Gwen #2 Hottest Frontwoman in Rock History

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No surprise here! Gwen has been named the #2 hottest frontwoman in rock history by Complex magazine. She comes up short right behind The Bangles’ Susanna Hoff and right ahead of Blondie’s Debbie Harry. They praise her for being a depature from the grunge look that most girls in rock were associated with in the 90s. Gwen is so beautiful and still flawless like she’s always been and it’s also incredible to see her still cleaning up lists like these!

ComplexGwen Stefani

Band: No Doubt

Gwen Stefani made the image of a “sexy female rockstar” mainstream for listeners in the ’90s. Known for writhing around on stage in a sports bra and baggy jeans, the platinum blond ska queen from California was an eye-popping departure from the grungy landscape of rock music in the ’90s.

6 Replies to “Gwen #2 Hottest Frontwoman in Rock History”

  1. Apparently #1 is Susannah Hoffs…I think Gwen should be #1 but maybe she’s getting knocked down a notch for the 11-yr hiatus from fronting a band… 😉

  2. Susanna Hoff looked quite nice but I definitely think Gwen should’ve won that! Gwen is just something else, so beautiful, incredibly sexy!

  3. Fuck yeah! Also I am glad that ND’s rock music hasn’t been forgotten, people steroetype them to be just some pop band 🙁

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