Get Gwen’s favorite messy bun

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The Belfast Telegraph did a fashion piece on Miss Gwen on which they give you simple directions on how to get the messy bun she loves so much.

Belfast Telegraph — Gwen Stefani’s messy hair bun works for “many different occasions”, says a top hair stylist.

The singer has been rocking the casually cool look both on-and-off the red carpet of late.

The busy mother-of-two was photographed last week with the look, and also sported the same style with Stella McCartney at a high profile event.

L’Oréal Paris stylist Johnny Lavoy says the star has proven the hair statement is multipurpose.

“This look can work for many different occasions depending on your personal style,” he told Stylelist.

“What makes this look so versatile is that even though it’s a form of bun – which is classic – the texture adds an element of casualness and makes it more modern.”

Johnny also shared his tips on how to achieve the bun. He says the style is perfect for good and bad hair days.

“The great thing about this look is that you can achieve it with freshly shampooed hair or hair that’s not so clean,” he said. “If your hair is clean, I would suggest using a texturising product. If your hair is not freshly shampooed, you can simply use a flexible hairspray.”

The hair expert says to get the look start by prepping hair with hairspray or texturising cream and pulling out face framing wisps for a softer effect.

Finally, he advises coiling the pony tail into a tight bun and securing with bobby pins.

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