Glamour: Gwen Answers Your Facebook Questions… Kind Of

Glamour — Hi ladies! Hope you’re resting up after a long week. Not sure what your Monday to Friday was like, but mine was a little wild: Not only did we get a mini-blizzard in NYC, but I got to hang out with Gwen Stefani not once, but twice! You’ll never guess what we chatted about (okay, maybe since this is running on a beauty blog, you might be able to guess…)

Gwen was in New York this week to both prep for her LAMB line presentation and to promote her latest Harajuku Girl summer scent, Sunshine Cuties. When I caught up with her sat there, she was surrounded by dozens of her cute little fragrance bottles. (Side note: I want them all!) We talked about fragrance (of course), makeup (natch), her LAMB show (it is fashion week after all) and…Gavin! (Since it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow I think it’s okay to take a moment to swoon.)

GLAMOUR: The new fragrances are so cute! Which one is your favorite?

GWEN: It’s so hard to choose, but they’re all really cool, aren’t they? And they’re a lot lighter than the last ones we did. I think anyone can wear any of them.

Do you wear all of them?

What I’ll do is I will get really into one, wear it all the time, then I try something new, and then, I’ll get into that one. I don’t switch every day. I’m the same with clothes, I’ll get really into these pants and wear them a lot until I get into something else.

What’s the coconut scent mean to you?

I just always liked the smell of coconut, I like that whole Hawaiian Tropic thing. Growing up I was never super into perfume. (It always made me feel a little bit sick!) I always was more into lotions and oils: I had this coconut lotion that I loved so they incorporated that into it.

We asked our readers what they’d want to ask you on Facebook and we got a lot of questions. So I’m going to ask you a few of their Q’s. First off: that gorgeous lipstick shade of yours. Everyone wants to know what your favorite is!

I have a lot of different reds that I wear. For the show we are going to do a really dark, dark red, but I just wear anything from, I mix it up, mostly blue reds, now recently I’ve kind of got into pinks which I hadn’t done for a long time and I started wearing a burgundy color for a while. But it’s always a dark red because that’s what my husband likes.

(FYI, I found out that she was wearing a mixture of MAC Ruby Roo and Russian Redat her LAMB show!)

Speaking of your husband…Valentine’s day is the weekend. What’s the most romantic thing your husband’s ever done for you–and you for him?

Oh, probably, marry me! (laughs) Procreate with me! (laughs again) That’s pretty romantic isn’t it?

Can you tell me a little about the makeup inspiration behind your LAMB show?

Because the whole collection is a little bit soldier girl, boudoir-like, vintage Hollywood girl, we drew inspiration from those old 1930’s black, real black eyes, dark lips, a lot of makeup, and really sexy, really like naughty, kind of, well…I won’t go too far into all the fantasy stuff, but I drew from old Ellen Von Unwerth shoots. The hair is very set, very Hollywood, and really vintage in feeling.

Well Gwen’s fantasy played out at the show. Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury gave the models those dark, dark, outlined lips (created by mixing black and red lipsticks) and super sexy eyes which were whipped up with lots of liner, mascara on top and bottom lashes, and finally, a bit black MAC eye gloss on top of the lids!

Meanwhile, Gwen’s own hairstylist of the past 17 years, Danilo used Moroccanoil products and a small curling iron to create the girls’ awesome retro curls. What made the style seem so modern? A center part and clip-on bang extensions! He even styled little Zuma’s hair (Gwen’s adorable baby)! I found out that actually Gwen cuts her kids’ hair herself–Danilo taught her how! How cute is that?

Phew! I know I’ve gone on and on here but I know you heart Gwen as much as I do! So what do you think about the makeup and hair at the LAMB show? How about those gorgeous little fragrance bottles?

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