Flashback Friday: 1991 Gwen Interview

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On today’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at such a cherished and must-see early interview with Gwen. Recorded and put together by YouTube’s Raw420, he met up with her while she was putting some final touches on an outfit before heading out on stage with No Doubt. She proudly shows off a Jailhouse Rock inspired one piece she was creating (which looks like something she would have worn during The Sweet Escape era in 2007).

Gwen says that living next to Disneyland was cool but she didn’t go too often because it cost so much to get in. She talks about her brother Eric being a professional cartoonist and how he worked on The Simpsons for about a year. Gwen admitted that she liked cartoons but grew sick of them. She then called No Doubt an “animation” and showed off an early logo and cartoon of herself (when she had blonde hair) that Eric drew for the band.

Gwen says that she’s been sewing since “the beginning” and couldn’t imagine putting things together for other people.

And finally when Gwen is asked if she wants to be a big star and tour the world, she says “yes”. If she only knew! This video is incredibly sweet and special and it’s amazing to see how she continues to be the same humble and amazing girl we all know and love!

And just for fun, though it’s really small, here is the costume she was working on live onstage!


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