Get Ready For The Voice Premiere

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It’s here! Season seven of The Voice kicks off tonight on NBC starting at 8:00 PM ET/PT! The two-night season premiere debuts with the first set of Blind Auditions which has the coaches (Gwen, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton) vying over contestants. We’ve decided to put together a post to celebrate Gwen’s new adventure and explain to everyone what The Voice is and how to familiarize yourself with the show.

During the season, we’ll be putting together full recaps and reviews of each episode with clips for those not able to tune in.

The Voice airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 PM ET/PT, 7:00 PM CT on NBC.

Access Hollywood previewed the season premiere and said for viewers to “expect the unexpected” from Gwen on the show.

For the latest news, videos and updates, please head over to our Voice Coverage page that will be updated weekly throughout the season — click here!

How The Voice works

Though the Blind Auditions have already been taped during the summer, viewers will get to finally see all the action over the first couple of weeks. For the first five rounds, the competitors will face-off during the Blind Auditions. During this time, the Voice coaches will select and try to win over the contestants and may also have the chance to steal some away from each other. Since the auditions are “blind”, the coaches have no idea what the contestant looks like so they only go off of their voices to decide if they want to pursue the contestant. Once they like what they hear, they push their buttons to turn their chairs around to face them.

The second round of competition is known as the Battle Rounds, where to contestants will face-off against each other again. It’s then the Voice coaches job to decide which singer is a better fit for their team. For instance, Gwen will need to choose between two of her original picks for Team Gwen. The “loser” of the battle can potentially either be sent home or “stolen” to go to another team. For example, if Gwen had to choose between two and found one better than the other, Adam could potentially take one of her original picks for his own team. During this time, its custom for the coaches to also give advice and tips to move on to the next stage of competition.

The third round is known as the Knockout Rounds where more contestants will be eliminated from the show. Team members will battle head-to-head with a song of their choice from a designated list of picks from the coaches. Teammates are paired together and the coach must decide who did a better job than the other. The losers of the battle are either then sent home or may be again “stolen” by another coach. Coaches are though only given one “save” during this process.

The next stage is known as the Live Shows. After the contestants are brought down to 20, the remaining competitors will compete against each other for votes to move on to the fifth and final round, the Live Performance Shows. Votes are tallied each week from America and only two members of each team will move on and be “saved” with also a third “save” from the coach themselves.

The Live Shows, and final round, will feature the Top 12 contestants (3 from each team) and they will compete against each other for America’s votes during the live broadcasts each week. The 3 contestants with the least amount of votes from America have the opportunity to sing again the following night (Tuesday) in which one potentially can be “Instantly Saved” by viewers who think that they did the best job. These votes are tallied by Twitter fans who Tweet into the show with the name of the team member who they would like to see continue.

During the season finale, the winner from either Team Gwen, Team Adam, Team Pharrell or Team Blake will be named after the votes from America and a choice has been made by the coaches have been tallied together. The lucky winning contestant will be awarded with a recording contract and the title of “The Voice” of season seven.

Team Gwen

Over the next few weeks, viewers will watch as Team Gwen is put together by choices she’s made (and the contestants themselves!) that she will continue to mentor and support during the season. Husband Gavin will also be at her side towards the beginning mentoring and advising her along the way. Though she’s called the experience somewhat “awkward” at first, she’s called the sessions quite “rewarding” in the sense of being able to reflect where their careers have taken them over the past two decades.


Coach performances

Throughout the season, we’ll be treated to unique and memorable performances from Gwen and fellow coaches. Tonight’s premiere includes a special version of “Hella Good” featuring Pharrell on drums, Adam Levine on guitar and Blake Shelton all accompanying Gwen on vocals.

With new music from Gwen (and both No Doubt) on the horizon, The Voice would be an incredible stage to promote and perform!

Where to watch and connect

We will keep BSO updated with the latest links and streams to check out clips and full episodes of the show but we also recommend checking out the following to keep connected!

Once the voting process starts, we will keep the site updated with ways to have your voice heard, tallies for Team Gwen and how she’s progressing in the competition.

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  1. Yeah…I don’t have cable so it’s going to be hard for me to keep up, but I think NBC posts the episodes on their website?

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