Flashback Friday: Gwen’s TRL Stop in 2000

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Today’s Flashback Friday was suggested to us by fan of the site, Anthony!

We’re looking back at Gwen’s surprise appearance on MTV’s TRL back on November 7, 2000. She stopped by solo to the show to promote No Doubt’s new “Bathwater” video (which debuted on the countdown the next day). The first thing Gwen does is give a shout out to the rest of the band and saying it was weird being all by herself.

Gwen was in New York to perform with Moby and told the story how she was approached for “South Side”. She said that he had asked her about a year and half previously before to be on the track. Though Gwen’s version does not appear on the album’s first release (it later appeared on a re-release), she mentioned how she was “heartbroken” at first. Moby ended up calling Gwen a few weeks before this appearance and said he wanted to do a video with Gwen — which she was super stoked for! Gwen mentions that Moby is such a cool guy and felt honored to collaborate with him.

Carson pointed out Gwen’s rad shoes she was wearing which she had picked up in Japan while the band was on tour there previously in October 2000. It’s cool to see the foreshadowing and hear about the band’s love for Asia.

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