Flashback Friday: ‘The Sweet Escape’ Webisodes

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For today’s Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at Gwen’s webisode series that was released to coincide with The Sweet Escape‘s album release in December of 2006.

Fans were taken inside in the studio with Gwen while recording her followup album, The Sweet Escape‘s album photo shoot, finalizing the album, live rehearsals, her promotional shoot with photographer Mark Squires, and behind-the-scenes looks at both of the “Wind It Up” and “The Sweet Escape” music videos.

These webisodes are available as podcasts on iTunes for free if you would like to download!

6 Replies to “Flashback Friday: ‘The Sweet Escape’ Webisodes”

    1. Yes, it was! I remember during the era hearing about “Sparkle” so it peaked my interest more when they mentioned it during the Push and Shove sessions. I wonder how much was changed about it.

  1. Aaaw those were the days tbh. Everything was just perfect and magical back then.

    I guess the original “Sparkle” was a bit more 80s pop. Somehow I imagine it to have sounded a little bit like “Fluorescent”.

  2. Yeah Tom also mentioned they changed the song a lot. I’m still curious to listen to the original version. I hope Gwen/interscope release those songs sometime in the near future.

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