Flashback Friday: The Daily One Interview 2000

For this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at Gwen and Tony’s appearance on VH1’s The Daily One a few days before Return of Saturn was released in April 2000.

The two discussed writing Return of Saturn and Gwen shared that the band had written over 30 songs for the album. The band was depending on Gwen to write lyrics during the final months of recording and she had found it hard to come up with material (which didn’t end up making the album anyway).

No Doubt’s beloved VH1 special Behind The Music also aired on Sunday of that week in which the band say they were hesitant to take part of at first. Gwen was afraid that even though they had been a band for 13 years at that point, that they didn’t have enough of a dramatic back story like most featured artists and didn’t want to cause a rift between each other. The interviewer also brought up Gwen and Tony’s past relationship and questioned the two about possible tension between themselves and while being in a new (at the time) relationship with now husband Gavin Rossdale.

2 Replies to “Flashback Friday: The Daily One Interview 2000”

  1. If they were any less mature, they wouldn’t have been a band for this long. I think some other bands should (or should have a) look at No Doubt and take some well needed advice. Just saying… Anyaay, I missed having cable at that time cause No Doubt were all over the fucking place then. 2000 will always be a year I look back on. Alot of shit happend that year for me, including seeing them live for the very first time. 🙂

  2. I’m glad they did BTM, it was very good. I love they got through a lot of obstacles at such a young age.

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