Gavin Revealed as Gwen’s Advisor For The Voice (Updated with Access Hollywood Interview)



Gwen and Gavin sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss working together on The Voice. Gwen calls the experience “interesting” since they haven’t collaborated on much together over the years. “We have never been in this kind of situation before, so it’s weird!”

Gwen also shared a little advice that was given to her by former Voice coach Christina Aguilera.


Yahoo has exclusively revealed that Gavin has been named Gwen’s advisor for season seven of The Voice! They also shared a new sweet photo of the two on-set from this past Thursday.

Advisors work side-by-side with Voice coaches and mentors her along the way with her contestants. Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks was recently revealed to be working with Adam Levine this upcoming season.

We’re excited to see the couple work together and its such a great moment that they get to share!

The article mentions rumors about Gwen collaborating again with Pharrell on new solo material. It was confirmed Pharrell was indeed working with No Doubt on new music last year.

Yahoo! — Gwen Stefani will be joining The Voice this fall as a new coach, and when it comes time to mentor her dozen contestants, she’ll have a very trusted comrade on her side. Yahoo Music’s Reality Rocks can exclusively reveal that her husband of 12 years, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale, will be the adviser to Team Gwen.

This isn’t the first time there’s been a husband/wife mentoring duo on The Voice: Blake Shelton’s other half, Miranda Lambert, was a Team Blake adviser in Season 2. (Miranda also was a mentor last season, although in that instance, she defected and helped out Team Shakira.) However, Gwen and Gavin’s pairing is a special one, as the two rarely perform together and usually prefer to keep their personal relationship out of the media spotlight.

It’s been almost two years since Gwen made a rare guest appearance during Bush’s set at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas to duet on “Glycerine.” Will there be another Gwen/Gavin duet on The Voice in Season 7? Watch this space.

Gwen is reportedly working with fellow new Voice coach and “Hollaback Girl” collaborator Pharrell Williams on her first solo material since 2006, and Bush is currently in Dave Grohl’s famous Studio 606 recording the follow-up to the 2011 reunion album The Sea of Memories; Bush’s yet-untitled album is due out in October.

Access Hollywood also shared an exclusive interview with both Gwen and Gavin in regards to their announcement. Gavin says that his main objective is to bring the best out of Gwen on the show saying he’s “just like a side thing”. Gwen also commends Gavin on doing such a great job with her and called him “articulate” and “smart”.

Access Hollywood — “I don’t know how it came about, but it was just one of those things [where] the idea was mentioned – I wasn’t even sure who was mentioning it – and then it came around to, ‘So, next week you ready? You are gonna come and do this?” Gavin told Access’ Liz Hernandez in a new interview.

“It’s a lot of pressure!” he continued. “These people like, I press my button because I thought they sounded good, and then I fight for them. You are in the moment and then they choose you, and it’s like wow, that’s their whole life right this moment! So I felt really responsible.”

This is the first time the Bush frontman has worked with Gwen on a project outside of the studio, and he shared his strategy for being a good mentor for his wife’s team.

“The main thing, from my perspective, is just to make sure that Gwen is so good and excellent like all the other judges on the show,” he said. “It’s just sort of to not interrupt and to normally let her speak, let her do her thing and I’m just like a side thing.”

Gwen said Gavin is doing a great job so far.

“He is super articulate and he has a really good opinion and he is smart and he’s been doing a really good job,” she said. “We both have, I think, a lot of experience in the sense that when you look back at all the shows and all the things we’ve done – and I mean, we all met like touring together and doing hundreds of shows – and it’s so fun to be in the position to meet [all of the contestants].”

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  1. This look is almost exactly the same one she used for the magazine cover when she introduced King to the world.

  2. I guess it’s perfect for them since they can be around each other and probably also bring the kids… but I wish she would have picked somebody else (not Tony). I’d really like to see her around new people for a change.

  3. this is cute and cuddly and all, but it’s hard not to be disappointed when adam is getting STEVIE NICKS!!
    How is that fair???
    gwen really should be getting joni mitchell. gavin? pfff.

  4. Are they trying to pull a Mr. And Ms. Carter on us? Lol. Works x them since they will have albums to promote.
    She deserved someone better.

  5. With Stevie Nicks onboard, Gavin being picked as advisor is kinda of a weak choice. But another strong female perfomer would have been the perfect fit for her.

  6. They seem so perfect together ! But on the set, only the contestants’music is the focus of attention. We wait their encouragements well chosen, kindliness and fun !

    good luck for gwen’s team ! she will be the best for the job !

  7. Gavin is actually a great pick. He’s a strong writer and is actually a really smart man. He makes great choices musically and still has a strong fan base. The contestants will be lucky to have him. Good timing for him to since Bush is coming out with a new record.

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