Former L.A.M.B. Collaborator Zaldy On Working With Gwen

A new interview with former L.A.M.B. collaborator Zaldy has popped up on, and he discusses how Gwen just came up to him one day and asked him if he would work on the line with her. Back then celebrity fashion lines were looked upon unfavorably, but he fell in love with the idea and Gwen so he signed on. He doesn’t mention still why he left L.A.M.B., but he did go onto design Michael Jackson’s tour outfits that were going to be featured on the infamous This Is It tour that never happened (Zaldy is actually featured in the film) and Lady Gaga.

Zaldy Goco is one of those rare creative talents who moves seamlessly between music and fashion. For almost two decades, the New-York based fashion designer has been working at close range with music stars to create looks that fit with their music and amplify their personal style, taste and aesthetic to millions of fans.

And, while his first big break may have come from working with Gwen Stefani on her L.A.M.B. label, it wasn’t until 2009 that Zaldy’s career reached its apogee.

BoF: Your first big music collaboration was with Gwen Stefani on her L.A.M.B. Line, which eventually grew into a substantial business?

Yes. Around the time when L.A.M.B. was just starting, Gwen just asked me one day, then and there, if I’d be interested in working with her on it. And I said “Of course” without knowing really knowing what that meant.

You have to remember the idea of music and fashion was just beginning, and celebrity fashion lines were a completely new phenomenon and generally looked upon unfavourably. But I loved Gwen so much and I was a big fan, so I decided to keep my own line and design for Gwen as well.

BoF: And so, for example, when you design for someone like Gwen Stefani, did you have a different creative process?

When I work on my own collection, I pretty much have my muses in place. But when I work with any musician, especially someone like Gwen, she is the muse. Musicians want to work with you because they want to get a certain perspective from me, but it really is a collaboration. It is a sharing of ideas. There’s a different creative energy. It’s not just about you. In fact, inspirations may come from somewhere you never expected.

It’s sort of like a think tank. We just bring our ideas together and just work from there.

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