Flashback Friday: Gwen Launches L Fragrance

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On today’s Flashback Friday we’re looking back at Gwen’s debut fragrance for L.A.M.B., L. In 2007, Gwen’s debut clothing and shoe lines were selling out everywhere, it was only natural for her to expand into the fragrance community, something that she had always wanted to do.

Macy’s described the scent as “luscious floral blends fresh notes of watery greens with warm sensual musks” and was a wonderful mix “of the aromas of hyacinth, white freesia, fresh pear, violet, jasmine, rose, lily, sweet pea, orange blossom, peach, frangipani, and heliotrope”. The fragrance came in a gold L shaped bottle with hints of rasta colors on the glass mixed with gold. The bottle was featured all over the ad campaigns, both in print and a stunning commercial (which was filmed in Spain with Sophie Muller). The commercial also featured Gwen’s “Wonderful Life” in the background with her chanting “I want you all over me”. “Wonderful Life” was featured on her new album The Sweet Escape, which she was promoting and touring at the time.

L fragrance was released in September of 2007 to huge success and was sold exclusively at Nordstrom department stores for awhile. The perfume is available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles and was sold sometimes in a pack with lotions, perfume rollers and body wash. The fragrance line was a success and soon came more collaborations with Coty for the launch of a line of Harajuku Lovers scents.

Gwen described the the fragrance as “it’s another thing you can wear and another thing I can be part of creatively. I created it for myself — it’s like me shrunk into a box.” So true. Gwen went on a promotional tour for the fragrance including a sit down interview with WWW and a press conference with Coty. It was also heavily promoted during Fashion Week.

During these times, Gwen was featured on many best of celebrity entrepreneurs lists.

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Though Coty isn’t producing L anymore, it can still be found heavily on eBay and Amazon.com for hefty prices.

8 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Gwen Launches L Fragrance”

  1. God I loved that whole campaign so much! The commercial was flawless. Unfortunately I never got to smell L, because it was never available in Germany. I really, really miss those days when Gwen was such a superstar. There was so much going on for us fans to drool over lol.

  2. Bella nada mas que bella, los comerciales son estupendos nunca e olido una fragancia de Gwen me muero por oler siquiera un poco.

  3. I am in agreement, I miss the days when Gwen was just everywhere!!!!!!
    The music charts, on so many adverts, fashion world………………
    Gwen is still a beautiful global star though, It just isn’t the same as back in 2007 and those days.

  4. Such a great song and commercial. I always thought Wonderful Life would have been great as the last song on LAMB. I miss those days too when she was everywhere. I hope Gwen and the guys find inspiration again soon.

  5. Like everyone has said, it was amazing to see her everywhere back then – the most beautiful and glamorous woman in the world….

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