Glamour Magazine: Ask Gwen Stefani Anything

Thanks so much to nxdprincess for the heads up, but Glamour magazine on Facebook is asking it’s fans to submit a question for Gwen for an unknown reason as of now. We don’t think it would be another cover story since she graced the front less than a year ago, but maybe an upcoming article? We would love anything either way, maybe she would spill some beans on how the process is coming for the new album? If you are on Facebook, click here to submit your question. Did you already submit one or are planning to? What did you ask?

While you’re on your lunch break, riddle us this: What would you ask Gwen Stefani? Her fave lipstick? Reality TV show or choice? How she manages to look so darn cute all the time?

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  1. My questions:

    -How does it feel when you look into a crowd and se a bunch of “Gwen-abees” dressed just like you?

    -Who currently owns the Beacon Street House?

    -When you were playing in the Beacon Street House did you ever think you would play for sold out arenas?

    -What are your favorite songs to perform live?

    -Are there anymore kids in the plans?

    -Is hard to pick songs for a set list for a tour like the 2009 tour where you could pick anything from any album?

    -Obviously, you are working on a new album, when do you think it might be released? Later this year? Early next year?

    -What kind of sound have you gone with for this album? Back to the ska/reggae days (hopefully)?

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