Full Page Photo of Gwen in People Magazine

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Thank you to Mark for sending in a full-page scan of Gwen and Jennifer Lopez posing together at the Met Gala earlier this month in New York that is featured in the latest issue of People magazine.

Both Gwen and Jennifer look fabulous and it’s great to see the stunning photo in the magazine.

16 Replies to “Full Page Photo of Gwen in People Magazine”

  1. Does anyone else agree that Gwen could pull off JLo’s hairstyle? I think she would look really great. 😀

    1. I also agree about Jennifer’s hair! It’s fabulous and I always loved when Gwen pulled out the mohawk quiff.

  2. She would look awesome with J.Lo’s hair. I kinda wish she’d hire a new hairdresser to get some new ideas…

    1. Jenn, I believe she is still really close to Danilo. I do wish she was more adventurous with her hairstyles like back in the day. Let’s see what the new era brings. 🙂

  3. It would be good to see Gwen rocking some new mental locks, then again it wouldn’t really be new to Gwen, she has done it all before…….

  4. I love Gwen’s white blonde look. But I think it’s time for her to change the color I mean come on! I finally thought yeah! when she did the video for COOL the brown made her look so much younger and fresh! I would also like to see her with Red hair she would look great with red cause she is pale……..

  5. I *loved* her light pink hair in the beginning of the ROS era! I don’t think she would do that again though…

    I think a light brown would be a nice change.

  6. a little pink ‘wink’ would be nice, maybe just tips or some streaks. though she looks STUNNING in brunette locks, it would be a shocking twist. i’d like the ska bangs and ponytail to make a bit of a comeback, maybe some modern twist on it. but, it’s been all blonde since ‘bathwater’ except the ‘cool’ flashbacks.

    1. Yeah, I agree that the blonde will always be here to stay. I just miss the funky hair styles and the mixing up she used to do.

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