Gwen Admits That The “Last Three Years Were Really Hard”

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In a new interview with NY Daily News during a recent luncheon for The Voice, Gwen spoke about how much she loves fashion (but not going out) and shared that spending time with her family over the last few years has been more important than ever.

Gwen admits that the “last three years were really hard” for her speaking of her eldest son Kingston. “The last three years were really hard. My oldest turned 5, and he’s an incredibly sensitive person. I had to do a lot of work.” Gwen recently told People that she had to “walk away” for awhile to focus on herself and family. She finds that not worrying about the future has helped her with stress while strives to “live in the moment”.

On the fashion front, Gwen says that still loves and enjoys dressing up and getting ready but says that she doesn’t “even like going out”.

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12 Replies to “Gwen Admits That The “Last Three Years Were Really Hard””

  1. omg as a mother of 4 children that are around the same age as Gwen’s kids it is so refreshing that she has the same issues as me, a regular mom from Canada. I feel like my life is so much like hers minus the millions and the celebrity status. Go Gwen, you are a good mum:)

  2. I knew things were hard for her around the P&S time. It can’t be easy trying to juggle so many different, huge projects and have a child with emotional development needs/issues. I’m glad things seem to be in a better place for her and her family.

  3. It was obvious the last 3 years were hard for her, marital problems, kid with emotional issues and her trying to deal with her own issues. This Gwen is enjoying herself, having fun etc, very happy for her.

  4. I don’t want to get slammed but I think there is and was A LOT we won’t know about for a long time that happened in those few years. And I don’t think we need to know. And I think saying Kingston is sensitive vs emotional issues are different. Being worried about his mom and paps is different then being 5 and playing on a playground like a typical kid.

  5. Let’s not get into it any more, she said what she wanted to say and we should leave it at that. She seems happy lately and that’s what matters.

  6. I love this outfit. And I think it’s a great choice for her to have a “steady” job on The Voice so she can be there for her family. That has always been so important to her and she is showing it in her choices. We should stop being selfish and wanting more music _ Solo or ND_ only because she has shown us that she has a passion for that as well and that we will get something in due time. 🙂

  7. I have no clue how she has her hand in all these projects. Just having to respond to a few emails can take a lot of time. Whatever the secret strategy, it’s great to see her smiling so much. Her boys are lucky to have such a loving and inspirational mom.

  8. This doesn’t explain anything to me. She has more work now: a little baby, 2 kids, The Voice, 2 records, 4 clothing lines, a lot of interviews and more. I can understand her because my sister has 3 sons, but I think that is all about MOTIVATIONS. She took 1 year to make a new solo because she wanted to do it and she took like 5 years to make a terribly bad No Doubt album… That explains it all to me. But It’s ok, I support her but I have a point of view. You don’t have to be agree about everyting you read/listen/see. Anyway, I’m excited about her new single.

  9. BATHCAVER, I think she’s just in a better place right now. P/S was all about being “overwhelmed” so I think her brief comments make a lot of sense. She had things going on at home that we didn’t know about (or need to know about) and it sounds like things are a lot better for her now so she can afford to reboot her music/fashion career!

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