retreat once The Voice is over and do the family thing for awhile. Of course I hope I’m wrong… 😉

  25. i think we’re all over thinking this. when she said she wanted to ‘slow down’, i think she meant exactly that. she didn’t say she wanted to stop. i think the album is still coming out and most likely in the not too distant future.
    She probably recorded a lot of tracks very quickly, with people she is unfamiliar with. that’s a very impersonal experience. as she said, she probably wants to go back and re -look at what she’s got. maybe re-write some lyrics or new songs to help her connect more to the album as a whole. no matter how many hip, of the moment producers she has writing for her it doesn’t matter. if her heart is not in it, it will never fly.

  26. She said she wanted to go more personal. So that’s why I think she’s probably writing more songs or re-working some of the ones she has.

  27. It was really my hope that the Voice would put Gwen back on the A list, enabling her to shoot to the top of the charts solo, then when the audience is sufficiently warmed up to her, release an amazing No Doubt album. Even if her new singles and videos were rather hastily put together, I would have gladly accepted them as a means to an end. It’s very sad that it doesn’t seem to be working now. Instead of boosting her career and profile, she’s just slipping artistically. I will always be rooting for Gwen, and I agree it is great to see her happy and excited now with STF, Pharell’s support seems to play a big part in that. But it’s all the more worrisome to think about that moment when Gwen realizes STF is unsuccessful and all the hard work was for nothing.

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