Gwen and Gavin Cover Town & Country





What a pleasant surprise! Gwen and Gavin are on the cover of Town & Country magazine for January 2014. The publication had a photo booth at the Wallis Annenberg Gala this past October 17 and the couple posed for the magazine.

The article gives insight to the gala and features quotes from designer Massimiliano Giornetti who said that Gwen “owned the night.”

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO FIRST came to Hollywood in the 1920s, and he later made custom shoes for Marilyn Monroe. So when Gwen Stefani, the peroxide-blonde rock star who can channel a latter-day Norma Jean, shook the fringe of her floor-length Ferragamo flapper dress—the brand sponsored the opening—it was a camera-ready full-circle moment. “It’s one of my favorite looks, and she wore it perfectly,” Ferragamo designer Massimiliano Giornetti said. “She owned the night.” But Stefani attended less as a pop culture goddess than as an L.A. lady—the guest of popular florist Eric Buterbaugh. And on this red carpet, in light of the recent behavior of her female comrades in music, Stefani—gracious and gleefully pregnant, husband Gavin Rossdale standing respectfully beside her—more strongly recalled another Ferragamo client: Grace Kelly. Or maybe Daisy Buchanan. It was that kind of night: full of surprises.


  1. Jam says:

    Aww this is so cute :’)

  2. du says:

    awwww they’re so cute! x

  3. NDLOVER says:

    Something’s wrong with Gavin’s and Gwen’s arm in the last pic. Photoshop gone wrong? Lol

  4. NDLOVER says:

    His hand looks awfully cut.

    • Jenny says:

      I noticed that, too. It looks like they are both taken from different photos and put together, lol.

      I prefer the other one where Gavin is pointing at Gwen. It’s super cute!

  5. April says:

    I get a weird vibe, like she doesn’t want to hold his hand. Also i thought it was off that she spent time at her family’s house alone during the thanksgiving holiday.

  6. yeahyeahyeah says:

    These pictures look really bad photoshoped lol. Too bad, I loved the pictures from the event.

  7. NDLOVER says:

    April, You Know Nothing xD

  8. du says:


    Gavin was with Gwen and their boys at Gwen’s parent’s house.

  9. lamb says:

    i dont like these photos, that hair style doesnt suit her, makes her looks like a tiny head

  10. Sue says:

    Where’s my comment, was it removed ??


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