“Get Ready For The Gwen Stefani Onslaught”


Music publisher Michael St. James Tweeted out yesterday night to everyone about the “upcoming Gwen Stefani onslaught” that is right around the corner. More curiously is he hinted to “a lot” coming from Gwen saying “its good” and the “definition of 360 deal”.

Gwen is rumored to be working on a third solo album due out just in time for the holidays. Though nothing still has yet to be confirmed, multiple artists are said to be working alongside her, including Pharrell Williams and Diplo.

Though new music seems inevitable from Gwen or No Doubt at some point soon, the Tweet may also be referring to her multiple projects happening this year including The Voice, L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers (including both a new fragrance and cartoon scheduled), Harajuku Mini, DWP and a rumored holiday collection with OPI. But according to Wikipedia, a “360 deal is a business relationship between an artist and a music industry company. The company agrees to provide financial support for the artist, including direct advances as well as funds for marketing, promotion and touring. The artist agrees to give the company a percentage of all of their income, including sales of recorded music, live performances and any other income. The business arrangement is an alternative to the traditional recording contract.”

Just a little more insight from the insiders on what to possibly expect.


St. James replied back to a fan saying that new music from Gwen is coming “soon” and couldn’t reveal anything more.

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  1. I’m expecting some killer tracks. I’d be happy if she had at least 1 track that topped WYWF. 🙏 🙌

  2. If that’s the case, she lose a lot of money because the record company will have a cut into all her endeavors ranging from clothing, to endorsement deals, and touring. Record companies don’t profit from selling music these days. I wonder if it’ll be worth it?

  3. She should be taking control over her own brand, NOT forking over money to a fucking record company. 360 deals are for new/young bands who NEED a label to commit to financial support. She, nor No Doubt, needs that at this time. Garbage is doing it right – going out on their own and saying fuck you to labels. Jimmy I has her brainwashed, it’s pretty sick.

  4. Yeah, this makes me feel like it will be less “authentic Gwen” and more “staged Gwen”. We’re going to get a version of Gwen that her labels tell her to be. They’re going to convince her to do and be things that they think her fans want. Well, I want authentic Gwen!

  5. I may be wrong but I think that was the kind of deal she had for her 2 previous solo records? And everything went smoothly.

  6. I doubt she had 360 deal back then. The record company probably either paid her a huge sum of money for a 360 deal or she probably really wanna market her solo record because then she’ll probably have more budget for music videos n other stuff. The Gwen Stefani brand is pretty tempting for a record company. It encompass a great array of avenues for profit. And much of her product are quite intertwined. And she seem very eager to revitalize both LAMB n harajuku lovers

  7. A 360 deal does NOT mean that the artist has less control of their image, creativity, etc.

    Maybe this is what gwen meant when she said that she was going to “do it different” this time around

  8. I have never heard the term “360 deal” before, but judging by the definiton it sounds pretty much like what they did during her first two solo eras: Spending tons of money on promotion, releasing additional products besides music and getting her huge gigs. How could that be bad? I don’t get some people’s fear of a “staged Gwen” that is fully controlled by the record company. At least the record label will actually be doing something and take care of things. Not like the P&S era.

  9. Plus I don’t think Gwen will sit and do everything the label want her to do. Remember that she hasn’t started yesterday. We’re talking about Gwen Stefani, not some wannabe. She always had enough freedom to do whatever she wants. I’m sure most of the ideas she brings to the table are more than welcome.

  10. Yeah I’m not worried at all. She has more than 20 years experience in this industry and she always seemed to know what she wants. I don’t think she’d sacrifice her integrity for success. She’s a smart and tough person.

  11. Ditto to yeahyeahyeah. I don’t think the label will take too much control over her image. Gwen has plenty of money, she’s a valuable asset for a label, and she’s been around forever. I feel like she can do whatever she wants.

  12. Madonna did a similair deal when she departed with Warner. LiveNation in collaboration with Interscope paid her a little over 100 million dollars for touring, merch, etc. I believe Interscope pays her a million advance for each album too. This is great news for Gwen. JayZ did the same thing too.

  13. Interscope didn’t not profit from touring, lamb, harajukuulovers n other endorsements aside from record sales if im not mistaken.

  14. I think this is really good news (in case it’s true), because this sort of deal will guarantee a lot more label support and we all remember that label support was exactly what the P&S era was lacking. If the label gets money out of everything Gwen does/releases they will do whatever they can to make her huge again.

  15. I have a feeling their goin to make an announcement similar to when Madonna signed a 360 deal with live nation… With all the stuff she’s about to release ranging from the cartoon to the clothes to the new music… It’s goin to a major comeback. And bet you, most of the profits will be from the fashion lines. She just need that one major hit…

  16. She really needs just one huge hit again and with all the stuff that seems to be planned, it would probably spark a major comeback. I really hope she has been working on some nice tunes. If it’s done right, this could become her defining moment as a solo artist. Let’s hope “My heart is open” will be a good lead-in to all the things to come.

  17. You’re probably right, yeahyeahyeah. Gwen’s a smart cookie who has been around the block a few times. She knows exactly what she is getting herself into, and she knows what she needs to do to make this work. Plus, the record labels know they can trust her style and vision, as she has proved that over and over through the years. It’s true that she’ll need one huge, breakout hit to send this era into orbit. I’m just wondering if the world is even ready for this!!!

  18. For me the problem is WHAT SHE WANTS, because if she is doing a solo record it’s just for FAME, during the Push and Shove era she said often she NEVER WILL MADE A SOLO RECORD again, so is not a coincidence that after the failure of the No Doubt record she want a solo record…. THAT’S SAD
    There is so many bands from the 90’s that still together and touring all over the world, doing concerts in small places with a small crowd, and i think that’s not bad, if they (or she) want a big crowd, THEY HAVE TO WORK HARD AND CONSTANTLY TOGETHER ….

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