Flashback Friday: ‘Harajuku Lovers Live’ and ‘The Sweet Escape’ Tours

For a special Flashback Friday feature and in anticipation of Gwen’s new tour kicking off this coming week, we’re looking back at her previous two solo tours with live full shows from both the Harajuku Lovers Live and The Sweet Escape tours.

Gwen’s energy has always been out of this world and these two tours were no exceptions and brought out some of the best and creative sides of her. From the costumes, stage designs and choreography to the stunning visuals, these tours were so much fun and a special treat to longtime fans that have followed her over the years. Gwen also had some of the most talented musicians with her, including bassist Gail Ann Dorsey, drummer Zach Alford, along with friendly faces Steve Bradley, Gabe McNair and The Vandals’ Warren Fitzgerald.

Both tours also featured standout and memorable moments including Gwen’s red polka dot bathing suit during “Cool” for Harajuku Lovers Live and her “chef making donuts and pastries” look for “Yummy” on The Sweet Escape tour. Did you attend any of the shows and have a favorite memory?

11/26/2005 — Anaheim, California — The Arrowhead Pond
Harajuku Girls / What You Waiting For? / The Real Thing / Crash / Luxurious / Rich Girl / Danger Zone / Long Way To Go / Wind It Up / Orange County Girl / Cool / Serious / Bubble Pop Electric // Hollaback Girl

5/20/2007 — Wantagh, New York — Nikon Jones Beach Theater
The Sweet Escape / Rich Girl / Yummy / 4 In The Morning / Luxurious / Early Winter / Wind It Up / Danger Zone / Hollaback Girl / Now That You Got It / Don’t Get It Twisted/Breakin’ Up / Cool / Wonderful Life / Orange County Girl // The Real Thing / What You Waiting For?

Still crossing our fingers and hoping a live release DVD/Blu-Ray of The Sweet Escape tour is on the way… someday.

We’re excited to see what Gwen and her creative team have planned for the upcoming tour which kicks off this week in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Do you have any expectations for the tour and what would you like to see from Gwen? Do you think she’ll have any special guests or surprises this time around? Make sure to get your tickets and vote in our poll for which songs you would like to hear in the set this summer!

7 Replies to “Flashback Friday: ‘Harajuku Lovers Live’ and ‘The Sweet Escape’ Tours”

  1. I was at the harujuku lovers concert at the Hollywood Bowl, then I saw the Sweet Escape tour at Bakersfield and Universal Ampitheater, and Santa Barbara bowl. At Universal I had been backstage a bunch of times so that night I slipped past the people checking for passes. I was talking to 2 of the harujuku girls, I met some of their parents. Then I realized there was a VIP tent in the backstage area but there was no way I could get in and was about to leave. Then Tony and Erin walked in and headed for the tent and I was like OMG!! So I went right behind them and they showed their passes and I walked in with them. There was only a bar and a few people in there, like 1 table of people (yes gwen was there and I was about to faint). I waited a few minutes just watching and freaking out, then I started to walk to the table and before I got there a security escourted me out of that tent lol!!! True story good times

  2. I went to one of her LAMB dates, but I will forever kick myself for not traveling to a Sweet Escape show. It looked amazing and I think I would have enjoyed it more than LAMB.

  3. Yo estuve en el show que dió en la Ciudad de México con The Sweet Escape Tour, fue hermoso y siempre lo voy a recordar y amar.

  4. I remember seeing MIA open for her on HL tour and I’ve been a fan of her’s ever since. Such a cool opening act.

    My favorite memory from SE tour was seeing her come in through the crowd with the Harajuku girls. Kickass intro!

    Both tours were a blast. I somewhat feel that this tour isn’t going to be extravagant as far as production goes, just because the album is less conceptual than her previous two. I’m hoping for the best, but we’ll see if she can top her previous two tours.

  5. TSE will forever be my favorite as it was on my birthday. This year, it’s on my mom’s so I’m taking her. Super excited to meet her.

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