Flickr Find: The Sweet Escape in St. Paul

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We are honestly obsessed! Thank you so much to Flickr user imzadi1234 for sharing these INCREDIBLE shots of Gwen from her stop in St. Paul, Minnesota from her 2007 Sweet Escape tour. All of these pictures are so stunning and we’re so thrilled to add them to our gallery!

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10 Replies to “Flickr Find: The Sweet Escape in St. Paul”

  1. IF Gwen is going to make another solo album should she do it soon while she is still young or save that for more no doubt albums? Delete my comment if its a bad question

  2. I might be alone, but I hope her solo thing is over… It was fun and I enjoyed some of it, but she is much better with No Doubt… I remember seeing her on the LAMB tour and thinking how strange it was without the guys… It wasn’t the same energy.

  3. Although I like most of no doubts work better, Gwen has had more success with her solo career. I mean other than tragic kingdom both her albums have sold more than any other ND records and she has had more hits in her solo career than no doubt. I love her album Love.Angel.Music.Baby its actually my favourite album of the past ten years and is a very influential album for new artists today. I think Gwen should be very proud of her solo work and maybe in years time she should do a solo tour with a few no doubt songs too aand maybe a gwen/no doubt greatest hits album. That would. be cool.

  4. Interesting point Layla. I also did enjoy gwen’s solo run a lot too. I don’t like how so many No Doubter’s bash her solo career. I think L.A.MB. is a pop masterpiece of the 21st century as is Rock Steady. And I do believe that is Gwen’s and No Doubt’s only album to be nominated for album of the year at the grammy’s so that is pretty cool. I must admit it would be cool to see a gwen solo and No Doubt concert. I would definitely be up for that.

  5. I agree with all the comments above except for Gwen doing a Gwen/No Doubt show. She is more respectful than Beyonce so you WILL NEVER hear her sing ND songs without the band.

    No Doubt has the potential to have a GREAT, NUMBER 1 album but they need to get out of their comfort zone. They do not enjoy writing with other people. This is something that needs to change. They need to collaborate with other producers and just thank Spike for his work on this album. Move forward. Their fanbase is not the same anymore and the way things are going….they won’t be here for that long.

    I still love them but it’s fading.

  6. I dont want to sound like a negative nancy but if they have another flop record they may end up being dropped from the label unless Jimmy propostions Gwen to do another record. The record company is in this for profit. If they see sales dwindle than that may be bad news for us and the band. I say all my remarks with love because I care and love them. xoxo

  7. OMG a gwen solo and ND tour would be amazing. And “Early Winter” is one of my top five ND/Gwen songs. That melody and her voice sounds so pretty.

  8. With all due respect I don’t see interscope ever dropping No Doubt even if their next record is another flop. They are legends and very good friends with the head chief, Jimmy Iovine.

  9. In a million years, No Doubt wouldn’t be dropped, in my opinion…
    Sales might not be incredible or anything but they are legends and all the incredible things they have done over the years just places them so high up in the industry, even though people forget a lot of the incredible experiences ND had in the past due to it not being current!

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