Video: Gwen’s Access Hollywood Interview; Recap Added

Here is the full Access Hollywood interview segment that aired tonight! Again, we really appreciate Gwen taking the time to do the interview. We really admire her.

Below is our recap!

In Gwen’s latest interview with Access Hollywood, the interviewer starts off by saying that Gwen is a very lovely person and stated that she had nothing to hide.

When asked about the rumors concerning her “troubled marriage”, she responded with “It doesn’t matter. You could have a picture that has nothing to do with what’s going on, but they’ll make it look like it’s part of the rumor. You know what I’m saying?”

Gwen confirms that the rumors going around are simply just that — rumors. The interviewer shows a recent photo of the couple sharing a kiss while fishing last weekend and Gwen responded with “Aww, can I have that?” She goes on to say that fishing was “traumatizing”, saying that she would rather be at the grocery store. Aww!

The video also showcased some breathtaking set footage from Gwen’s latest L’Oreal commercial shoot (wearing the black ensemble we saw her in earlier this week). It’s also been revealed that she is shooting a new commercial for L’Oreal Superior Hair Preference.

The interviewer starts a fashion flashback segment with Gwen showing her photos from the past, starting off with a band shot from 1997. She mentions that Gavin actually gave her the sweater she’s wearing in the shot and added her own sequins to it. She also thinks that she should have gotten her hair done for that shoot (we don’t think so!) They then recall one of her looks from 1999 when she was wearing braces. She got them put on when the band finished recording Return of Saturn, and got them because she’s always wanted braces and was finally able to afford them.

He shows her another look from 2006, when she graced the Grammy Awards red carpet in a leopard L.A.M.B. dress while pregnant with Kingston. Gwen says “I loved that one. It was an empire waist, and a really necessary one”.

They close the interview with Gwen speaking about the papparazzi saying for how incredibly annoying they are, she likes how many good family photos come from them.

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