Get To Know Team Gwen And How To Vote In The Live Playoffs



With the Live shows kicking off tonight on The Voice where fans need to vote to keep their favorite contestant in the running, we’ve decided to put together ways to let your voice be heard.

First, below are the five current members of Team Gwen heading into the Live Playoffs and how to vote!

Team Gwen

Taylor John Williams (iTunes) (NBC Artist Page)

Taylor has always loved to sing, even though none of his friends shared his interest. Taylor’s teacher encouraged him to sing at his high school graduation, and he’s been pursuing music ever since. He currently lives in Portland, working in a bar and as a street performer when he can, but he is looking to take his music career to the next level. (Portland, OR)

Bryana Salaz (iTunes) (NBC Artist Page)

Bryana comes from an Army family, and she can’t even keep track of all the different schools she’s attended. She’s turned the constant moves into a positive though and is able to make friends easily and face fears and uncertainty head on. She’s hoping her background will give her a competitive edge on The Voice. (San Antonio, TX)

Ricky Manning (iTunes) (NBC Artist Page)

Ricky is one of seven kids and grew up singing with his brothers, one of who has charted as a musician in France. Ricky gigged throughout high school, and now that he’s graduated, he’s put college on hold for a year to try to make it. He’s been performing in subway stations in New York City; but his year is running out, and he hopes The Voice is the break he needs. (Cape Coral, FL)

Anita Antoinette (iTunes) (NBC Artist Page)

Anita returns to The Voice stage after she auditioned in Season 3. Although she wasn’t able to get a chair to turn, she impressed the coaches, and they encouraged her to come back. Two years later, Anita’s taking their advice and giving it another shot. (Kingston, Jamaica/Boston, MA)

Ryan Sill (iTunes) (NBC Artist Page)

Ryan’s mom teaches vocal lessons, so he and his sisters grew up performing at recitals. At first, singing was just a hobby and Ryan went to college to become an engineer. He joined an a cappella group on campus and realized singing is where his true passion lies. Ryan has taken a year off from college to pursue music and is hoping The Voice can reaffirm that he’s made the right decision. (Sterling, VA)

Voting Availability

The following information was provided by NBC and is subject to change at anytime. The live performance shows will start tonight (Monday, November 10, 2014) and will run until the show’s season finale on Monday, December 15, 2014. For the duration of the season, we’ll continue posting highlights from each episode and live voting methods when available.

There are many different ways to vote for your favorite Team Gwen contestant including Phone Voting, Online Voting (using The Voice Facebook Voting app), Text Voting (using Sprint SMS), voting through The Voice Official mobile app (App Voting) and by downloading eligible performance songs via iTunes (iTunes Voting).

Click here for a timetable of voting times for all 50 states starting Monday and ending the next day, Tuesday.

Ways To Vote

Toll-Free Phone Voting

To cast a vote using Phone Voting, fans can simply just dial the toll-free number that will be displayed on-screen at the end of the show that corresponds with the contestant of their choice. After calling in during the designated time zone (click here for times), a message will answer thanking you for your vote. You can call in your vote up to 10 times only. Anything after 10 will not be counted.

Online Voting

Fans 13+ and older are able to vote for their favorite Team Gwen contestant up to 10 times per valid email address during each voting period on either and/or If you vote more than 10 times, your votes will not count.

The Voice Official App Voting

By using the official Voice app, fans may vote up to 10 times only per voting period using a valid email address. You can also vote early starting at 8:00 PM EST using the app while other voting methods are open starting at 9:55 PM EST.

Download the official Voice app: iTunes / Google Play

iTunes Voting

By picking up an artist’s song on iTunes during a voting period, your purchase will count as a vote. If a member of Team Gwen makes it into the iTunes Top 200 Singles Chart during that time, they will also receive an iTunes bonus which multiples their iTunes download votes by 10. Eligible songs are counted from the live preferences from the night. Click here for more information on iTunes voting.

During the shows, we’ll provide direct iTunes links to purchase and vote for your favorite artists. Links are also provided above for each contestant’s iTunes pages to check out more.

SMS Phone Voting

Fans that are Sprint phone subscribers are able to vote by texting the corresponding keyword shown on the weekly performance program for the artist of their choice to #8642. 10 votes will be accepted and your device must be capable of two-way messaging with text services. Message and data rates may apply.

Twitter Instant Save (Top 12)

Starting with the Top 12, fans are able to “Instant Save” an artist that has been voted out during each elimination episode. Viewers are given a five-minute window to vote for their favorite contestant by using hashtags on Twitter to have someone move on and dodge being eliminated.


We would like to wish Gwen and her team the best of luck! Please feel free to share your favorite voting methods with us and any tips you may have for others to use.

6 Replies to “Get To Know Team Gwen And How To Vote In The Live Playoffs”

    1. Don’t feel bad. It’s a lot to watch every week and I find myself binge watching each week on my days off since it’s hard for me to watch live. Thankfully I’m able to collect details and videos pretty quickly after the east coast feed airs for the site.

  1. Jenny,

    Isn’t Gwen supposed to perform BDL tonight? Yesterday I heard Carson mention that Pharrell will be performing so that left me a little surprised… Any news or updates on if she will perform or not?

    1. According to several reports, yes, she is. Her name wasn’t mentioned in the broadcast and honestly was never confirmed by NBC or Gwen in the first place. The Maroon 5 story turned out to be true so it was assumed as well that Gwen would be performing. Maybe plans changed at the last minute regarding her performance slot or she just wasn’t mentioned during the show… which is strange either way. We’ll have to see.

  2. I have really been loving watching Gwen’s advice. It’s clear she’s really into the contestants and really wants to impart all the things she’s learned on her journey. Just toes inspiring. And my fav is Taylor, he’s amaze. Go Team G!

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