“Go Ahead and Break My Heart” Available Now; Live on ‘The Voice’ (Updated)

Blake Shelton’s new collaboration track with Gwen titled “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” is available now digitally! The new song is featured on Blake’s new album If I’m Honest out May 20.

“Go Ahead and Break My Heart” is available ahead of the single’s debut live tomorrow night on The Voice. The song was co-written by Blake and Gwen about letting go of their fears and it is really good. Gwen’s voice sounds incredible on the country tune and the lyrics are very touching and sweet. Both Gwen and Blake have said that they’ve felt incredibly honored to work with each other and have called the track extremely personal. “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” was produced by Scott Hendricks and sources are reporting that the single is not heading to radio.

Gwen and Blake delivered an incredibly powerful performance on The Voice that had the couple staring into each others eyes throughout the song. Their chemistry is undeniable and they treated one another like they were the only two souls in the room — it was magical. Blake opened up to People about the couple’s nervousness to debut the track and the insecurities behind it all.

“We’re a little bit nervous about it, but nervous in a way that we can’t wait and nervous in a way that we hope people think it’s as good as we think it is. It’s like people getting a look at something personal for the first time. We both had trust issues. We were getting over it, but we wrote this song about it, and it’s perfect.”

Blake shared that himself and Gwen are the only writers on the track and that it came from a very honest place.

This also marks another genre-hopping landmark collaboration for Gwen and we’re incredibly proud of her honesty on the track. “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” is special and we’re lucky to have something like this from her in our collection. The crossover single is also rocketing up the iTunes charts and could see a bigger boost after the pair’s live debut of the song tonight on The Voice.

Ways to purchase/stream “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”

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The sun is setting on your last good try
Here I am again with half a goodbye
Wonder if you’re really gone this time
Just when I’m about to lose my mind

There you are again on my phone
The moon was rising and you’re all alone
Maybe we could just hang a while
Maybe we can make each other smile
Oh no, here I go

Why don’t you go ahead and break my heart
Why are you waiting, is it way too hard?
If moving on is what you want to do
Why don’t you do it, why don’t you do it baby
You can’t tell me that we’ll still be friends
And maybe someday we can try again
If you really need a brand new start
Why don’t you go ahead and break my heart

I never ever meant to get so into you
Thought I was using you just to get me through
You know I’m broken, I don’t trust anyone
Last thing I needed was to fall in love

You got me dreaming,
Got me thinking I got some hope
There is nobody else I wanna get to know
But I’m so scared I don’t know what to do
How did you get me so into you
Oh no, and here I go

Why don’t you go ahead and break my heart
Why are you waiting, is it way too hard?
If moving on is what you want to do
Why don’t you do it, why don’t you do it baby
You can’t tell me that we’ll still be friends
And maybe someday we can try again
If you really need a brand new start
Why don’t you go ahead and break my heart

There’s your reasons,
There’s your cards
What are you waiting for?
The one to break my heart?

You can’t tell me that we’ll still be friends
And maybe someday we can try again
If you really need a brand new start
Why don’t you go ahead and break my heart

Go on and break,
Go on and break my heart
Go on and break,
Go on and break my heart


What do you think of “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”?

65 Replies to ““Go Ahead and Break My Heart” Available Now; Live on ‘The Voice’ (Updated)”

  1. Thanks for always being so on top of ND members works. I was scared about the duet with the hype and attention paid to it. But I think it delivers. I was thinking it might be a ballad but this arrangement would be a good fit to play at concerts and promo on shows. Excited for Monday.

  2. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t like it. I was expecting a ballad, and to hear that slight “twang” in her voice. The instrumental makes me cringe. It’s so generic. :\ I can see it being a moderate hit, only because of the hype. Sorry, but this song isn’t for me. I’m not even gonna consider buying it. I love Gwen’s vocals but it doesn’t do much for me. That’s my honest opinion.

  3. I’ll buy it to support Gwen but usually I wouldn’t buy a song like this tbh At least her vocals sounds really great and I like the lyrics 🙂 Not sure about this being a “hit”, country people are very resistent about pop artists doing country songs especially when it comes to Gwen. I bet a lot of them won’t even listen to the song cause they don’t like her.. sigh

    1. I linked to it via HollywoodLife, they have an article up on it.
      I think Gwen’s voice sounds better than any female country singers I can of including his ex or say Carrie Underwood, who I think shout sings.
      I think people should try to get out of their comfort zone and be open minded. It is okay to like a country song even if that’s not your usual genre. Same with liking the one with Fetty when not into rap.
      I think the lyrics are great and tell us what was going on….she was resistant and wanted to keep it in the friend zone and he wanted to risk it. While what she went thru made her hesitant to trust. A snapshot into the early days….
      It is up to 24 on the country charts– don’t know how well it will do coz some country fans will be resistant. Some Bush fans are being super negative on twitter….oh well.
      Buy it!

      1. By what I’ve seen on twitter, I’m sure the minuscule number of Bush fans will be drowned out by the hordes of “shefani” fans. Not to mention Blake fans. While country fans might be resistant to Gwen, they also tend to be very loyal and Blake seems to have a VERY strong fan base. I think the song will do just fine. It’s number 9 on the country charts now.

  4. I think she sounds great and while the lyrics are simplistic (I get your point CellophaneBoy), they seem authentic.

    Country is pretty big in my city and the common consensus is Blake and Gwen’s relationship is a joke. Unfortunately a lot of people think Gwen broke Miranda and Blake up- which is why I said the relationship isn’t great for her image. Obviously that’s not what happened, but some people believe what they want. Hopefully country fans still give this song a listen because she comes off as very real and relatable (how her fans know her to be).

  5. I just listened to the song, and I must admit that I loved it. They are in love, they are being honest. Did the lyrics need to be more elaborate? No… the message was clear and I think it’s pure Gwen, pouring her heart into song with honesty, just what I expect from her. Her voice fits the song so well, I just dont like his voice. LOL
    Looking forward to their performance on The Voice.

  6. The Voice posted about the performance on FB and this post has already more than 20.000 likes. This says a lot imo. The song already climbed to #28 on iTunes without any promo… I am not totally sold on this duet, but obviously it has enormous potential. I hope this goes to country radio and maybe also Hot AC soon.

  7. Country is not my genre, but I do try to listen to some country every now and then more for music educational purposes than anything else and I do find that country music uses more real instruments than any other genre besides rock, alternative and folk, and has a lot of good storytelling as well as a lot “heart”. This song definitely has both of the former and a heap of the latter. I was expecting something solid from this collab, otherwise they wouldn’t have put it on his album nor would they be performing it on The Voice 11 days before that album’s release, but I have to say that, accounting for genre, the actual song has exceeded expectations for me. It’s very strong and pleasant melodically, they sound good as a pair, her solo verse really shines and for me and stands up there with the best vocal bits of TIWTTFL. She is proving here that she is versatile and viable as a vocalist in this genre. As a country-pop crossover song, is it Islands in the Stream good? Probably not if not far off, but I do think it is at least Lady Antebellum or Sugarland good. Looking forward to tonight’s performance and I do think we have a hit here. In fact, after hearing how good they actually sound together, I’m already re-imagining Rare as Shefani duet (since that’s supposedly Blake’s favorite song on her album?), remixed and released in early fall as this era’s closing single. Okay, true, not likely but who knows right? LOL 🙂 It would be cute to have a duet each from both of their albums! I also hope they make some surprise appearances on each other’s tours and perform this song. That would be a nice treat for fans, particularly the newer ones coming on board this era.

  8. I don’t have a problem with the lyrics and I really love hearing her voice backed up by a band instead of drum machines with snaps and claps LOL It’s a shame that some won’t support Gwen and buy the single, but to each their own. I love it and I’m looking forward to hearing the live version!

  9. Just watched their performance. They are really amazing on stage together. So much chemistry and it sounded amazing. Gwen’s dress too. So gorgeous!

  10. I’m sooooooo confused what to think about this?

    I’m also confused about they lyrics too. It seems like the song was written about the Miranda break up, then it seems like some lines are about Gwen. Is the song about one person or two people? And is it about Gwen or Miranda?

  11. As I heard it,the first verse seemed to be about Miranda, and then Gwen hits him up and they get together to “make each other smile” or whatever. The chorus confuses me cuz it seems like they’re both singing to their exes? And then Gwen’s verse is obvi about falling for Blake despite being heartbroken. What do u guys think?

    1. I get what you are saying cause it is kinda ambiguous….wonder if that was by design? I found I was thinking one way then another except for Gwen’s verse which was clear. Interesting.

    2. The part he and she sing alone, they explain where they are coming from (their divorces) to each other and how they are not 100% they should invest on this new relationship. The chorus is simply they opening their hearts to each other and accepting the risks of falling in love and the possibility of having their hearts broken if they dont work out as a couple 🙂
      I think the lyrics are adorable!

  12. On stage just wow, that was breathtaking! Could Gwen have looked more gorgeous? Blake handsome and the way he looked at her– I’m speechless. She is such a pro and did not look nervous at all– Blake looked nervous then calmer when she walked up.
    Although I expected a slower tempo song it was smart to go with something upbeat. Everyone out there seems to love the song so yay!

  13. I agree that Gewns voice sounds so good on this track and performance. I don’t mind the lyrics not being elebrate, I like the song. I love the performance! I’ve never seen Gwen happier and it makes me teary eyed, I’m supper happy for her contributed strength and music. I’m grateful BSO team, always keeping us updated for all these years! ❤️
    O/T but do you guys think we’re going to get some Harajuku Lovers handbags and clothing? Or is that dead and gone. I miss the prints and seeing people everywhere carting HL handbags.

  14. Everything about this performance was pretty much perfect imho. Gwen’s look, her vocals, the chemistry with Blake. Say what you want about the song as such, but this was probably one of her best TV performances ever.

    By the way, this sits at #1 on the iTunes country charts. This means Gwen has had success on basically every format now (pop, alternative, Hot AC, urban, country…). I can’t think of any other singer that has had alternative rock hits, pop and hip hop hits and now a country hit. I hope they will promote this duet and shoot a video… obviously people dig it a lot.

  15. It was a great performance! Still not into this song at all but I’m glad it’s being well received! Anyway I can’t really see her going back to No Doubt at all. It’s like she’s in a different planet now. 🙁

    1. Well, on Tom’s instagram, someone asked him if they ever thought of making music like TK and RoS again. Tom’s answer was “All the time”…

      I really hope they will get back together years later and make this record they been thinking all the time.

      1. I think Tom has been missing ND for a long time. Both Tom and Stephen seem to reminisce the most out of the group. I know I miss them…they have an energy and chemistry that is undeniable. She will find her way back to them…some day.

  16. @ Brian, that makes me sad. I wonder how many TK/RoS type albums we would have by now if Gwen had been more prolific with No Doubt? It seems like the guys were always trailing in her shadow. I still feel like we need Sooo much more ND music, I mean only 6 studio albums in 29 years….! There is so much talent there and such great musical chemistry. But I agree that Gwen seems very far removed from ND these days.

    The duet performance was truly sweet and Gwen looked so gorgeous. Love the pony tail and dress, though the make up is a bit heavy (for the performance). I’m not a fan of Blake’s music but he seems a genuine guy and I love the chemistry those two have.

  17. All the feels So sweet!!! I can’t ever recall her really looking at Voldemort (ex) that way. Congrats!

    1. ^^ I had the same impression, even when she dueted with Gavin (on concert for Space Traveler and Glycerine), it was nothing like last night.

  18. I knew once I heard the news that gwen would sound great on a country song! And the song is great and she looks so beautiful! I love her lipstick! They look so in love it really is nice to see gwen so happy.

  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if this became a bigger hit than any of the singles released from TIWTTFL. People are really interested in their relationship and they are one of the hottest couples. Plus its tailor made for radio

  20. Big fan of the song.

    While I am an older old school No Doubter and desperately miss the band, I love seeing how happy G is and this is a very good song for the genre.

    My spouse is not a fan of her voice at all (ugh ! ) but he loves this track & is an old school country music fan – he had this stuck in his head on one listen.

    So congrats to G and honestly, it’s a crime not to send this to radio!

  21. Yay for climbing to the top! This song does stay in your head. Gwen looked so glam gorgeous and i tried to think of a celeb who looks better head to toe and couldn’t. Not Jen Lawrence at Cannes or any other movie star, not jlopez or Beyonce, Gwen wins– no contest.
    Read her gown is by an Australian designer, her lipstick Firebird her own line– Urban Decay.
    Blake looked at her like he adores her. Love that.

  22. I actually really like this song and it’s the first country single I’ve ever bought in my life, so thank you for that first Gwen Stefani LOL! 🙂 Love, loved the performance last night. Just to nitpick a bit, I thought the first chorus was a little rough and the harmonizing was a tad off compared to the studio version. But by the time she got to her verse everything aligned perfectly and beautifully as should be on a night such as this one. Really enjoyed the chemistry which was off the charts and the performance which one of her best of this era. Again, it’s good, well-written song imho, better than I ever expected, and this is coming from someone who has been listening to the new Radiohead album most all of the day prior.

    1. Saw a Blake interview from yesterday and he said Gwen is a really good songwriter and she doesn’t get enough credit for it. Also he said of all the things she does that she likes songwriting the most.
      He said this song started out with him beginning to write it to try to impress her and came from shared experiences they were going thru, then she wrote the other half.
      He said she showed him the James Cordon video ahead of time and he was like — there’s George Clooney and Julia Roberts getting in the car and they seem star struck by Gwen and start singing her songs.
      You can tell Blake is very much in awe of Gwen.
      He also said he did not think any international people knew who he was and now b/c of Gwen and this song he is hearing from Australian, Brazil and European fans.

      1. Wow, thanks for your post. A lot of good stuff there. I know he did a bunch interviews yesterday because of his big iHeartRadio album pre-launch gig. I’ve never read any of his interviews though, only Gwen’s, but I will have to search this one out for sure!

      2. That´s true! A lot of “Shefani” fans from Brazil, it actually surprised me, cause ND and Gwen are not that big down here 🙂

        Jill, I hear ya! My husband is also not a fan of her voice! LOL

      3. Blake is such a nice guy imho. I know some people talk really bad about him, but I think he just seems to be very nice and supportive. Has Gavin ever praised Gwen’s talent in any interview in all those years? The only thing I remember is an interview with Gwen where she said that Gavin hates her music… that was around the time RS was released, I think. She said it with a smile and laughed it off, but it was still a little awkward.

        1. Yes I agree that it never appeared that Gavin was supportive or gave praise in public. But maybe that wasn’t his thing? He appears to do alot behind close doors so maybe that was one of them.

          1. Well not to be devil’s advocate or anything but Gavin did gush about Gwen in interviews. I remember him saying ”the thing about Gwen is that she’s consummately amazing. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who’s met her who doesn’t think she is warm and kind and amazing. If she were a single girl she’d have a queue around the block. Heck she wouldn’t even have to be a single girl. Lucky me, I can’t believe it.”
            THERE! I can’t remember much of what I’ve been doing at work last week but I can remember a part of an interview word for word that’s probably 15 years old haha!
            A journalist brought up that part to Gwen in an interview with her for some kind of fashion magazine and she started crying…

  23. Blake seemed a little shaky in the beginning, but as soon as Gwen appeared he sounded great! It’s such a catchy song and I just love hearing her voice without backing tracks and drum machines. It makes me miss ND even more!

    And the way he looks at her…wow! Electric! I love her hair and makeup and the dress reminded me of a mermaid for some reason LOL I’m so happy people are responding positively to it and it hit #1 on iTunes! I guess all this explains why Misery got pushed back to later this month.

  24. Interesting he wrote the first half and she did the second. Gwen’s lyrics were classic Gwen Stefani. It has a bit of a corny feel to it. However, I really like it, it’s sweet and they both looked totally smitten. So happy for Gwen.

  25. Just saw some of another Blake interview and in regard to trying to impress Gwen, the interviewer said well you are Blake Shelton wasn’t that enough? He said : well she’s Gwen Stefani and he said – I’m down here ( placing his hand low) and she’s up here ( placing his hand way high ). So cute.
    In looking at the lyrics to this song and her album I think she was really resistant to more than a friendship but he was persistant. Anyway he wore her down it seems.
    And on another topic he said he was familiar with Hey Baby but had no idea that was a No Doubt song.

    Wish JT and Drake would drop out of the 1 and 2 spot so B and G could be # 1.

    1. Hmm, good news! Shefani has passed Drake and moved up to #2 =) Kworb shows that both songs have made small but steady gains on JT, but probably will not overhaul the current #1 anytime soon, all things remaining equal. Blake & Gwen have been holding on that #2 spot for over half a day now, but Drake is staying VERY close behind. These three should stay the top 3 for the immediate foreseeable future. Notable is that at a distant #4 is the popular country duo Florida Georgia Line, who also received an appearance boost via The Voice. In the battle of the country acts, B & G had the far greater impact on the night! =)

      1. Agree JT is firmly planted. He dropped his video/ music late at nite, I got an alert and went to listen fairly quickly and it already had like a million views like almost immediately. I had no idea he had that big of a following. But at least Gwen is in his video. He is over in Cannes promoting the film which doesn’t even come out till Fall. So it is like a big record push for him thanks to the studio promoting the film there.

        B&G already have 2.4 million you tube views.

        1. 20/20 sold a million copies its first week….JT has a huge following! His new song is very catchy, but I have a feeling I’ll get sick of it once it’s overplayed 😉

          1. JT’s new song sounds so familiar to me, like a knockoff of another one but I can’t place it. He has gotten an added push by getting to go to Cannes to sell The Trolls movie even though it does not come out till November. I heard the studio timed his song release to all that.
            I know Gwen’s part is not major in the film but I would have thought the studio would want her at Cannes for the glam. I see Anna Kendrick is with him, so they must have the lead parts.

  26. They are so smitten with each other it’s crazy. This is the guy and the relationship Gwen has always wanted. I couldn’t be happier about this. They seem so perfect together. I never liked her with Gavin he always seemed jealous of her in a way. And everyone that I knew that didn’t like BUSH in the 90s thought they where a cheap knock-off of NIRVANA. I do still to this day love “Swallowed.” and the lyric (“Hey you said you would love to try some hey you said you would love to die some”) I always thought that was about Gwen.

  27. Watching blake say gwen is such an incredible writer and couldn’t agree more Thats why I think there should be a poll for best written gwen song make it happen jenny

  28. I LOVE that Bake said Gwen doesn’t get enough credit for her song writing. I think this is great, because I don’t think she got that validation from Gavin. There was an interview from ages ago, where she hinted that he criticized her lyrics. Something along the lines of couldn’t she hid the meaning of the lyrics and make them not so obvious. It’s paraphrasing but I recall her saying he did not liking putting everything out there in her songs. This was sometime before RS. Ha! Wonder how he feels now. If he had he listened to TK, he knew what he was getting into. I think Blake really gets her and adores her. This is the happiest I have seen her in ages.

  29. I like that he seems more into her than she is him, although they both seem totally in. This odd couple works and it is crazy that there are still some people who don’t think it’s real. You can’t manufacture that kind of chemistry.
    He seems attentive, committed and tender with her. After being so wounded that must be so welcome.
    Love their duet still!

  30. While I’m extremely happy for Gwen in her new relationship.. When I heard she was going to duet with her new boyfriend…(after all the years of her saying how cheesy it would be for her and Gavin to ever collaborate)… I thought this was a horrible idea. For 20++ years I’ve never heard her reference contemporary country music.. And if she did I prob wouldn’t be such a fan of ND and her solo work because it’s a world that’s so unfamiliar to me. BUT after watching this, there is absolutely no denying there chemistry and harmonizing. There vocals sound soooo great together!! Our lil OC ska-madness loving on a country track and completely killing it! This was great!!!

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