Get to Know Team Gwen and How to Vote in the Live Playoffs

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Before heading into the Live Playoffs on The Voice starting tomorrow, we wanted to take a look at Team Gwen ahead of the Coach’s Comeback, which has each team welcoming back one eliminated artist into the competition. You can also find ways to vote and follow Team Gwen heading into the Live Playoffs and we’ll continue to share more throughout the season!

Make sure to tune into the two-night premiere of the Live Playoffs this Monday and Tuesday on NBC at 8:00PM ET/PT.

Team Gwen Artists

JChosen (@jchosenmusic / iTunes)

The Voice — JChosen has always loved music, but his large stature made his main focus basketball. While in college, he was plagued with multiple injuries, which ended his basketball career. He later met a music producer who told him to try an open mic night, and he’s been hooked on music ever since. He gigs throughout Atlanta and makes money as a special needs teacher’s assistant. He recently became a father but finds it difficult to see his son, as he lives three hours from his child’s mother.

Quizz Swanigan (@kidquizz / iTunes)

Stolen artist from Team Alicia

The Voice — Quizz has been fighting for his life from the time he was born due to lung disease and a bone disorder. In and out of hospitals, he overcame the illnesses and starting singing in church. From ages five to 10, he posted videos online and was featured on many TV shows. He was even featured in a Michael Jackson stage production that toured the nation. In 2014, he moved to Los Angeles with his family and has had a recurring voiceover gig and also performed opposite Wesley Snipes on NBC’s “The Player.” He has taken some time to focus on school and perfecting his talents by writing and working in the studio.

Brennley Brown (@brennleybrown / iTunes)

Stolen artist from Team Blake

The Voice — Brennley grew up listening to country music and performing in school talent shows. Her signature move was throwing her pink cowgirl hat into the audience at shows. She recently was cast as Lily on the animated show “Sofia the First.” For two years, starting at age three, she watched her mother go in and out of hospitals before she was diagnosed with Lyme carditis, which has no cure. Music helped Brennley cope with her mother’s diagnosis. Her dad owns a hair salon where she spends her spare time when she’s not gigging, doing voiceover work or homework!

Hunter Plake (@hunterplake / iTunes)

Stolen artist from Team Alicia

The Voice — Hunter was influenced by church and music from a young age by his family. His dad was in the Christian rock band Brother Brother and he’s been leading worship since he was 14. “The Voice” is his first time performing outside of church. Recently married, he records demos with his brother in his home studio. He lost his home, church and car after the Baton Rouge floods and is currently living with his parents in Lafayette, helping repair the church in his spare time.

Troy Ramey (@iamtroymusic / iTunes)

The Voice — Troy grew up in a modest family household where there was no TV but plenty of music. He dreamed of going to college to study engineering and play basketball, but after his dad’s death, he transferred to Boston College and focused on helping his mother. While working at a restaurant, he started to jam with co-workers and joined a band called In Like Lions, which had a five-year run. Three years ago, he decided to join his girlfriend in New York and pursue his career as a singer-songwriter. He held a job at an engineering firm for a couple of years in order to fund his debut EP. In 2016, his music caught fire on streaming sites – with almost 4 million plays and counting – so he decided to to leave his job and pursue music full time.

And Gwen’s Coach Comeback artist is…

We’ll have to see and will post details once the artist is announced! Contenders are Savannah Leighton, Brandon Royal, Johnny Gates, Kenny P, Sammie Zonana and Jozy Bernadette.

How to Vote

You can check out all official voting rules on which breaks down time zones and eligibility.

Photo courtesy of The Voice

Photo courtesy of The Voice

Official app voting

By using the official Voice app, fans may vote up to 10 times only per voting period using a valid email address. A perk of using of the app gives fans the opportunity to vote early starting at 8:00 PM EST while other voting methods are open starting at 9:55 PM EST. Fans must be at at least 13 years old and register with a valid email address. In the app, you can also save your favorites, Tweet about the artists directly and even suggest songs that you would like to see contestants perform.

You can download the official app from iTunes and Google Play.

Online voting using Facebook and

Fans 13 years and older are able to vote for their favorite Team Gwen contestant up to 10 times using a valid email address during each voting period on either and/or If you vote more than 10 times, your votes will not count. Keep in mind that you either need to have a Facebook account or register on to vote.

iTunes and AppleMusic streaming

By purchasing or streaming an artist’s song on iTunes during a voting period, your purchase and stream (must be at least for :30 seconds) will count as a vote. If a member of Team Gwen makes it into the iTunes Top 200 Singles Chart during that time, they will also receive an iTunes bonus which multiples their iTunes download votes by 10. Eligible songs are counted from the live preferences from the night. Click here for more information on iTunes voting and support.

During the shows, we’ll provide direct iTunes links to purchase and vote for your favorite artists. Links are also provided above for each contestant’s iTunes pages to check out more. We also encourage viewers to follow their favorite artists on Twitter for the latest.

Twitter Instant Save

Starting with the Top 12, fans are able to “Instant Save” an artist that has been voted out during each elimination episode. Viewers are given a five-minute window to vote for their favorite contestant by using hashtags on Twitter to have someone move on and dodge being eliminated.

We recommend checking out the official rules page for detailed explanation of how the process works including alternate spellings of artists names that are accepted.

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