Update: Gwen Confirms “Country Ballad” with Blake NOT Happening


Gwen has confirmed that the rumored country song that her and Blake had been writing together is not happening. When asked if they were working on a “county ballad”, Gwen flat out said “No!” in an interview with 103.7 KVIL, which airs this Monday afternoon. She also says, “He’s not writing on my record.”

Gwen also confronted the stories about how her “rep” came forward and announced that her and Blake Shelton were now dating. Though it has been pretty much confirmed, Gwen stresses that she would never make an “announcement” about her relationship status like that saying, “We didn’t! Like, somebody did. That’s what’s so crazy like, who announces that? Why would I do that?” She also joked saying she prefers southern men (verses British men) and calls Blake “a pretty rad guy.”

Photo courtesy of NBC
Photo courtesy of NBC

After the announcement of their relationship status yesterday, People is now reporting that Gwen and Blake Shelton wrote a “country ballad together”. Zap2It is also reporting that the song is a “mid-tempo ballad” and is about “telling a lover to leave the relationship if that is what they truly want” (hmm…). An “industry insider” says of the track, “…it’s amazing how good [Gwen] sounds on a pretty country song.”

When asked earlier in the year if Blake ever saw himself collaborating with Gwen, he said, “I don’t know musically what Gwen and I would probably ever have in common… I don’t ever see Gwen and I sitting down and writing songs.” Gwen also said something similar in a recent interview saying she hadn’t worked with him up until this point because he’s country. She did also say that anything is possible, however, and found it surprising that they have very similar tastes music and in artists on The Voice.

People is typically pretty reliable and secretly we’ve been itching to hear Gwen on something new like this!

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    1. She sang Blake’s song on The Voice premiere of season 9 when the coaches did a medley of each others hits. she did gr8 it was awesome when she put her own spin on it so it fit her perfectly 😀

  1. This is ridiculous. This is starting to look more like some kind of publicity stunt than actually a relationship. And Blake is known for that, to mess with the media and paps. It wouldn’t surprise me…

  2. I’m loving this, I don’t care if last a month. Now Gwen needs to capitalize the massive attention she’s getting-

    Anyway so curious about the lyrics of this song.
    “According to the insider, the song has yet to be cut and is about telling a lover to leave the relationship if that is what they truly want”

  3. Undone would have been a hit if done by a country singer. Cant say it enough she is 46 and for all we know she has had TWO serious boyfriends. If she wants to play around, who cares. The Voice coaches work together a lot…and Gwens never dated a guy she hasnt worked with. None of this is a shock.

  4. I am totally down for Gwen singing a country song, because I think her voice really suits that genre… but a song with Blake? After they just “announced” their relationship? I have to agree with NDLover that this seems weird… still I don’t think Gwen would really do all these things for publicity. Didn’t she say her new album was all about honesty, truth and being “real”?

  5. I am so happy Gwen is out & about enjoying life! Blake may be temporary but he’s allowing her to live life and live in the moment. I’m pretty shocked but this is way better than her crying her eyes out wishing Gavin wouldn’t have f$@&ed up.

  6. Gwen singing country? That sounds awful. I hope it’s a pop song like Blake did with Christina. This is all so fast. I wonder how long they’ve truly been dating.

    1. I just hope they’re not debuting that song on The Voice, and screwing Gwen’s performance of UTLY. Gwen don’t fuck this up. It’s your fucking song.

  7. Eonline also has the pics from last night. Looks like Miranda and Gavin have a lot in common no wonder Blake and Gwen bonded so fast. I agree that this is much better than her crying and begging her ex to not dump her and keep looking the other way like she did almost all her marriage. Also she’s not shy to tell the world Gavin is a cheating selfish prick. As a fan it was awfull to see Gwen lost herself, lose passion for music, let her clothing lines on limbo and act like she was in autopilot for many years. I’m glad she is finding her voice and confidence back.

      1. She cheated and everyone in Nashville knew about it thats why last night was a big Fuck You to Miranda. Blake has a HUGE fanbase and everyone wants to see him happy. Gwen was right is so weird that the two of them were dealing with the same heartbreak at the sametime. You have all the elemnts to a great country song lol

        1. I always thought Blake was the one who was accused of serial cheating? I don’t follow country so I don’t keep up with that gossip haha

  8. I just find it sad that people are looking at this in a negative way. They are two great people who look happy together so we should be happy for them. What the heck is the big deal if they do a song together? You guys are acting like it will end gwens career or something. Whether you like it or not gwen has a twangy voice suited for country music and it’s about time she gave it a chance. And who knows if this is actually real or not and even if it is the voice won’t cancel gwens performance next week. It probably won’t be released anytime soon and I doubt they even recorded it yet. You guys seriously need to chill out.

    1. I don’t know who you are referring to, but if it’s me, I said the idea sounds awful simply because I can’t stand country music. It has nothing to do with them as a couple.

  9. Hmm the theme of the song is a bit… weird and awkward considering but I’m sure it will be lovely. Gwen does sound a lil bit country sometimes. Emphasis on lil.

  10. @Amanda not referring to you more specifically NDlover who seems to hate the idea of gwen and blake all together. I don’t imagine it being a full on country song either. Have you guys listened to country radio lately? Most of the popular songs are more pop than country.

    1. I think people just have a tough time with change is all. It’s a lot to take in. For me, Gwen is acting like a different person. I’m not saying that’s good or bad – it’s just not what I expected from her.

      I hope it’s more pop than country Haha

  11. I agree with @ndlover, this is all a little much. Not even a full day after there announcement and already a song? This is feeling really publicity seeking and corny.

    & for her to “capitalize on the massive attention” she’s getting right now? That’s not the Gwen I know and love. She’s never had to resort to Kardashian-type of exploitation in any shape or form in a career spanning over 2 decades. I hope she doesn’t start now.

  12. And I mean I’m not a country fan, I don’t know much about Miranda Lambert, but I know she’s one of the biggest women in country music and the CMA’s is the biggest night for country music… For Blake and Gwen to announce it RIGHT before the ceremony is completely tacky in my book. If it would’ve been the other way around and it would’ve been the Grammys and Gwen was nominated for album of the year and performing, & if Gavin did that LETS BE HONEST we’d be saying what an asshole he is!

  13. I don’t think it is tacky. They wanted to go some more parties together and Gwen going to Nashville is definitely more than a friend move. Looks like they kept it under wrap for as long as possible and with the pics that came out of them holding hands/ hands around her waist, it was pretty obvious they are dating. Good for her, I mean she said her marriage was on the rocks for 5 years. She deserves happiness and I would never begrudge her or say it was a publicity stunt. People who are single, attractive and work together date all the time. Gwen has probably not been this happy in a long time! Yay!

  14. No matter what I will be happy for Gwen…
    She has every right to try and maximise every opportunity even if this was a stunt…
    Gwen will just be getting on with being happy for once, living in the great moment this is…
    I hope it all works out wonderful for her because Gwen certainly deserves it!

    1. Marion, Jossy, and Jam, I love your comments! She’s a passionate individual and I think she found her match in blake.

  15. If you listen to a song like “Excuse Me Mr.”, it could easily have a country rendition. No Doubt even said that the original cut was very twangy and country sounding. I can totally see Gwen singing something with a bit of country. She actually does have the perfect voice for country music! I bet this is so fun for her. She is doing exactly what she has been saying she is all about right now. She wants to feel alive and has the total mindset of “Why not?!” and “being in the moment”. And I say, “Go Gwen!” ❤️

  16. I want her to succeed and find happiness in everything she does, but still I think all these things are happening really fast. Like Amanda said, somehow all of this is quite untypical for Gwen. Remember how she has always been super hush hush about everything and now she issues a statement about dating someone? Only a few days before the live shows of The Voice? This really feels like a strange move to boost ratings…. Mark my words, they will part as “friends” right after The Voice has ended…

  17. @yyy I hope you’re not right, our girl has never used any kind of exploitation for gain… That would make me sad. I hope the relationship is as authentic as everything else she’s done. & #1 she’s happy

  18. & also today on American television she was literally on every channel. Even the Spanish stations. It was kind of wild, I can’t remember the last time, if ever, she got this amount of publicity. This was double amount of her divorce. She definitely upgraded!

  19. Gwen was with Gavin for 19 years and with Tony 7 years before that. She has always been pretty candid about her relationship struggles and failures. I mean how long did she date Gavin before she released a statement or perhaps things in the 90’s were different? She released a divorce statement. I see her as being someone who is cautious about announcing things till they happen. For example, it took her forever to confirm the pregnancy with Apollo, but that was probably because of her advanced maternal age. I think this is for real guys. It may fizzle out, but that does not mean it’s a publicity stunt.

    1. I don’t consider that song country… it’s more the cartoonish style that Eric loves to do, he does use piano, banjo and accordion, but he’s anything but country.

  20. I wish she would stop doing duets with lame people.
    Adam Levine, Calvin Harris and Blake Shelton. I don’t know how much worse it can get. Oh right, there’s shakira!

    You know there are way more interesting musicians out there that would want to work with her. Oh well…

    As for the relationship, I agree with some that it seems really fast for anyone after leaving such a long marriage. He seems kinda dumb, is a bad artist and is into big guns and hunting. Not my kinda guy, but we just have to assume she’s happy. As fans, aka strangers to Gwen, how much does this really affect our lives?

  21. I’m even more confused LOL She’s now denying her rep confirmed the relationship? Is she trying to save face after the backlash they got from the poor timing of the annoucement? Oh well, whatever. “Live in the moment” I guess LOL I’m sort of glad the song thing isn’t true (for now)… We’ve had plenty of collabs lately. I want just Gwen! 😀

  22. Maybe one of their rep. commented it and has been blown out of proportion? That’s why I thought it was weird, like why’d Gwen do that? It’s so unlike her.

  23. I don’t think that’s denying the relationship.. I didn’t take that away from her comment on it. There’s multiple pics of them

  24. @Bob, that’s not what I said. She’s not denying they are dating – she’s denying she sent out a statement about it. Bizarre. I think she’s doing some damage control.

  25. Yeah she didn’t deny the relationship. Anyway this is a serious flaw if their rep commented that without their permission.

  26. Yep, definitely damage control after they realized how awkward this statement was. Well, that’s too late now… It’s out there.

    1. Yeah, especially since Blake’s rep also announced it, so I don’t see how it was a mistake. She’s playing innocent, which is probably a good idea when most of her own fans thought it was a tacky move lol

    1. OMG that article is such BS. She didn’t let him go on tour? Hasn’t he gone on tour every year? LOL I don’t think she’s “painting him as a bad guy” for no reason.

      I wonder why he is still wearing his wedding ring?

  27. @amanda g, I totally think it’s BS also, but we’re fans and know more of the story than the rest of the public who reads this and takes it at face value, you know?

  28. It was pretty obvious from the begging that Gavin’s camp was the one leaking info to TMZ, from denying the cheating to the money thing. He’s enjoying the attention otherwise suddenly he’s all over the news with pics wearing his wedding ring? lol anyway if he wants to go there and start a PR battle he is even more of a dickhead than I tought and I don’t think he will win that war.

  29. Wow things are starting to get ugly now… It was such a big mistake to go all in your face with this whole Blake thing…

    1. Of course they picked the worst picture of her as the header. She’s been showing off her bras for 20 years, but now it’s because of a MAN? Oh please TMZ. The parrot is cute tho 😀

      The bummer part is all this attention is not helping her song at all on itunes. It’s barely in the top 100 🙁

  30. Of course this kind of press does not help her song… UTLY is a heartbreak anthem. Thanks to this Blake thing Gwen doesn’t seem heartbroken. In the eyes of the public she has already moved on and UTLY has become unauthentic. Things are getting out of control now. Better prepare yourselves for the UTLY performance on The Voice to be canceled.

  31. Wow, I feel bad for Gwen. This whole thing is a PR mess. Right now she is full steam ahead in her creative process. I really hope that this doesn’t put her in a funk.

  32. Yeah exactly YYY it’s the only downfall of this. The promo is again not great for the lead single although it’s better than BDL I don’t even know if she will perform UTLY she might move on to a second single with her life going a different direction.

  33. I am afraid people won’t belive the story of UTLY anymore now… I have to admit even for me the song has become less relatable now that I know about Gwen and Blake. I still feel the song a lot, but of course I am a fan and have more knowledge about what was going on. The general public only see the pictures at TMZ…

  34. The headlines have been awful and painting her in such a bad light. The latest one from ET: “Despite Blake Shelton Romance, Gwen Stefani Is Still Legally Married to Gavin Rossdale”.

    I agree YYY, she lost sympathy from the general public. If only they hadn’t put out those statements and remained coy about their new romance. The Voice will get great ratings this week, but her single dropped like a rock.

  35. Yeah those statements were a big mistake… I wonder how all of that happened? According to Gwen the statements were published without her permission, which I think is utter bullshit unless she has the worst staff ever. So what happened? Did they want to boost The Voice and sacrificed Gwen’s image and her musical comeback for that purpose? Or did they hope the attention would help UTLY? This is such a terrible situation now, because I think everyone will win ( Blake, Gavin, Miranda, The Voice) except for Gwen. She is the only loser in this game. This feels like Looking Hot all over again… I can already see Interscope pulling the plug on UTLY.

  36. Both of their reps confirmed it, so they would both have the worst staff ever if her explanation were true. I think she was just in that “live in the moment” frame of mind and wanted to party and hold hands with her new guy in public, so they thought a quick confirmation would be a good idea. It turned out it wasn’t and now she’s playing the, “someone else did it, I didn’t do it, who would do that?” card. I have a hard time believing it was to promote The Voice. I know she’s gone “Hollywood” in a lot of ways, but I don’t think she’s that far gone yet. I do wonder if a small part of it was to gut punch their exes though. Especially with how blunt she’s been in interviews lately and how it was right before Miranda’s big night.

    I don’t think any of this is the end of the world, but unfortunately she lost some of the public’s sympathy. UTLY is still a great song and very relatable so I hope she has some good promo lined up.

    This is actually a story I do believe: http://radaronline.com/videos/gwen-stefani-gavin-rossdale-split-texts-nanny-grammys/

  37. Totally agree with you Amanda G. I don’t like radar (or Tmz for that matter) but the article makes sense. It’s plausible. Of course we will never get the whole story of what happened, they will both release what they want to be believed.
    Btw what really annoys me in all the Gwen – Blake – Gavin items online is that there’s like 900 comments and maybe 40%-50% is commenters saying “who cares?” In various ways, going out of their way with memes and gifs. I care, damn it! If you don’t care then don’t comment!
    I always tell myself not to read the comments because there are so many trolls and haters out there. It’s depressing.
    Gwen is just a human being (as is Gavin) and she doesn’t deserve all the criticism and judgment. She is still a far better role model than 99% of the singers out there today.

  38. I’m really curious to see how Gwen and Blake will handle the situation on The Voice next week and how they will interact with each other. I hope it will not be too awkward lol.

  39. I’m just shocked to how much things went weird after the whole Blake thing. Like some of you already mention, I just hope that does not affect her single or album.

    1. He also said no one would ever guess it, so wouldn’t a collab with Gwen be too obvious?’

      Collabs are great as a filler between albums, but I think it’s time for Gwen to strike out on her own. This should be *her* time.

  40. Oh Blake lol he said its not new music. Probably nothing to do with Gwen but who knows at this point. I’m more interested about The Voice. Will it’ll be awkward? will they say something? ignore it like nothing happened?

  41. If this relationship does end up being a stunt I will never look at her the same, I don’t subscribe or respect Kardashian-type of antics. I consider Gwen an artist 1st & celebrity 2nd.

    It’s sad how she’s getting negative attention now, really the first time in her career. Today on the radio they were saying how awful this Gwen/Blake thing is for the contestants on the Voice who are actually working hard and have talent… And now people will be tuning in just for this relationship. & I kinda agree, they could’ve announced it after or on the finale.

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