Gwen A "Pop Music Vending Machine"


Ugh, I hate articles like this claiming that Gwen lost most of her early fanbase after going solo. It’s kind of hypocritical too that they are comparing her to rocker Chris Cornell who works with Timbaland, but whatever. Her name is mentioned a couple times in a new article about him from Lumino magazine. Yawn.

The fusion of Cornell’s typically raw and intense musical style with Timbaland’s more clubby beats makes for a truly unique album.

Thankfully Cornell doesn’t cross over into Gwen Stefani territory. Over the years Stefani has gone from a certified punk rocker into a pop music vending machine. Her style and music have changed so completely that she alienated much of her original fan base in the switch. It is with natural hesitation that I listened to Cornell’s new album.

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  1. ‘Ugh’ is right-that article is just ridiculous. The majority of fans on the ND fan forum alone have been supportive of Gwen’s dance record phase. At least Gwen’s solo music brought some freshness to the pop music scene-it’s the people who copied her music stylings who are the real ‘vending machnines’.

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