Gwen and Pharrell Performing Dec. 9 In Hollywood

"We Can Survive Event"

Free tickets are now available on for a live performance from both Gwen and Pharrell Williams happening in Hollywood, California tomorrow night, December 9! The show is being put on by 1iota Sessions.

Fans can request up to two tickets only and you must be 18+ years or older to attend the event. It seems to be sponsored by The Voice since Blake Shelton is also scheduled to perform earlier in the night. We hope fans are able to score tickets to the event!

Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

8 Replies to “Gwen and Pharrell Performing Dec. 9 In Hollywood”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! It feels so weird being able to sign up for stuff like this, I’ve been in Kentucky my whole life now finally in LA where I belong lol. Hope I get some tickets!

  2. Recording devices were not allowed into the show. I’ve been told it was a taping for an upcoming show so we’ll see it in the near future.

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