Flashback Friday: Charity Tea Party

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On today’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at a special event that happened not to long ago! For those lucky fans that were able to check out this special treat in person, No Doubt performed a super short but once-in-a-lifetime set during a private Harajuku-themed tea party at Royal/T to benefit Save the Children’s Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund back on June 7 of 2011 in Culver City, California. Gwen hosted the event that fans purchased tickets to attend and were treated to a performance from No Doubt that included “It’s My Life”, “Underneath It All” and a unique and special take on “The Sweet Escape”. Truly amazing.

And so we ask, would you mind if the band added a couple of Gwen’s solo songs into future No Doubt setlists?

21 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Charity Tea Party”

  1. YEEEEEEEES! I loved when they performed The Sweet Escape and I always wish them to perform that and another songs on tour!

  2. I also prefer ND, but I wouldn’t mind if they did Sweet Escape or Cool on tour since I always thought they should have been ND songs.

  3. I think guys were enjoying play The Sweet Escape, look at Tony! lol I think that could be a good idea, maybe play Danger Zone or Orange County Girl, could be amazing!

  4. There are already FANASTIC No Doubt songs they can’t fit into set lists anymore and you want to know even more out so they can play Gwen solo songs? Is that even a serious question?

    I’d take Different People 8 days a week over any solo material!

  5. I totally disagree with anyone who says they should be playing Gwen’s solo stuff together. It’s bad enough that P&S is basically an extension of Gwen’s solo stuff without seemingly much creative input from the guys.

  6. Uhhhh no fucking way in hell! I might leave the concert if they pull out her bull shit cash grab-drug induced “stupid ho” crap. It was bad enough that she screwed us all over doing that. No Doubt will never be as genuine as it was before her solo headache. She seems kinda forced and fake now. We saw she can just switch from the princess of punk to the princess of pop, in the blink of an eye, so which one is she? You can’t be Britney and Gwen. I’m amazed I still like No Doubt as much as I do after seeing her sell out like that. Most people I know lost a lot of respect for her when she did that crap, but most of them are educated adults and I guess that was not her demographic anyways soooo. But seriously can’t any one around her tell her when what shes doing is just bad?

  7. This is pure nonsense. Why’d No Doubt start playing her solo songs? For some reason she decided to have those side projects because she didn’t want to mix apples with potatoes.

  8. Considering Tony was involved in a lot of Gwen’s solo work, I think of it as an extension of ND rather than a completely different venture. I voted “yes” because I’d be excited to hear one or two songs (maybe one as an encore, for example), but I wouldn’t expect them to fill their playlists with her solo stuff.

  9. NO!
    It was bad enough that the guys from ND played Gwen’s solo song that one time.
    They need to keep the music separate. If Gwen feels the need to sing her embarrasing shallow solo songs again, then she should just ditch the guys yet again and perform them by herself. There’s no need to drag the guys into that sh!t. Although I pray that never, ever happens.
    Wasn’t that the reason why she went solo in the first place? Because she said that the kind of music she wanted to make she just couldn’t make with ND. So why then should she incorporate her silly songs in a ND concert? Instead of Gwen solo songs how about playing more old school ND songs? Or just more songs that aren’t the singles.
    ND music is a thousand times better than Gwen solo music. That is a fact.

  10. Some people say the meanest things about No Doubt and Gwen Stefani on these comments. I will never understand it. Why do you keep reading these posts?

  11. Wow, why are people so negative toward Gwen’s solo material? Tony produced a ton of tracks from both albums and Gabriel went on tour with her. Plus as you hear in the video of Sweet Escape they No Doubt-ify it so it is not so “poppy and mainstream” and they wouldn’t go out on tour and play Hollaback Girl or Rich Girl it’s just too un-No Doubt. And if they were to play Gwen solo tour music it would be like one or two songs maximum because she said on her Sweet Escape Podcasts that the Sweet Escape tour may be her last chance to play those songs because she wants to keep the two separate. Just except the fact that a song or two may appear on the set list of a tour, if you don’t like it walk out and use the restroom come back when it’s over because it is not a big deal at all. And if I might add Gwen solo career put out her name to the younger crowd because everyone knows Hollaback Girl and Sweet Escape and she is the face of the band so at the TCA’s when all the teens were like, “Gwen’s new band rocks!” they recognized her from commercials, magazine, and most of all her solo career.

  12. Hey I think the guys probably don’t do anything they don’t wanna do, so I assume they are on board w any decision to play a particular song.

  13. I actually loved Gwen’s solo phase and still do. Even though Tony and Gab helped her out with it doesn’t mean No Doubt should include these songs on their tour.
    Keep it separate.

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