Get Ready for ‘The Voice’ Live Finale with Team Gwen’s Jeffery Austin (Updated)

Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC
Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC

Before this week’s Live Finale, we wanted to look back at Team Gwen’s final contestant heading in to win it all, Jeffery Austin. The 21-year-old from Chicago, Illinois shared that he hadn’t performed in over six years before appearing on The Voice. Jeffery works currently in New York at a public relations firm and had passed on his dream of studying music in college.

Jeffery has always been very special to Gwen since she turned the only chair for him back in the first round of competition. Gwen was taken over by his vocals and called his blind audition “a beautiful, beautiful performance.” “You have so much in that voice of yours, it’s pretty amazing.”

During the battle rounds, Gwen paired up Jeffery with fellow Team Gwen artist Noah Jackson and again was impressed with him and his growth in such a short time. “I can’t believe how far you’ve come and I mean the attitude you have and the way you move.” Unfortunately during the season, we were only able to see a brief clip of his performance included in a battle montage.

Jeffery really started to break out on his own with his powerful performance of Adele’s “Turning Tables”. He triumphed over fellow Team Gwen artist Kota Wade during the knockout rounds.

Week after week, Jeffery continued to deliver solid and emotional performance that connected both with Gwen and America over the live playoffs. One of his most memorable performances came from this past week’s semifinals with his signature ballad take on Cher’s pop classic “Believe.”

After announcing the top 3 artists that had secured their spot in the season 9 live finale (Team Adam’s Jordan Smith and Team Blake’s Emily Ann Roberts and Barrett Baber), Jefferey was named one of the three artists eligible to perform for the final fourth spot moving on. He was paired against Team Blake’s Zach Seabaugh and Team Pharrell’s only artist still in the competition, Madi Davis.

America pulled through for Team Gwen and Jeffery and he was named the winner of the Twitter Instant Save and claimed the last spot in next week’s live finale. When asked to speak about Gwen during the final moments before the announcement, Jeffery said, “Coming into the competition, one chair turn, it was Gwen. She’s believed in me this entire way, she’s opened my eyes on how to perform and open myself and share my emotions that I’ve kept inside for a long time. She’s let me pursue something that I’ve always wanted to do and I can’t thank her enough.”

While we’re crossing our fingers for another duet between Jeffery and Gwen, they did join the stage together with fellow Team Gwen artists Korin Bukowski and Braiden Sunshine during the top 11 eliminations.

We’re wishing nothing but the best for Jeffery Austin in The Voice live finale and he holds a strong shot of winning the competition for himself and Team Gwen! It would be so incredible for Gwen to take it all and be the first female Voice coach to win in the show’s history.

Fans can also look forward to a duet between Jeffery and Gwen during the finale of Stevie Nicks and Don Henley’s 1981 single, “Leather and Lace”. Yahoo revealed that the two have recorded their duet which should appear on iTunes soon!

24 Replies to “Get Ready for ‘The Voice’ Live Finale with Team Gwen’s Jeffery Austin (Updated)”

    1. I don’t think anyone is surprised by it… Christina does every other season. I’m sure Gwen will be back for season 11.

  1. Guys, UTLY has 5 million listens on spotify, which might seem a lot but Selena Gomez Same Old Love has 92 million listens within the same time period.
    I know we bought the song but if we don’t stream it, we’re not supporting the artist. If we (the fans) don’t do it, nobody else will. I’m not talking about being obsessive, I’m talking about whenever we feel like listening to the song, let’s use Spotify instead of iTunes, simple.

  2. The huge iTunes success compared to low streaming success just shows how oldfashioned Gwen’s fanbase is. Which is normal, I mean, I’m 26 so I’m not online all the time like kids are nowadays. It’s just about adjusting our listening platform.

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of that song, but I think Gwen and Jeff will do a good job with it! I’m just excited for another Gwen song…even if it’s a collab lol

    What are the predictions on where Jeff will place in the competition? You should have done a poll with this post Jenny!

  4. I’m secretly hoping he beats Jordan, but I think America has already chosen the winner. Jeff will probably be 3rd…

  5. I want Jeffrey to win, even if he wasn’t on Gwen’s team. I think Jordan is awesome but its been clear he has definitely been chosen as the one by NBC. He’s had an edge from the start, I don’t think he even needed the extra pimping. Blake’s two may split votes which could hurt them. Either way I think Emily-Ann will go off and do something. I didn’t think Barrett should be final 4, I wanted Madi. I foresee Jordan winning, anyone else would surprise me but I’m hoping its Jeffrey.

    1. I agree. I don’t think Barrett should be in the finale at all. It would be amazing if Team Gwen won this. I hope they picked a killer song. Jeffrey has emotion on his performances. Thing that Jordan lacks a bit imo. I’m always bored during his performances, particularly Hallelujah. I thought it was average.

  6. Jordan is going to win, boring. I can see Jeffery and Emily-Ann actually having a chance to make it outside the show.

  7. Guys, it would mean the world to Gwen (and Jefferey of course) if he won. We all have to vote for him as much as possible to make sure that happens. His songs for tonight are already on iTunes but they don’t count as votes unless you buy them after 9:55 so be sure to do that. Try to vote on and on The Voice app as much as you can. If Jeffery won it would make Voice history as the first one chair turn to win and the first female coach to win, which would be amazing for both of them!

  8. Jeffery Austin & Gwen Stefani’s version of ‘Leather and Lace’ is already available on iTunes for download! Unfortunately, it’s just an US exclusive… 🙁 (I hope someone uploads it and share it…)

    1. Are you in the US? Some fans have already downloaded it… I want to hear the full version, but it won’t be available outside of US.

      1. Yeah I’m in the US. I bought it…it sounds nice, but nothing terribly exciting. I’m sure it’ll end up on YouTube at some point so you can listen to it.

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