Gorgeous Outtake of Gwen For Stella Magazine


Check out another gorgeous photo of Gwen taken and shared by photographer Kate Peters for Stella magazine. The photos and interview appeared as a supplement in the UK’s Sunday Telegraph back on November 25, 2012.

Click here to see more photos from the shoot.

10 Replies to “Gorgeous Outtake of Gwen For Stella Magazine”

  1. Yeah something went wrong with that photo shoot. That lighting wasn’t very flattering. I remember the magazine cover, it was the worst.

  2. These pictures disappointed me a lot to be honest..
    All over the UK people would be seeing these thinking that this was Gwen appearance and style wise..
    when I see better pictures of her looking far cooler, more beautiful etc in pics paps have taken of her walking down the street.
    I don’t hate them though and she still looks nice it’s just the fact they would be seen on a mass scale in the UK when they really aren’t as great as others..

  3. in fact she cant wear whatever she wants, she has a big back , and that dress doesnt suit her like a glove.

  4. I think you mean she has wide shoulders…

    I don’t mind the dress. It’s the lighting and makeup that’s disappointing.

  5. I don’t like the dress at all I think it makes Gwen look older, much older.
    It’s like an old fuddy duddy dress LOL

  6. I envy her broad shoulders. You can tell she’s a swimmer by nature. Again the problem isn’t the dress but the bad lighting. She rocks that dress, but in this photo shoot it looks boring.

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