Get To Know Team Gwen and How To Vote Before the Live Playoffs

Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC
Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC

Before heading into the Live Playoffs on The Voice this week, we wanted to take a look at Team Gwen ahead of the Coach’s Comeback, which has each team welcoming back one eliminated artist for the first time in the show’s history. You can also find ways to vote and follow Team Gwen heading into the Live Playoffs and we’ll continue to share more throughout the season!

Make sure to tune into the three-night premiere of the Live Playoffs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on NBC at 8:00PM ET/PT.

Braiden Sunshine (@BraidenSunshine)

“The youngest person on the show this season, Braiden just turned 15 and is only a freshman in high school. But age doesn’t stop him from performing. He has been in two bands with older, college-aged members and has played over 300 live shows. Though he suffers from severe asthma, he has plenty of energy and makes the most out of his performances.” – The Voice

Jeffery Austin (@JefferyAustin)

“After Jeffrey’s father passed away when he was nine years old, Jeffrey grew up with his mom, grandparents and brother. During that time, Jeffrey pursued music in high school and auditioned for all the school musicals. At 16, with the support of his family, Jeffrey came out after years of trying to hide his sexuality. Despite wanting to study music in college, his mom preferred that he take a more stable course. Jeffrey majored in communications with an emphasis in advertising. He now works at a public relations firm in New York, but is still itching to do music full-time.” – The Voice

Korin Bukowski (@KorinBukowski)

“Korin comes from a musical family – both of her parents were in bands – and they even installed a “band room” in their house so Korin quickly learned to love music. At age nine, she started to take choir lessons, and she is classically trained. Korin’s dad is her biggest musical influence, but when he was severely injured at work and her mom suffered a heart condition quickly after, Korin used music to get through the tough times. Knowing the difficulty of the music industry, she decided to invest in her education. She is entering her junior year as a pre-med student, but wants to give music one last shot.” – The Voice

Regina Love (Stolen) (@IAmReginaLove)

“Regina comes from a rich musical background. Her mother was a member of a gospel group and part of the first African American radio station, WDIA, in 1948. Her father was a singer in the local quartet, and all 12 of her brothers and sisters are also singers. Four of them formed a family group, The New Spiritual Wonders, touring the U.S. for 10 years. Eventually, Regina struck out on her own and moved to Atlanta where she signed to Evander Holyfield’s music label and toured with him all over the world. When that label went under, Regina started working as a radio talk show host. She’s hoping The Voice can revitalize her singing career.” – The Voice

Viktor Király (Stolen) (@KiralyViktor)

“Both of Viktor’s parents were musicians back in Hungary, but raised Viktor and his siblings in New York until he was 16 years old. Growing up, Viktor played drums in a few garage bands, but it wasn’t until he was back in his home country that he discovered his voice. He has had some commercial success as a singer in Hungary, but is hoping The Voice can help him take his music back to the States.” – The Voice

And Gwen’s comeback artist…

For the first time in the show’s history, they will be introducing the Coach’s Comeback, where each coach is able to bring back one eliminated artist from the competition back to their team. We could see Gwen bringing back either Kota Wade or Ellie Lawrence since she seemed to adore both of them and they were strong fan favorites.

Ways To Vote

Toll-Free Phone Voting

To cast a vote using Phone Voting, fans can simply just dial the toll-free number that will be displayed on-screen at the end of the show that corresponds with the contestant of their choice. After calling in during the designated time zone (click here for times), a message will answer thanking you for your vote. You can call in your vote up to 10 times only. Anything after 10 will not be counted.

Online Voting

Fans 13+ and older are able to vote for their favorite Team Gwen contestant up to 10 times per valid email address during each voting period on either and/or If you vote more than 10 times, your votes will not count.

The Voice Official App Voting

By using the official Voice app, fans may vote up to 10 times only per voting period using a valid email address. You can also vote early starting at 8:00 PM EST using the app while other voting methods are open starting at 9:55 PM EST.

Download the official Voice app: iTunes / Google Play

iTunes Voting

By picking up an artist’s song on iTunes during a voting period, your purchase will count as a vote. If a member of Team Gwen makes it into the iTunes Top 200 Singles Chart during that time, they will also receive an iTunes bonus which multiples their iTunes download votes by 10. Eligible songs are counted from the live preferences from the night. Click here for more information on iTunes voting.

During the shows, we’ll provide direct iTunes links to purchase and vote for your favorite artists. Links are also provided above for each contestant’s iTunes pages to check out more.

SMS Phone Voting

Fans that are Sprint phone subscribers are able to vote by texting the corresponding keyword shown on the weekly performance program for the artist of their choice to #8642. 10 votes will be accepted and your device must be capable of two-way messaging with text services. Message and data rates may apply.

Twitter Instant Save (Top 12)

Starting with the Top 12, fans are able to “Instant Save” an artist that has been voted out during each elimination episode. Viewers are given a five-minute window to vote for their favorite contestant by using hashtags on Twitter to have someone move on and dodge being eliminated.

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