Gwen and L.A.M.B. showroom featured in Domino magazine

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Thanks to Erin for the heads up and electronization from the lamb_lovers community on LiveJournal for sharing, but Gwen and L.A.M.B. headquarters (located in New York City) are featured in the new October issue of Domino magazine. It has a gorgeous black and white never-before-seen photo of Gwen wearing Spring 2008 L.A.M.B. and talks about the design of her studio.

How did the space come together?

It’s huge and gets a ton of light, so I played that up with glossy white walls and sheer shades. But I was also picturing Lucille Ball’s dressing room, so I added that smudge of old-school glamour with a Deco-inspired chandelier and tufted baby-blue chairs.

Why didn’t you use the strong hues and patterns that you’re known for?

I needed a simple, pure backdrop that wouldn’t conflict with the creative process. The showroom also had to be versitile. We use it for everything, from design meetings to castings. One moment, it’s chaos of models and clothes; the next, it’s organized and minimal.

How is decorating different from designing clothes?

I had to put pieces together on a new scale: Instead of figuring out which belt goes with which dress, I was pairing girly chairs with mid-century tables, tiled walls, with concrete floors! I made a lot of mistakes at first. Still, it was so much fun.

More photos in our gallery

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